Wednesday, 30 November 2016

WOYWW 391 - test page in the bible

Happy Wednesday to everyone.  I am crafting in front of my pc today, as there is no water/glue/other messy mediums involved.  I read that it is sensible to use a blank page in my bible to test out pens/pencils etc to see if they bleed through (as bibles seem to be printed on the thinnest paper known to man!) - so I am sitting with an assortment of types and starting to try them out.  So far, they have all been ok.  I was very happy to find a set of metallic pens that I had forgotten about (one of my bargain TK Maxx purchases), so my already large collection of pens has grown!

On the far left - a sewing pattern I have just sold on a Facebook selling group (still a few sewing items left if anyone is interested), a cute card received as part of #SpooniePost (a monthly exchange of post between us Spoonies - chronic health survivors), my mobile phone stand (empty, as I was using phone to take photo!), my bottle of water which goes with me everywhere in the house, the usual pots of scissors/pens etc, one of my plastic boxes of pens (this one has metallics/Microns etc) and my bible (using a piece of pink Centura Pearl card to ensure that any bleeding through does not ruin the page behind).  Then my cheapy pencils from WH Smith, which are actually really good and well reviewed in the colouring world - and the tin of metallic pens I had forgotten about buying.

It is a cold/frosty/sunny day in Pembrokeshire again - so the window in shot is really bright (I have 3 windows in my craft room).

I have had a busy week, but mainly with farm business stuff.  I would rather just get on with crafting!

If you haven't joined in with WOYWW before and would like to share a photo of your workspace, get on over to Stamping Ground for more details.

A short post today, as I want to get on with my bible before lunch.  The day is just going too quickly.

Ali x

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

WOYWW 390 - a green horse that looks like a dragon!

Happy Wednesday to everyone.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground to join in with the weekly sharing of our crafty workspaces.

I am being super honest now and admitting that no crafting has taken place on my desk for a couple of days.  Today is extra-busy with more boring tasks like booking our campervan in for service, paying bills, supervising the boiler service and delivering our car to the dealership for its service (why do we always schedule everything for this time of year?!).  I have just done a Lenormand reading for a client and decided that I could very quickly type this blog post before getting lunch ready, so there is no interesting stuff staged for the photo (I added a second photo as a bonus).

My Inktense Blocks and Pencils are out ready for action - probably not until Friday.
My piece for the Bonus Life Book lesson has had lots more layers.  The pink animal is not a pig, but my beloved dog, Medina.  She always loved pink, so I decided that she needed to be that colour, and with sparkle on her ear/nose.  Yes, the horse is green - why not?!  Still lots of faffing to be done - face, hair, cloak, background ......

I have another crafting desk now, as my sewing machine has been sold to a lovely new local home where it is being used.  This is directly to the left of my main 'messy craft' desk, so I can just swing my small office chair round (I have a big office chair for use at the pc).  My heat gun rests on it, so I can easily use it.  The boxes have my pens in - the smaller one has Microns, Sakura glitter pens etc; the larger one has Sharpies and cheap Fine Liner pens, plus my watercolour pens and old Marvy Le Plume, which still all work after about 11 years!  My new journaling bible is sitting waiting for action too.  I started to try stamping along the edge, but it didn't really work, so I am doodling on it now before adding colour with pens.  I made the pink bookmark many years ago for a stamping challenge.

I plan to do some blog touring this evening.  Time for lunch now (and investigate how the boiler service is going).  Happy WOYWW to all those that I do not manage to visit.

Ali x

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

WOYWW 389 - attempting to paint a face

I am later this morning, as I wanted to actually have some crafting to show you - and there was more boring stuff to complete first.

If you would like to join in with the weekly sharing of our crafty workspaces, go over to Julia's Stamping Ground.

I have finally told myself off for neglecting my crafting and that I should at least be doing my 'Just 15 Minutes' each day.  I have been distracting myself by getting involved in so many different things, which is always my downfall - and I have also been suffering with various symptoms that have required me to sit on the sofa more and watch television!  My new addiction is bible journaling, and I have been very much distracted by all the inspiration on Pinterest and YouTube.  I will be blogging about this separately, as it is a huge change of direction for me.

I watched some more of the videos that come with this bonus class from LifeBook 2016 (if you want to join in with the large global community that will be studying LifeBook 2017, then click on the link in the sidebar), and my cloaked girl is taking shape.  I have struggled, as I don't have the skin-tone crayons that were used (and which look fantastic, so are now on my long wish list) - but I am fairly pleased with the progress.  I have never painted a face before, so this is amazing for me already.

I will get this published and linked now, and then I will add a few more layers/details.  I am looking forward to getting the hair done, as then perhaps she will look less pink!

Happy WOYWW to all those that I do not manage to visit.

Ali x

Saturday, 12 November 2016


I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter (come over and join me there @AlisonWade1), especially on F1 weekends - and the hashtag #walkwithwalnut caught my eye.  Basically a dog owner in Cornwall was taking his elderly Whippet, Walnut, to the beach this morning for his very last walk - and invited friends to join him.  Hundreds turned up and many more walked their dogs in their local areas in tribute to Walnut.

Here are some photos of the amazing event - truly heartbreaking, yet so uplifting too.


Greyhound, dog, walk, Walnut, #walkwithwalnut, beach, Cornwall

I took Buzz out for a walk in the field this afternoon and we both stood in the afternoon sunshine and thought about Walnut for a while (Medina joined us in spirit).  Here is a short video.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

WOYWW 388 - rocks wrapped in plastic

I am being organised again and getting this typed up on Tuesday night, as I have a vet coming early tomorrow morning (9 am, which is early for me!) to start the treatment on Doris the Donkey for her sarcoid.  A nervous time, as if this particular treatment doesn't work, then there may be no other option.  Please think of us and lets hope that crafty positive thinking can help.

My desk will be the same for most of tomorrow I expect.  Firstly, under the rocks wrapped in plastic bags (the cheapest way I could think of getting some weights - the rocks are from an old wall in the farmyard, so I decided that plastic would be best to keep everything clean) is my final pages for the journal I started doing projects for in August.  I am using the glue technique to bind them together, and then I will put a cover/spine on.

My Derwent Inktense Blocks and plastic box of assorted pens are out for when I find the time to continue with an online class.  I don't normally buy craft magazines any more, but the latest edition of Making Cards had some cute free papers including dog/cat toppers, so I couldn't resist!  It also has a useful star embossing folder - and small enough to fit in my tiny embossing machine.  Next to that you can just see a bag of Magic Reindeer Food from Tesco.  I am planning to make cards for my granddaughters and youngest niece/nephew that includes some of this to scatter in their gardens.

It has been incredibly busy on the farm - with TB testing this week, plus lots of moving groups of livestock around to different fields - and we start to 'dry off' the milking cows tomorrow, so then we will have them in sheds on the yard until they calve in February.  What with worrying about Doris and cleaning the stables out in case she needs a more sterile environment than their current cattle shed, I haven't had much time or brain energy to do much crafting.  I did make a birthday card for my aunt in America, but forgot to take a photo of it!

Happy WOYWW to all those that I do not manage to visit this week.  It is a F1 weekend (Brazil), so might be able to catch up on Saturday.

Ali x

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

WOYWW 387 - sketching and autumn leaves

Here we are again - another mid-week day of sharing our crafty workspaces through the Queen of WOYWW's website, Stamping Ground (WOYWW = What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday).

My desk is quite empty again this week, but only because I am working purely with a pencil (and eraser!) at the moment.  I have just started sketching out the outlines for a mixed media project that is taught in the free taster class for Life Book 2017.  I am getting even more excited about 1st January 2017 now that I am experiencing for the first time the quality of lessons that will be sent out to me weekly next year.

This project is called 'Happy Traveller' and so far I have the outlines of a woman in a cloak, a horse, Medina the dog and a large bag.

The most wonderfully coloured leaves are from one of our trees in the garden.  I have taken a few photos to use in digital projects - and will be researching ways of using them in mixed media/preserving them (please comment below if you have any tips).

Happy WOYWW to all those that I do not manage to visit this week.

Ali x

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Art Every Day Month challenge

This is a fabulous low pressure challenge where we all share our creativity throughout the month of November.  You can sign up and find more information HERE.

I have had a particularly busy day and didn't get to sit down with a pencil in my hand until after 5 pm, so I only had a quick session of starting to sketch out the mixed media project that is shown to us so fantastically by Tamara Laporte (of Willowing Arts) in her free taster class for Life Book 2017.

(Sorry it is faint - trying not to press too hard with my pencil - but there is the start of a woman in a cloak, a horse, Medina the dog and a bag.)

I haven't done any sketching for many years, and I am glad that all of this will be covered by paint!

I will be posting most days to show you the progress with this project over the next week (or longer if I continue to be so busy with more boring stuff).  I am excited to get back to it tomorrow (which won't be until the afternoon, as I have the hoof trimmer coming to do the ponies/Doris in the morning).

See you tomorrow with my WOYWW post.

Ali x