Wednesday, 3 May 2017

HelloFresh - inspiration ... tasty food ... no waste

I received a free trial box from HelloFresh last week.  This is one of those companies that sends you the ingredients and recipes for meals for you to prepare.  I have been posting pictures of the results on my Instagram feed (come over and join in, if you haven't already discovered the delights of Instagram!).

I was really impressed.  Lovely fresh ingredients in just the right amounts (or sometimes a few left-overs that can be used in other meals - for instance last week I had a pack of tortillas and there are enough for 2 more meals - and the suggested way of serving them, crisped up in the oven, is fantastic).  I had the Classic Box with 3 meals (you can also have 5, but I knew that would be too much for me to cope with - I get tired when having to work in the kitchen) - there are also Family and Vegetarian boxes.

The meals were Mexican Broth, Sri Lanken Spiced Cod and Rosemary Glazed Chicken.  I would never have tried cooking anything like these, but the clear instructions (with photos) were simple to follow and I was very proud of the results.

Portion sizes were generous and both plates were cleared each time.

I continued with it this week (box due to be delivered any minute) and looking forward to learning some new skills and tastes.

You can cancel/pause at any time - just notify them via the website by midnight Wednesday.

If you would like to try a free box too, send me your email address.  

If you have any further questions about HelloFresh, look at the FAQs on their website or leave a comment below.

Ali x

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