Wednesday, 31 August 2016

WOYWW 378 - The Bookshelves Are Up

Wednesday again - and I am sharing some details of my craft room, just like so many of us around the world.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground to join in.

I was very proud yesterday to finish putting together another one of my Ikea purchases (it is fantastic that a lot of their items can be ordered via the website, as our nearest store is over 2 hours away) by myself.  This time it was a bookcase.

Here it is - with my crafting, Tarot/divination, business and study books, plus Tarot decks/runes etc.  Plenty of room for future purchases.  The taller bookcase out on the landing outside the craft room now just has the childrens books, other fiction, biographies, cookery etc, etc.

My 2nd Raskog Trolley and 'bedside cabinet', which both house my mixed media stash and finished cards etc are next to it.  On the corner of my worktable are my scrap papers for using up bits of paint etc - and 2 pieces of card with Autumn 2016 in a lovely font (from a Next Directory packaging).  My heat tool is on the smaller table, which has my sewing machine on it.

Propped up on the bedside cabinet is my very first attempt at Encaustic Art.  I used 3 different colours and just moved the wax around for a bit until it looked pretty.

In more detail -

I really enjoyed doing this and will be working my way through some different projects in the coming weeks.

Happy WOYWW to those I do not manage to visit this week.

Ali x


  1. Hi Ali, I must admit encautic art appeals to me. It always has a sort of fantasy landscape look to it. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #6xxx

  2. I've seen some gorgeous encaustic art and this is simply super too ... I never had much patience with it for me ....

    Fab desk - HAPPY WOYWW


  3. Loving your new bookcase! Just what I would need for my art books - if only I had some room for it. Well done for trying encaustic - I've been meaning to try it too, but it would require a bit of investment first. Love what you created with your limited supplies - those colours work well together! Thanks for visiting earlier! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #18

  4. Hi Ali. I just love your encaustic artwork. And great job on getting another piece of your storage built, I always love knowing what is where and easy to find things which I can almost do without looking in bins or cupboards in my Most times over the phone when someone is looking for something. I would love to have ikea furniture but no room to add anything else and our closes is five hours away. Glad you are having great weather there but none the less is is cold raining almost everyday here and I am not looking forward to the snow since June was the last snowfall here living in northern Canada....... Never know the weather. Dreaming of live somewhere warmer. Have a fantastic week and thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Hugs ~Anne L#3

  5. I did try the encaustic art man years ago but couldn't really get the hang of it, and then my iron gave up the ghost. Maybe should think about it again as that is very pretty. Happy WOYWW Cindy #27

  6. Hi Ali, that looks gorgeous but not something I have had a go at. your craft space looks great too. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 11

  7. Hi Ali, I love the card. The possibilities are endless:)

    Well done on getting the bookcase made up on your own. Most of those types of things are fine if you have four hands:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #10

  8. Oh I haven't done any encaustic art for ages - your pic is lovely. x Jo

  9. great encaustic! I had a go once, and found it needed practice - never tried again (it wasn't my stuff!) - but you can get some great pictures. Helen #1

  10. Love the encaustic wax - I tried it years ago, and still have the wax so I ought to give it another go - I remember it being harder to do than I was anticipating!
    Thanks for the visit earlier, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #16

  11. My Raskog is a turquoise one just because I like the colour. It houses all sorts of things at the side of my bed and I love it No room for one in my craft room or there would be a second one bought here.
    Love the encaustic scene, gorgeous colours you chose. Not done any of that for years - might have to try it out again
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me , Neet 7 xx

  12. I love that card! I have never heard of that wax technique. I am really just playing a little with mixed media, not knowing what I am doing. LOL Thank you for the peek. #36

  13. Never heard of encaustic wax but it looks great. Love the bookcase!
    Chris #23

  14. The encaustic is interesting, isn't it? I went to a workshop a while ago and have some supplies but have not got around to actually using them yet! I think it is an outdoor project.
    Ha ha, I have an Ikea catalogue here too. I was just about to look at it :)

  15. THanks for yoru visit to my page and thanks for sharing your desk.
    I never tried Ecaustic and not sure what it is but it looks nice.
    Great as backgrounds I think.
    SusanLotus 42

  16. Beautiful piece such vivid colours. As for badminton, I can assure you I don't run around as much as I used to, but we have fun all the same in our little social club. BJ#20

  17. Great colours on that encaustic piece, I can only manage muddy puddles so I don't bother!Youre space is looking good - lovely light. And now I have to go check out the font on Next's webpage, I don't get a catalogue!

  18. very nice. I love the colors! I have never tried encaustic art and probably won't right now. I have to get rid of stuff to make room for more. I love those carts and have bought another one. I like having all my paint stuff or whatever in one spot and having it on wheels makes it much nicer to put away when done. Have a great week. Vickie #45

  19. I tried working with wax 'encaustic' once but found it very difficult to do... your piece looks wonderful! Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier - Yes, I do offer online workshops and I might introduce a 'mini-journal' workshop and add it to the shop next year. It's already Saturday, I'm very late with my woyww visits so: have a great weekend! Love from holland, Marit #8

  20. I really like the peacefulness that your encaustic art piece exudes. I'm intrigued by that type of art, but have never tried it. Happy belated WOYWW!


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x