Wednesday, 23 November 2016

WOYWW 390 - a green horse that looks like a dragon!

Happy Wednesday to everyone.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground to join in with the weekly sharing of our crafty workspaces.

I am being super honest now and admitting that no crafting has taken place on my desk for a couple of days.  Today is extra-busy with more boring tasks like booking our campervan in for service, paying bills, supervising the boiler service and delivering our car to the dealership for its service (why do we always schedule everything for this time of year?!).  I have just done a Lenormand reading for a client and decided that I could very quickly type this blog post before getting lunch ready, so there is no interesting stuff staged for the photo (I added a second photo as a bonus).

My Inktense Blocks and Pencils are out ready for action - probably not until Friday.
My piece for the Bonus Life Book lesson has had lots more layers.  The pink animal is not a pig, but my beloved dog, Medina.  She always loved pink, so I decided that she needed to be that colour, and with sparkle on her ear/nose.  Yes, the horse is green - why not?!  Still lots of faffing to be done - face, hair, cloak, background ......

I have another crafting desk now, as my sewing machine has been sold to a lovely new local home where it is being used.  This is directly to the left of my main 'messy craft' desk, so I can just swing my small office chair round (I have a big office chair for use at the pc).  My heat gun rests on it, so I can easily use it.  The boxes have my pens in - the smaller one has Microns, Sakura glitter pens etc; the larger one has Sharpies and cheap Fine Liner pens, plus my watercolour pens and old Marvy Le Plume, which still all work after about 11 years!  My new journaling bible is sitting waiting for action too.  I started to try stamping along the edge, but it didn't really work, so I am doodling on it now before adding colour with pens.  I made the pink bookmark many years ago for a stamping challenge.

I plan to do some blog touring this evening.  Time for lunch now (and investigate how the boiler service is going).  Happy WOYWW to all those that I do not manage to visit.

Ali x


  1. Loving the colours on your page - good to know that's a dog a not a pig LOL though I wouldn't have mistaken it! I hope you won't regret selling your sewing machine! I don't sew but I had to get one just for my paper projects! At least you can enjoy the extra space. I have to get mine out of the box from behind the bed every time I want to use it! It's a hassle! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #22

  2. Well, I LOVE that painting, fantasy created its own perfect world.
    Take care
    Christine #26

  3. hope the boiler is fine! great desk - lucky you having another one after selling your sewing machine - I don't have one (desk)! Helen #1

  4. I learned a lot from the kids when I was a Teaching Assistant, they would think nothing of making a horse green, they'd just do it. My crafting loosened up a lot as a result :-) So i really love your artwork for that very reason!
    HUgs, LLJ 12 xxx

  5. I love the green horse and pink dog. Great use of creative license. :-)
    April #34

  6. Pink dogs and green horses - what fun! Wouldn't it be lovely if we had more color like that in real life! But you are helping to make it all happen, have fun! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #41

  7. Interesting. I also bought a new journaling Bible, and am afraid to start anything in it. Now I hear you didn't like how you started in yours. I may never start it! Don't want to ruin it. Thanks for sharing a peek into what is going on in your world. And thanks for the earlier visit it to my space. #40

  8. Why not have pink dogs and green horses, wouldn't the world be a more interesting place if we had things like that roaming about. Imagine purple cows and orange sheep, ooh, makes the whole world seem brighter in my head. Thanks for the thought.
    You mentioned restless legs in your comment to me - try putting a bar of soap under the bottom sheet. No, I have not gone mad, saw it on the internet and tried it and so far it works, honestly. Can't cure the other things but give this one a try, one down has to be better than nothing.
    Now got an ActiPatch on my back and hopefully it is helping the chronic pain.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  9. Hi Ali, I'm still trying to get round everyone too. I must remember to call back to see what you do with the Inktense Blocks as I have some but not really used them much. I see no problem with using whatever colours are meaningful to you, it looks good to me. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a lovely crafty weekend and happy belated WOYWW, Angela xXx 18

  10. Hi Ali, thanks so much for the lovely comments. We both have faces in our creative mind. I just can't seem to stop :) Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @25

  11. Hello Ali. Sorry I am getting around so late but I love your picture and yes why not, love all the colours you have used. Just have to have fun with your creativity and enjoy. I now store my markers like you also and find it easier to get to as they are now under my table. Love your space and how exciting to start a bible art journal. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me earlier. Hugs ~Anne L#2

  12. Pink dogs, green horses... I love it! (Do you know 'Blue horse' from the artist Franz Marc? ) I do hope you found some time to create just for you, we crafters easily take too much 'workshops and challenges' which leaves us with not enough 'personal crafting time' and that is so important. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm late myself so: happy weekend! Love from Holland, Marit #36

  13. I like your green horse, Ali! What fun! Thank you for your lovely comment. So sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. I am in a bad sleep mode again, being wide awake well into the small hours and finding it difficult to get up in the mornings, and having very vivid dreams when I am asleep - I haven't had this for some time, but symptoms come and go, don't they. I adore baking - sorry to hear it has such a bad effect on you, though! I usually get a bit carried away in the kitchen, like my cookathon on Wednesday, and need a few days to recover, but it's worth it in the end, and I get so much satisfaction from it. Like you, though, my baking wouldn't win any beauty contests but it tastes good lol! I'm glad you like my digital art. I'm having such fun with the iPad! I am really looking forward to seeing some of your Bible journaling. Unfortunately my Bible's margins aren't wide enough for it, and they are already full of notes! Phoebe is going in this week to have her teeth done. My oncology appointment was a breeze - she continues to be very pleased with me, and my bloods came back absolutely fine, like the scan - no evidence of cancer, which is good news. I told her about my hernia - these are very common indeed with people with stomas. Not a lot to be done except support, and I now have my support garment.

    Hope you are having a good week. Keep as well as possible, rest and play lots!
    Shoshi x Happy belated WOYWW #42

  14. Hi Ali, Know what you mean about not doing the crafting you used to, me too! Still debating whether to buy Christmas cards this year or not!!! Still coughing but hope it will go soon. Thanks for visiting me BJ#33

  15. So sorry I'm late visiting but I'm squeezing it in before tomorrow and a new WOYWW! I love the pink dog and green horse, I often associate certain people and pets with specific colours so I think it's a great idea and is looking really fab! Thanks so much for stopping by mine,
    Diana #24

  16. Your self-portrait with your dog and hors is beautiful. I have a few Marvy pens that are probably as old as yours, but they're running out of ink. Sorry it took me so long to reciprocate to the comment you left on my blog. Blessings!


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x