Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Art Every Day Month challenge

This is a fabulous low pressure challenge where we all share our creativity throughout the month of November.  You can sign up and find more information HERE.

I have had a particularly busy day and didn't get to sit down with a pencil in my hand until after 5 pm, so I only had a quick session of starting to sketch out the mixed media project that is shown to us so fantastically by Tamara Laporte (of Willowing Arts) in her free taster class for Life Book 2017.

(Sorry it is faint - trying not to press too hard with my pencil - but there is the start of a woman in a cloak, a horse, Medina the dog and a bag.)

I haven't done any sketching for many years, and I am glad that all of this will be covered by paint!

I will be posting most days to show you the progress with this project over the next week (or longer if I continue to be so busy with more boring stuff).  I am excited to get back to it tomorrow (which won't be until the afternoon, as I have the hoof trimmer coming to do the ponies/Doris in the morning).

See you tomorrow with my WOYWW post.

Ali x

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