Wednesday, 26 July 2017

WOYWW 425 - Pixie Powder, Butterflies and a Sketchbook

Good morning everyone.  It is raining and a Wednesday again.  Rain was needed here, so I won't moan too much - and at least I can get some crafting done without feeling I should be outside pulling up weeds!

I am going to share some photos of what is going on in my craft room this morning, and if you would like to join in, then go to Julia's Stamping Ground for the linky thing.

Firstly,  I actually went out and crafted in a group setting last week.  Not been able to get to a workshop for a while (they are normally expensive, on a day that I couldn't make or my health has got in the way).  There was a big birthday being celebrated at our local craft shop, and several workshops were hosted by the birthday boy to raise money for charity.  Despite him never doing anything like this before, he did brilliantly - and I really enjoyed it.

I was introduced to Cosmic Shimmer's Pixie Powders, which I had never heard of (seems they are the latest 'thing' in the craft world - but I had missed the programmes on the craft channel and do not read magazines now).  We used them in a simple but very effective way - mix a tiny bit with varying amounts of water and paint on to vellum (butterfly stamps had been used with black embossing powder and they were stunning).  Embossing onto black card created the backing of this wonderful project, vellum stuck on top, butterflies cut out and added, and voila!  I had time and some spare already-mixed up powder, so did two more butterflies, ready for another project some time when I get round to it.  They are really shiny and fab.

Of course I had to buy some - and the Metal 3D Paste (which was in their sale area at a bargain price).  If you are in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, then go and see Ben and his team.  They also sell online - SET Crafts.  (ETA - I have had lots of questions about the Pixie Powders.  I will blog again in more detail about how I am using them, but click here for a video.)

Here is my much-awaited Sketchbook Project book.  I am now thinking of ways to fill it - but I don't want to think too much, which I tend to do - so will be jumping in and at least getting some photos of the farm in there (especially the older buildings before they completely collapse!).

For those who are not aware of the Brooklyn Art Library (we must go on a visit there!) Sketchbook Project, it is basically the world's largest library of artists' books from every corner of the globe.  Order a book, fill it up, send it back (and you can have it digitised too).

I am going to have my breakfast now, sort out kitchen etc, feed dog/ponies/cats.  I went to the dentists yesterday for a big filling and couldn't eat much last night - so will make up for it today!  Then I can return to my cosy craft room (it is actually dark enough this morning to put lights on) and make 2 heart-themed ATCs for a trade I did last week.

Keep safe everyone.

Ali x

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WOYWW 424 - Christmas In July

It is just about afternoon here and I am forcing myself to get this published, or the day will disappear.  I do wonder how time goes so fast.  I haven't managed to get a post typed for the past 2 weeks - due to other stuff in my life taking over, and probably not having anything to show on my craft table.

If you would like to join in with this global tour of crafty workspaces, get on over to Julia's Stamping Ground.

Today I am showing the space immediately in front of my pc, as I seem to be doing several things at once, which involve the computer, my phone, making notes, making phone calls and even doing some crafting.  I am starting on my first Christmas projects - some ATCs for a Christmas in July event in a Facebook ATC group, and also planning my very first Pocket Letter (need to do some more research into what they are exactly before I start) - just joined a Facebook group for those too.

I dusted down my Texture Boutique embossing machine (I always forget how much I love embossing), some toppers cut out ready, some ATC bases and a set of stamps from a magazine.  

I also show the floor behind my chair - my Christmas stash box needed sorting (which I do every year) and now I need to get some more bags to put the stuff in to, so it is easier to find stuff.  Buzz the Jack Russell is in his usual place - in the cat's bed.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer (or winter).

Ali x

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

WOYWW 422 - Artist Trading Cards

I have to work quickly here.  Our internet service is getting worse by the day, and often disappears completely throughout the day.  Whilst we have no wifi (we can use our mobile, which is 4G and faster, which is ridiculous when we live in such a remote rural area, but I worry about using too much data), I do other stuff, like getting my hands messy with paint/modelling paste and creating 'random art' (in a modern style, but absolutely none of those 'intelligent' meanings or stories).

Wednesdays are the day when we link up with other crafters around the world.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details.  This week I am showing a desk that includes some crafting.  Since getting back into ATC trading (via some Facebook groups), it has encouraged me to create, which is all good.

(Now is the time when I rush downstairs because the live coverage of the Tour de France is about to start - very exciting with Cav/Sagan crash yesterday - I will continue on my laptop.)

Since taking this photo earlier this morning, the scene has changed (more stamping on the 'City' ATC, those strips of card stuck onto the larger pieces of paper in the middle, and another ATC and some tags have been worked on).

The rest hasn't moved - stencils on top of a precious photo that needs to be reframed, wooden stamp set (a bargain from TK Maxx) and other 'stuff'.

I look forward to taking a tour around other desks this week.

Ali x