Wednesday, 29 June 2016

WOYWW 369 - Only just made it!

Talk about last minute - it is past 8 pm and I am finally sitting down with my laptop to get this typed up.

Of course I went to Julia's Stamping Ground first to see if she had been well enough to join us, and was very interested by her long post about her health, so that distracted me for a while.

I have not been here for a few weeks - either I have been too busy to get a blog post done, not well enough or just not had anything crafty to talk about.

I have made a few cards here and there, but my plans to get on with scrapbooking/journalling/doodling/sewing etc, etc have not come to anything.

I was in a lot of pain a few days ago and took to the sofa for a while whilst an extra painkiller took effect.  I always try the various tv craft channels, and on Hochanda there was an Encaustic Art show just starting.  Always wanted to try this, and for some reason this time it really grabbed my attention.  I had the inspiration to use it for making covers for the handmade books I plan to make for a 'Luxury Tarot Package' that I will be launching soon on my Tarot business website.  I searched on Google for suppliers of the materials/DVDs etc, as I know that they are often cheaper away from the tv channel.  I found the website for the people doing the demonstrating (Michael and Shona Bossom).  Not only did they have everything at roughly the same prices (and I know that if you purchase off the tv, then Hochanda will take a large percentage), but they also live in Pembrokeshire, not far from the farm that we used to live on.

I ordered the Big Starter Kit, plus the sealer stuff for use on cards etc - which includes a book and lots of DVDs - which arrived today.  See below all of the wonderful stash for me to play with -

I will do a regular update from now as I learn the techniques and hopefully produce some designs worth sharing!

Do any of you do Encaustic Art?

I emailed Michael and Shona to see if they did workshops and perhaps whether I could visit them.  They do not do workshops, but Michael has offered to spend some time with me going through the basics, particularly in relation to the projects I hope to attempt.  How exciting!

I will blog on that too.

I hope that everyone is well and busy with their crafting.  I will go and take a tour around a few blogs now (I have been having a lot of pain in my right hand/wrist/arm, so quite often I cannot use the computer - but will try whilst I watch the Sewing Bee).

Ali x


  1. Hi Ali, I admit I have also been enchanted before by encaustic art, a lot of the work I see is beautiful. Look forward to seeing what your creations are. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #6 xxx

  2. I have never tried Encaustic Art but what I've seen is beautiful! And that is quite the pile of goodies you got! Thanks for the visit and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #28

  3. Nice to see you back Ali, though I am sorry that you've not been well. I don't really know what encaustic art is, to be honest, but how fabulous that you found the craft people so close and will get a personal tuition! Result :-D
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  4. Hi Ali, so sorry to hear you've had a bad flare and hope this will soon clear up. I am like you - when I am not well enough to "do" stuff, I "learn" stuff instead - whatever did we do before Youtube, Pinterest, Blogs, etc. etc.!

    If you are thinking of replacing your Cameo any time in the future, I'd definitely recommend upgrading to a Silver Bullet from Thyme Graphics (the updated version of my Cougar) - these are simply the best machines around, OK more expensive but well worth it IMO. I'm delighted to have got Sheba going again! The name just popped into my head when I was thinking of a name for her. She's a sleek Black Cat and the name seemed to fit lol!! Thanks for your lovely comment, and I'm glad you like my first efforts after so long an absence from cutting! Getting it going again has restored my confidence and it's just one more step towards getting my life back after last year's cancer adventure.

    I've never really been drawn to encaustic art because (and I may be wrong) I thought that perhaps the wax wasn't that durable. I'd never seen it "in the flesh" until I visited an art exhibition a few months ago, and I was impressed by the smooth waxy sheen of its finish, which is completely lost when photographed. I'll be interested to see how you get on with it, and whether you can persuade me to change my mind about encaustic!

    Take care of yourself, and keep resting, even as you start to come out of it! No boom and bust, lol!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #38

  5. Good luck with your new endeavour. Glad I popped by. Susanne #33

  6. Had not heard of this art form before, just googled it. Very Interesting - way out of my limited talents....blessing, donna #9

  7. great to see you again, but sorry you've been in pain. I tried encaustic art a few (lot of) years ago when my sister in law got into it, it is something that takes practice (which I didn't...) so enjoy! Helen #2

  8. Can't wait to see what you make encaustic art sounds like fun :)
    late visiting hugs Nikki 1


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x