Wednesday, 5 July 2017

WOYWW 422 - Artist Trading Cards

I have to work quickly here.  Our internet service is getting worse by the day, and often disappears completely throughout the day.  Whilst we have no wifi (we can use our mobile, which is 4G and faster, which is ridiculous when we live in such a remote rural area, but I worry about using too much data), I do other stuff, like getting my hands messy with paint/modelling paste and creating 'random art' (in a modern style, but absolutely none of those 'intelligent' meanings or stories).

Wednesdays are the day when we link up with other crafters around the world.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details.  This week I am showing a desk that includes some crafting.  Since getting back into ATC trading (via some Facebook groups), it has encouraged me to create, which is all good.

(Now is the time when I rush downstairs because the live coverage of the Tour de France is about to start - very exciting with Cav/Sagan crash yesterday - I will continue on my laptop.)

Since taking this photo earlier this morning, the scene has changed (more stamping on the 'City' ATC, those strips of card stuck onto the larger pieces of paper in the middle, and another ATC and some tags have been worked on).

The rest hasn't moved - stencils on top of a precious photo that needs to be reframed, wooden stamp set (a bargain from TK Maxx) and other 'stuff'.

I look forward to taking a tour around other desks this week.

Ali x


  1. What a hive of industry!
    I'm waiting for the tennis to start as I type...
    Happy WOYWW!
    Claire no.9

  2. That wooden stamp set looks like something I might need! I'd better visit a TK Maxx pronto! Our internet is also temperamental - while we normally get good speeds, our telephone line goes crackly from time to time, which affects the internet. BT says it's nothing to do with them, but it must be! Good internet is a necessity these days! Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #20

  3. Looks like those wooden letter stamps will be very useful also like the look of your stencils. How nice is it to snoop at someone's desk. :)
    sandra de @24

  4. Hi Ali, love the wooden stamp set- I'll have to investigate our TKMax. Atc's looking good. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #11 XxX

  5. Lovely to find something that sparks you - and I love the backgrounds your creating on those ATCs.

  6. Thanks for calling by at mine earlier. What a shame you don't live closer to me....firstly so you could buy from me but more importantly I could have taught you to sew .....what a shame to have sold your machine and fabrics.
    Annie x #14

  7. Poor old Mark Cavendish - I've got a soft spot for him and he hasn't had much luck recently. I'm a big Tour fan but only seem to catch the highlights in the evening. Have fun with your crafty stuff and hope your interwebs hasn't died yet!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  8. Ali, Great stamp set. You are looking busy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  9. Love your feather border stencil - it's gorgeous :) The strips of paper are a fantastic colour - love all those blue/green colours :)
    Have a wonderful Wednes-YAY!
    Bubbles #7

  10. Happy WOYWW #422 thanks for sharing xx Jan (31)

  11. good to see you planning your time wisely! Helen #1

  12. Hi Ali. Thanks for visiting. I actually do sit and do nothing as well as everything else. Folk have the impression I'm always busy... (secret to be told here - don't tell anyone, but I do very little else) I'm involved in my church community, help out with Uganda bits and bobs, and do my crafty things. Visit my family.... and that's about it. Cleaning? - off the radar; cooking? - no-where near as much as when the family lived at home; tidying? - if the place is a muddle for a few days, well, it's only me has to look at it.... What a lazy creature I am becoming!!!!!
    Sounds like you have been busy as well - trust the cycling went well.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  13. ATCs look great, love the colours on the strips. Thanks for the visit BJ#19

  14. Hi Ali. Always good to get a bargain. I like TK Maxx. Thanks for popping by. Anne x #13

  15. ATCs look interesting, hope to see them completed. Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x16x

  16. There must be more stampers in my town than I think. I never find any craft stuff when I go to TK's.
    Looks as if you have made a great start on your atc's - great little cards that I sometimes use as toppers on my cards.
    Hope you enjoyed the cycling.

    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me
    Neet 10 xx

  17. Know just what you mean about the internet I have big problems also. The stamps letters/number I have the same but purchased on offer at Lidl a few months ago. Anickoana #3

  18. Looks like you are very crafty today! Lots of interesting things on your workspace! Thanks for sharing (sorry I'm late), Lindart #37

  19. You are a busy lady... Love the stamp set... Great start on the ATC's... May #4


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x