Friday, 1 July 2016

The Pomodoro Technique - 25 minutes at a time

Do you struggle to get things done?  Are you easily distracted by social media etc?

Tomato representing the Pomodoro Technique - image supplied by 'khumthong' at
Image supplied by 'khumthong' at

I definitely can say yes to both of those questions.

I would sit down at my desk to get a blog post started, and 45 minutes later would still be on Facebook/Twitter etc, etc.

I then discovered the Pomodoro Technique.  Click on the link to read all about it, but basically it is working without distractions for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break.  If you are using this technique for most of the day, then after 4 Pomodoros you take a longer break - say 20-30 minutes.  It is amazing how much you can get done in 25 minutes, and taking regular breaks keeps the mind fresh (and it is great to move physically as well).

This technique is not just for bloggers/solopreneurs, it can be great for parents (get the kids to tidy their room for 25 minutes - they love the tomato-shaped timer!), students (a fantastic way to work through a revision schedule) and teachers (even a teenage boy can learn to concentrate for 25 minutes).

Outside workdesk - image supplied by #femininestock
Image supplied by #femininestock

Another fantastic advantage for us Spoonies is that it fits in with pacing.  I now have a lot of pain in my right hand/wrist/arm, so cannot use my computer mouse for too long a period.  However, I can get a Pomodoro done and then move onto something different.  The 5 minute breaks are fantastic for sorting out a laundry load, sweeping a floor, opening post or getting outside for some fresh air.  I have not spent an entire day using the technique, but even 2 or 3 Pomodoros per day really increases my productivity, which in turn makes me feel happier about how I have spent my time.  It is satisfying to go to bed knowing that I have ticked off some useful stuff on my To Do List, and it is less overwhelming planning the next day.

Yes, I am using a Pomodoro to get this blog post written.  Only 10 minutes in and I have written the bulk of it, and found some useful websites for research.

Go to the website, read more about it and give it a go.

BTW - there is no need to buy an expensive red tomato timer (although they look fantastic), I found a website that will time your Pomodoros and enables you to record how you spend your day.  Go to

Comment below if you try the technique out - positive or negative results.

Ali x

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