Tuesday, 16 May 2017

She Reads Truth - bible review

I first saw the new She Reads Truth bible on Periscope (Crystal Paine - @themoneysavingmom on Instagram).  It looked just what I was looking for.  Not just a plain bible, but not the type that has lots of colouring pages either.

I wanted to order straightaway, but waited until the price came down on Amazon a bit.

I have put a link to the bible in my sidebar (affiliate link).

I will create some 'clever' images soon with dimensions of the bible - but for now here are a few quick photos.

It is a solid, heavy bible - definitely not a travel size!

I love the tabs showing each book (and I have already marked a page that I want to journal).

Such a pretty cover colour.

The back of the cover box (which is the same fabric finish).

Internally there is so much to help with serious study and full understanding.

Each book starts with a beautifully lettered quote and an introduction page
(with timeline, background, message & purpose, and thanks).

There is also a map and reading plan.

There are 189 devotionals in total.

What I like about this bible

The cover and box ...  the clear layout ...  the font ...  the devotionals ...  the two page marking ribbons
...  the colour sections ...

What I don't like so much about this bible

So far - I am thinking that the margins are not quite as wide as other journaling bibles (but I need to measure and check this) ...  the paper is thin and I am wondering whether it would cope with gesso/water-based mediums (I will probably do tip-ins if I want to use watercolour etc) ...  it is too heavy to carry around (would like to purchase a smaller bible for travel/meetings) ...

Trying out pens

I went through my pen boxes and tried a wide selection of pens.  All could be seen through on the reverse side of the page (which does not bother me - and I can use a lighter colour or a tip-in if I do not want to obscure a particular piece of text), but the only one that bled through was the Sharpies (shame, as I love them and have lots of colours).

Trying out other mediums

I am not going to try out wet mediums right now, even with gesso on the page first.  I feel that the pages will not cope with that, and I don't want to 'mess up' this gorgeous bible.  Perhaps in the future if I see other bible journallers (is that a word?!) have had success with watercolours etc.  

I tried a few different pencils and an oil pastel, and all worked well.  Only the oil pastel could be smudged when I rubbed over it with my finger.  They all could be seen through on the reverse, but I used very dark colours.

Now for some journaling

I am going to do a couple of pages, using pens/pencils/stamping - and will report back soon.

If anyone has any questions about this bible, you want to see anything in particular or any questions about bible journaling, then either comment below/email/use social media (details in the sidebar).

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