Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Just 15 Minutes

Hi, everyone.  I am actually starting to feel more like myself - whatever that is!  Day 19 of withdrawal from codeine, and most of the symptoms have gone.  I very proudly drove myself to town yesterday (about 25 minutes each way) and managed to walk around a supermarket.  Exhausted afterwards, which meant that I did not sleep well last night - but that was a big milestone for me without any painkillers.  Yes, I still do automatically think about taking a tablet sometimes, especially when I am really sore, but I have never got close to actually getting the box out of the cupboard.  I am not surprised that I am coping, but have had to reduce the amount of activity I do each day.  My average steps used to be above 13,000 per day - but aiming to keep that below 10,000 most days.

digital art by Sebastian Michaels, Phototshop, 21 days, creative abundance

I am taking more time to be creative now - on a daily basis - which is just wonderful.  The main push for me was the invite from Sebastian Michaels (I signed up for his Photoshop course many years ago - and been getting inspiration from him ever since - as per the picture above) to take part in his 21 Days to Creative Abundance e-course.  A large part of this is the 'Just 15 Minutes' practice - where we are aiming to sit down/stand up/kneel down for a minimum of 15 minutes (you will probably end up doing more as you get focused) and just create.  I am incorporating my love of handmade books into this, by using a 5x5 piece of paper each day, and will then make them into a book at the end of the month.  I have completed 2 days so far (see my Instagram for the first piece).

I used to write a quote into a diary every day back in 2015, but had stopped before finishing the year, so I have gone back to that and adding again daily.  I use that quote to spark some sort of creativity.

The quote for today is - Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can (Arthur Ashe).

I can make a lot of mess in 15 minutes!  I used 2 different texture stamps by John Bloodworth/Gentleman Crafter, an acrylic paint and a chalk paint, and a fine black pen.  

Totally random result.

By the way - do not assume that Sebastian's course is just for digital art - I am using it purely to make creativity a habit for me again.  However, if you would like to learn to use Photoshop - and create digital art in a deliciously grungy way (or whichever style that you love) - then the original course, Photoshop Artistry, is a must for you.  The amount of material is incredible - I still receive bonus material/training regularly after several years - and I am also no longer using it with Photoshop, but with the cheaper/just as good Serif software.  Contact me if you would like further details on the Serif CraftArtist and separate photo editing software.

I plan to be back tomorrow for the usual weekly WOYWW post, but can never make any promises (busy day on the farm).

ETA - If like me you really want to learn more about mixed media and get lots of fab inspiration, join in with Life Book 2017.  Registration is now open.  

Ali x

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