Saturday, 12 November 2016


I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter (come over and join me there @AlisonWade1), especially on F1 weekends - and the hashtag #walkwithwalnut caught my eye.  Basically a dog owner in Cornwall was taking his elderly Whippet, Walnut, to the beach this morning for his very last walk - and invited friends to join him.  Hundreds turned up and many more walked their dogs in their local areas in tribute to Walnut.

Here are some photos of the amazing event - truly heartbreaking, yet so uplifting too.


Greyhound, dog, walk, Walnut, #walkwithwalnut, beach, Cornwall

I took Buzz out for a walk in the field this afternoon and we both stood in the afternoon sunshine and thought about Walnut for a while (Medina joined us in spirit).  Here is a short video.

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