Wednesday, 22 March 2017

WOYWW 407 - a jumble of washi tape

Happy WOYWW.  I am up early this morning (well, early for me - I have been sleeping more recently) with leg pain, and really lacking inspiration for taking a photo of my rather neglected craft room.  So, one of my Ikea Raskog trollies with two baskets of washi tape on top caught my eye.  Wasn't sure what you called a group of washi tape, but jumble seemed appropriate!

My big craft room clearout continues, and I am giving 2 bags of CD-Roms and a lot of paper/card to a local charity group tomorrow.  It is ridiculous how much money I have spent on stash over the past 9 years - and so much I will never use.  Our crafting habits change over time, and now I am not making many cards - and definitely not printing toppers from CDs or using the old die-cut sheets (that they still seem to sell on the TV).  I have enough digital images on my computer to keep me going for life anyway!

I have done some crafting this week - two ATCs and a postcard (all for swaps) - but I must get back into actually doing some of the LifeBook 2017 lessons.  I download the videos on a Monday and then the week just disappears!

Ali x

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

WOYWW 406 - hanging stencils

Hello to all my fellow WOYWWers.  I have been absent for a while - getting our cottage ready for the tenants, who moved in on Friday.  The builders need to return there for a few small jobs in the next week or so, and then more substantial work inside and out when the weather improves - but for now I can get back to sorting out our own home and even doing some art/craft.

I have literally nothing on my crafty table right now - so took a photo of my small collection of stencils, which are hung up in one of the old wardrobes in my craft room.  I saw this method of storing them on another blog (sorry, cannot remember which one) - and it really helps to be able to see what I have got, rather than having them piled up in a drawer.

Just to brighten your day here is a photo of my latest display of daffodils in the kitchen.  We are really lucky to have some amazing wild flowers in the hedges outside the farmhouse, and I pick a few regularly.  My favourite flowers.

(ETA - just seen that WOYWW is featured in this magazine - Featuring Magazine Issue 4 - is it worth buying?)

Ali x

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

WOYWW 404 - Colour

Morning everyone.  It is actually sunny and dry here at the moment, but rain is forecast to arrive within a few hours.  We could definitely do with some more dry weather.

There isn't anything going on in my craft area right now, as the first picture shows.  Just some scraps of paper used to mop up paint and practice a few techniques, some mini canvases to finish and a slightly larger canvas that will have more of something!

Therefore, I am showing you a bonus picture of a section of my craft room.  Up against my fab green wall you can see the small table that I used to have my sewing machine on, which now has boxes of pens/pencils etc on it.  Then, one of my Ikea Raskog trolleys - with paints/brushes etc, etc.  A wooden 'bedside cabinet' that houses finished cards ready to post out, and then various art supplies on top (including a mixed media piece that needs some time spent on the background).  My bookshelves (Ikea again) have a wide selection of books, plus Tarot cards etc - and a plastic box with my acrylic inks on top, button jar and a lovely canvas of Medina the Lurcher.  So little words to describe a very busy area!

I didn't join in with WOYWW last week due to being very busy with getting one of our properties ready for new tenants.  In Wales landlords need to be registered now, and as I am managing the property myself I also had to do a training course to be licensed.  That is done now and the tenants should be moving in next week.  Still trying to get our builder/electrician/plumber to get the little jobs done - like herding cats!  Yes, I actually do some 'adulting' occasionally !!

Ali x