Wednesday, 11 January 2017

WOYWW 397 - a tentative return to crafting

2017 has not been the creative and fun time I hoped it to be when I signed up for Lifebook 2017 (link in my sidebar, if you want to join in with a whole year of fabulous mixed media lessons).  Flu struck our household as the year ended, and we have both been really ill.  Only today (Day 13 for me of symptoms) have I felt able to sit down and do some crafting.

Therefore, my desk shot today shows the Warm Up piece for Week One of Life Book (it will be a while before I catch up).  Well, the first 4 layers are on the paper and now I wait for the rather thick gesso to dry (my heat gun helped, but in the end I decided to step away and get some other stuff done whilst it dries completely).

You can also see my Derwent Inktense Blocks, water pot, brushes etc.

It is wonderful to feel that I am achieving something with my day - rather than just the bare minimum of caring for myself/hubby and animals.

Perhaps Wednesday 11th January can be my own personal New Year!!

If anyone else is suffering with one of these horrible viruses, get well soon.  I know it will be a while before I am back to 'normal'.  Flu is definitely not just a bad cold - and my body has been working hard to fight it.

WOYWW is 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and more details/link can be found at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Ali x


  1. Your desk/WIP looks really interesting, hope you'll share when you're done too

    Happy WOYWW


  2. So sorry you've been so poorly, Ali. I had a cold a few weeks ago but nothing serious, thank goodness. There's a lot of it about. Your page is coming on beautifully and I look forward to seeing how it progresses further! I also look forward to seeing what you do with your as yet untried activities. Sorry you've also had wisdom tooth problems. I am like you and always used to have sedation for dental treatment but our dentist retired, and the new one is against using it. Each visit is an ordeal! Thank you for your visit and I'm glad you like my bright embroideries! I am keen to get on with that project now.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #30

  3. Great WOYWW TFS. Happy New Year xx Jan

  4. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, Ali! It's good to see you're back in the saddle though (what's with all these idioms, LOL)! It shouldn't be too hard to catch up, but remember, you can always skip some lessons and return to them later (or not) it's totally flexible! I always find it's best to work on the current week's project, so as not to miss the buzz about it in the FB group. Perhaps Week 1 is the exception though, because it sets you up with your word and companion for the year. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #20

  5. Hi Ali, hope you are starting to feel better. These bugs have been horrendous, haven't they? Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  6. Hi Ali. Oh bless you. Full blown flu isn't nice at all - and yes, it certainly takes a long time to recover. So, well done for having a go today! Why not make today your personal new year... after all, 11 is only 1 twice over!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  7. So sorry you were sick, glad you are on the road to recovery. My DH was sick through Christmas, not fun for him, but luckily no one else got it. Looks like a great start to your page! Looking forward to watching how this works for you! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #39

  8. so many people have had colds or flu since Christmas, I have another one right now! Hope you catch up with your crafting soon. Helen #2

  9. Hope you feel better soon! That bug does seem to be doing the rounds. Hopefully you'll feel up to more crafting soon.

    Take care, Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #38

  10. Happy New to You New Year x
    I hope you are feeling much better very soon.. so many people are poorly right now.. it's awful :(

    Feel better soon and take it easy.
    Erika (#33 not9 lol)

  11. Yuck! I've been pretty lucky and missed being sick this Winter far...knock on wood. I hope you feel better soon and your project is starting off nice. Dorlene #44

  12. Happy New Year when ever! everyday we are born! everyday we are free! and free to create! Enjoy you tidy ! thanks for visiting
    Robyn 1

  13. Hope you feel better soon! Sez x #51

  14. Doesn't matter what date you get started at least you are getting there and making a great start. Keep warm and well
    Lynn xx 5

  15. Hi Aly,

    Hope you will feel better and stronger soon. I joined the first Lifebook and I still haven't finished all the assignments! But it is fun! Happy new year!!!

  16. I cannot imagine what it is like to live on a farm and have the flu! I feel so sorry for you and do hope that by now you are feeling at least a little better.
    Well, you are playing catch up with this year's Lifebook - I joined Wanderlust last year and still have to make a start - guess I had better get cracking. Hope you do catch up soon but at the moment rest as much as you can.
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me earlier
    Neet xx

  17. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, this years virus seems to be a particularly bad one (I also suffer from the classic compromised immune system due to my RA meds) and sad to say it took 7 weeks to start feeling better. By the time I finished work for the day there was very little crafting being done-though sometimes it is very cathartic to sit in the craft room and just 'dabble'....eventually something usually gets made :-)

    Your start looks interesting and I look forward to popping back to see how it develops.
    Hope you feel better soon and thanks for visiting my desk already
    Kyla #28

  18. Sorry to hear you are ill Ali! I had to call the doctor on Friday and was given prescriptions for probable pneumonia. Hubby has it too so we have been a downed household since new years eve! Don't fret the LB 2017 lessons I haven't started mine either. Too tired and to sick to do it. Thanks for visiting my desk earlier. Vickie


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x