Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Subtractive Pear - a new technique for me

No - I had no idea what that meant until now!  I bought a starter set of Golden Acrylic Colours and Mediums, and it came with a little project booklet.  I was looking for inspiration for my 'Just 15 Minutes' today and saw this project - which only used 3 of the paints, so would not require me to spend all day at my desk.

(Sorry, you cannot see all of the mediums included - but it gives you an idea of the range of products included.)

I started with brushing on the 'High Flow Fluorescent Pink' onto my piece of paper.  This is more of an ink texture and I needed a fair amount to cover the paper.  Dried quickly.

Then a layer of 'Fluid Iridescent Bright Gold Fine'.  This had incredible pigment - one of the best golds I have ever used.

Finally a thick layer of 'OPEN Phthalo Blue/G.S' using a palette knife.  An amazing colour with green undertones.

I used the tip of the palette knife to draw the shape of the pear.

The rest of the process will involve me using other tools or a soft cloth to take away other areas of the top layer, which they said may take 2 days to dry completely.  

It is like posh scratch art!!

I am thinking of using other colours to make some Christmas cards.

I am going to get my WOYWW post typed up now and scheduled for midnight.  I am hoping to drive myself into Haverfordwest again tomorrow, so I need to spread my jobs out in order to have enough energy.

A reminder that registration is now open for Life Book 2017 - a year long mixed media project with amazing teachers.  Click on the link in my sidebar to join in.

Ali x

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  1. I know Open acrylics are supposed to dry slowly, but two days - sheesh! Can't wait to see the end result! The gold indeed looks nice and metallic - not one one of those watery browns you get in craft paints sometimes. With Golden you get what you pay for! Enjoy your goodie box!


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