Sunday, 19 November 2017

Messy crafting - and why I struggle with it; especially gilding flakes

Read my blog post from yesterday to see the Christmas card that I finished.  There was some messy crafting involved with that - heat embossing, glue, very sticky double-sided tape ...  However, I can just about cope with that.  I can also generally cope with other mixed media projects that involve paint, pencils, pens etc.

HOWEVER, I do have a real issue with more messy stuff.  Think of spray inks (which I always regret using - they look fantastic on other people's projects, but when I attempt to use them, I always regret it as it goes everywhere), glitter (I will try to get sparkle into my projects by using metallic paints, glitter pens etc) and my worst enemy - gilding flakes!

(Just sitting there looking very beautiful and innocent.)

Why am I attempting to decorate a bauble with gilding flakes then, you may ask?  I am asking myself that very same question right now, as the bauble sits in a plastic box with gilding flakes seeming to adhere themselves to every surface apart from the sticky bauble.  I have the specialist glue (from Cosmic Shimmer), I left it to dry for AGES, but still the flakes seem to be combining with the glue and then going into clumps.  I left it to dry for a lot longer, but when trying to carefully remove excess flakes with a sponge, there are still areas of wet glue.  I even had a mad moment and thought that using my heat tool would help to dry it!!!  Obviously I managed to rein myself in before actually turning the tool on and decorating my whole craft room with flakes!

Currently the bauble is sitting in the plastic box with areas of still-wet glue (been nearly 45 minutes now), and I will tackle it again later.

I need to watch some YouTube videos and see where I am going wrong.  I have seen using double-sided tape being mentioned - and that would make a lovely striped background.  I have also seen using stamps being mentioned - but that you need to very thoroughly wash your stamps afterwards.  I think that may be something I should avoid?!

Digital crafting is looking very attractive to me right now, so I will design some more digital scrapbooking pages for a photo book that I am putting together for family this Christmas - and then I will return to the messy crafting for one last attempt to make a reasonably attractive bauble (by the way - I put some of the lights that I bought in Lidl inside it, and of course I cannot get them back out again, so that is why they are also getting covered in flakes).

Wish me luck!

Ali x

ps  If anyone can offer any tips, please comment below.

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