Wednesday, 26 April 2017

WOYWW 412 - Inktense blocks and postcards

Morning/afternoon/evening to you all.  It is Wednesday again (I thought it was Thursday first thing and nearly put the rubbish out!) and I am joining in with Julia's WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday).  Check out more details HERE.

I am still making postcards.  Ten needed for the Spring Swap I joined in with.  They need to be posted this week, and I am just finishing off the last two.  My excuse is that I only found out about the swap a few weeks ago.  For the next one (in the autumn) I will have them ready before the deadline.

I am completely lacking in any imagination right now, so have relied on a combination of collage/doodling/abstract art so far.  For these final ones I have got out my tin of Derwent Inktense Blocks - and who knows where it will take me!

At least the blue is a pretty colour!

Hubby is 50 tomorrow and we are off to a country hotel in Carmarthenshire for dinner/b&b.  Dog going into the kennels and I am really looking forward to some time away from animal care duties/housework/the farm.  

I have another blog post to write now, along with the promised one on CBD, I had a free box from HelloFresh yesterday (courtesy of a Facebook friend) - one of those companies that send out all the ingredients needed for specific meals along with recipes.  Very impressed so far - made Mexican Chilli Broth last night.  Photos will be on Instagram (@iamaliwade) later, and I will eventually get a blog post written.

Ali x

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

WOYWW 411 - postcards and pain

Happy Wednesday to everyone.  I am up earlier than I have been for a while - I slept ok (with regular waking) and actually felt like getting up before the dog/cat demanded their breakfast!

Postcards - I have made a start on the 10 that I need to make for a swap that goes out on Monday.  More 'postcarding' later.  They are probably all going to be simple collages.

My workdesk with postcards ready to be completed (have started on 5 and done the 'backs' for all of them).  TV and huge stand (hubby didn't want to give them away, as it is a really good tv - but I never
watch them, so hoping he will remove it soon), which is a useful photo display area!  
My reduced pile of 'RUBs' with paper/card of various sizes.  My A3 printer with sheep (from Tiger).  The wooden box on the floor is a family heirloom - and the small stool next to it.  
A lovely piece of 'wax art' on top, which I got in a swap several years ago.  
No longer have any Pekes, but kept that hanging bone sign as a memorial.

Pain - I have been having a general flare on several days each week for the past few months (doing too much - well, attempting to do too much), and then on Monday evening (after a busy day of housework and family visiting) my right hip decided to join the party.  It was even worse yesterday and I was forced to take mainly to the sofa to avoid a huge flare, which would mean a trip to A&E for morphine.  It is still right on that edge.  I don't have any prescription painkillers, but have been trying CBD (will do a blog post about that).  I had run out of the capsules and was waiting to see if they had been helping me over the 2 months I had been taking them.  I think I have my answer now!  Have ordered some of the oil to try, alongside the balm I started using yesterday (which is great for smaller areas, but would prove very expensive for hip pain).  That should arrive tomorrow, so hopefully it will make me more comfortable/mobile.

Hope that everyone is ok.

Ali x

ETA - I keep forgetting to add the details for joining in with WOYWW - go HERE.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

WOYWW 410 - some progress

Good morning to everyone.  The dog is walked, ponies/donkey turned out, cats fed, a bit of housework done and the steps leading onto the farmyard have had their regular sweep - and now I am tired/sore!  Time to sit down here and type my weekly post about what is on my workdesk (not much!).  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground to join in.

I did finally stick down the remainder of the paper pieces onto mini canvases yesterday.  Now I have to decide how to finish them off - going to Pinterest for inspiration as usual.  The one in bottom left is finished - some 'crackle glaze' painted on, which seems to just be more sparkle than crackle!  It is many years old though.

Then a slightly different view of part of my craft room.  It is where my 'messy' crafting supplies are stored - paints, inks etc.  The little table was my very first piece of craft furniture (back in the days when I had one drawer of paper/card, and a box with ink pads/stamps/pens - and that was all !!!).  It became my sewing machine table, but that is sold now, so currently I keep my boxes of pens/pencils on it.

Have a read of the blog post I wrote yesterday about my return to LifeBook 2017 (after a break of several weeks - absolutely no motivation) and also starting a 365 day journaling practice.

We went to Barry last week to visit stepdaughter and stepgranddaughter.  Here is the rainbow-bright Big Wheel down at Barry Island Pleasure Park.  Yes, it really did look like 'Barrybados' with that blue sky.

Happy Easter to everyone.  I have bought everyone else chocolate eggs, but managed to miss myself out (I am still on the exclusion diet - no gluten, dairy or egg), so will have to find a non-dairy one this week.  Amazingly my mojo for making cards returned, so I made cards for close family and posted them off early.  

My next crafty task is two ATCs (city theme) for a regular swap, and also ten postcards for a bi-annual swap that I am taking part in for the first time (there is still time to sign up - click HERE for details).

Ali x

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

365 Days of Journaling

I haven't done a lot of blogging recently - but suddenly today I felt the urge to get typing.

I was doing my latest project in LifeBook 2017 (progress pictures below) -

I found a page in a little journal that I created last year - 
this was 'leftover' paint from another project - often
the best backgrounds!

Added some more paint - with fingers and brayer.

Random white shapes painted on.

Started adding words/lines/colour.

This really scary pink paint was actually more subtle
when a small amount is applied with my finger.

More detailing with white and black pens.

Finished page.

- when I went to a book for some inspiration of quotes.  

Click on the Amazon graphic in the sidebar to purchase your own copy.

It helped with that - and then I started flicking through.  It was one of those purchases a couple of years ago that ended up on my bookshelves without being throroughly read or actioned.  Then I found myself thinking that I would start journaling every day using this book, it was written in my diary and now this blog post is more evidence of my decision.

For those who are more curious about the contents of this book, here are a few chapter titles.

  • Journal size & style.
  • Why make the time?
  • The fear of the blank page.
  • Get messy.
  • Year-long photography challenge.
  • Give your journal an identity.
  • Flashbacks.
Obviously I am tempted to buy a 'proper' art journal for this (like the one in my sidebar - another affiliate link) - but I will be good and select something from my pile of unused notebooks (have added that journal to my Amazon Wishlist and hopefully someone will purchase it for me for Christmas!).

Lunchtime now - so this afternoon will see me starting properly.

I should be back tomorrow for my regular WOYWW post - but cannot promise anything!

Ali x

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

WOYWW 409 - craft room chaos

Morning everyone.  I missed last week and cannot remember why now - must have run out of time and/or energy.  Nothing crafty to show this week - my big plans and even my small plans to actually create something have not been realised yet.  I have been slowly clearing out my craft room for about a year now - but 2 days ago I sorted out my paper/card stash (a local charity are having lots from me), and now the rest of the room is getting finished off.  This means bags/boxes etc etc are all over the floor, and I need to dust/hoover certain areas before tidying up.  That will hopefully happen today - but had to fight with Doris the Donkey this morning so that the vet could sedate her.  She is surprisingly strong and heavy for her size (and her usual quiet temperament), and now my pain levels are flying up.  What fun!!

Doris finally sleep - after the vet had done the treatment and gone home!

Just some of the paper/card/CD-Roms that are going to a local charity.
I have to sort through my embellishments/ribbon etc now.

I bought this pad of lovely papers from Lidl last year and not used them yet.
Going to make some simple Easter cards this week.

My paper/card/topper storage is slimmed down and tidy.
That is my A3 inkjet printer (I also have an A4 and a laser one).

I will get round as many blogs as possible this week.  F1 is on this weekend, so always a good chance to sit down with the laptop.

Ali x