Sunday, 9 October 2016

Tangles and Smashed Background

I am finally returning to the Journey Within 2016 3rd Quarter, which I started in July, did quite a lot of it and then put it to one side.  (The final quarter has just started and you can sign up any time before the end of the year, including a special offer if you want the entire year of classes.)

One of the teachers for July is Sadelle Wiltshire.  Click here for her website.  She is a Certified Zentangle Teacher and her teaching style is wonderful.

She was very generous and created 3 separate lessons - one basic Zentangle tile, a journal page and then a bonus tutorial for creating our own labryinth.

I did start doing some Zentangle a few years ago, but it had literally been pushed to the back of a cupboard, so it was wonderful to be tangling again.

Here is my basic tile (the tangles are Hollibaugh, Twiggee, N'Zeppe and Sampson).

I have also started the journal page (our theme for July is Sanctuary & Silence).  I will be returning to add more details/colour/shading - but it is ok for now.

Sadelle showed us the Smashed Background technique, where you apply a medium directly to your craft mat, spritz with water and then press your paper down onto it.  I used watercolour pens to put the colours down.

Here is the initial effect (I used the left hand page to mop up some of the remaining colour).

I then started to use a Micron pen to create areas for tangles.

The sort-of finished page

It felt great to be back working in a journal. but I do tire easily and that is enough for today.  I know that I will be doing Zentangle regularly from now on.

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