Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Loss of a Dog

Medina the Lurcher left us on 23rd October 2015.  I can remember that day in huge detail, but it is also a blur - a lot of waiting for the vets to come and end her suffering.

It was peaceful and strangely not at all upsetting at the end.  One of the best decisions in my life not to struggle to get her from the kitchen to a vehicle, drive 11 miles to the vets and have to carry her in, past a waiting room full of people/animals.  She was very much a lady and her end was as dignified as her.

A huge gap has been left in our lives.  A physical space on the kitchen floor where her big bed was.  A space in the pantry where her big food container was.  A space on the sink drainer where her big food bowl would dry.  We still have the big water bowl on the floor (Milky the cat prefers to drink from it than her own small one).

Buzz the Jack Russell (who shared her life for 7 years) has always seemed ok.  He still has an occasional 'mad run around' in the field by himself, but he is older now and generally prefers a slower pace.

Medina came into my life in May 2003 (before I even met Rich!).  She came from Ireland, was absolutely terrified - could not get a lead on her or even touch her.  She gradually gained confidence from my Pekingese and had a good life with us - but there was always a fear inside her.  Only a few of us saw her play in the fields.  It was wonderful to see her in the last year of her life when she relaxed and allowed a few more people to see her true character.

Life wasn't always easy with such a traumatised dog, but it was worth every minute - and she will always be part of our hearts.

The last photo I have of Medina - taken in one of her favourite fields, only 11 days before she left us.
She shared my love of standing and staring at a view.
She was running in a nearby field the afternoon before her death - my wish that she would not suffer for long was granted.

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