Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Another day has dawned - and it is actually not raining at the moment.  However, everything is still wet/muddy and I really want some 'proper' winter, ie a frost first thing and then sunshine/light wind.

My crafting continues, with some digital scrapbooking yesterday, a card made for our granddaughter (she was 2 yesterday) and now a card for a friend.

I used fuzzy printer paper for the first time, so a lot of the embellies are layered up and fuzzy!

There will be no crafting happening on my desk for the rest of the day - I really need to tackle some writing projects.  However, I am spending some time doing 'adult colouring'  (sounds very exciting put like that!) most evenings.  I got a calendar free with a magazine that has lovely doodle designs for each month.  I am very slow and can only do about 30 minutes at a time, but I do enjoy the latest global trend.  I promise to show some photos of this next week.  

For those who do not know what WOYWW is all about (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), go over to Julia's Stamping Ground.  She started this whole crazy weekly tour around the world of crafting.

Happy WOYWW to everyone that I do not manage to visit this week.

Ali x

Monday, 25 January 2016

Dreams. Why?

We all dream, or do we?  I apologise for the lack of serious research into this fascinating topic, but I will definitely be reading a lot more and returning to this subject again in a future blog post.

I do not remember my dreams every night, but last night I had a particularly detailed dream.  A subject I had never dreamed of and which has stayed in my mind all day so far.  I keep getting 'flashbacks' and it has even made me feel anxious.

I will not go into detail, but basically it featured some sort of global disaster - power cuts, needing to find a place of safety etc.

Interesting - I wonder what this means?

Taken from this really good website, Dream Moods

To dream that you are in the post-apocalypse implies that you will overcome the difficulties you are experiencing in your current life. Alternatively, the dream means that you need to fend for yourself. You need to be more independent and resourceful instead of relying on others.

I definitely do not rely on others (that is another blog post!), so it surely means that I am overcoming a lot of my difficulties.  Yes, that is true.  I am finally accepting the limitations from my health, and adjusting my lifestyle to really suit ME and not everyone else.  I am putting myself first far more - and I just wish I had the confidence to do this years ago (another blog post!).

What did you dream last night?  If you do not remember, then this article from the Daily Mail may help explain that.  Due to the Fibro etc causing pain and other symptoms, I do have lots of periods of wakefulness during each night.   This could contribute to recalling dreams during the times I am awake and more information going into my memory.  Daily Mail article

Well, it is late in the afternoon and my ponies/donkey will be waiting to come in from the field, so I will leave you to contemplate your dreams.  Visit 'Dream Moods' and look at their comprehensive dictionary.

Ali x

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Where is this month going?  I am sure that time passes quicker as we get older, and also being so busy.  As a positive, it must be due to enjoying life!

Another Wednesday brings a tour around crafty workspaces - all over the world, which is very exciting.  Join in via Julia's Stamping Ground.

This week I have actually been doing some 'proper' crafting.  I made a tag to go with Flat Susan when she travels off to her next destination on her own world tour.  This is the blog post I have written about her long stay with me FS in Pembrokeshire and this is her blog  (Lots of links for you!)

Here is my main desk this morning

Patterned scrap box on the left (I have my scraps divided into patterned, plain and white/cream), my two favourite pairs of scissors, some embellies (gorgeous green/pearl gems, flower, doily, sentiment tags), tape roller and the base tag waiting to be finished.

Here is the finished tag

I hope that everyone is well and happy today.  It is finally a proper winters day in Pembrokeshire - cold, frosty and sunny.  My ponies/donkey are staying in their barn, as my old pony struggles to walk on hard/frosty ground.  Buzz the Jack Russell decided that he only wanted a short walk in the field, as the ground was too cold for him!  I have to go out later and deliver some sewing magazines/patterns that I have sorted out for giving away via Freecycle (also a lady is collecting 4 bags of papercrafting magazines later) and post Flat Susan onto her next temporary home.

I am using the Pomodoro Technique to get more done throughout my hectic day.  It is working so far.  Basically you concentrate on one task for 25 minutes - no distractions such as social media - and then rest for 5 minutes, and then repeat.  It is amazing how much I can get done in 25 minutes.

Will be visiting some blogs later (for 25 minutes!).

Ali x

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Flat Susan in Pembrokeshire

Huge apologies for the delay in getting this post written.  Flat Susan (more about her below) has been residing with me in Pembrokeshire for a while now.  My health and busy schedule meant that I have not been able to take her out and about as planned, and I nearly just sent her onto the next person, but I realised this is a chance to show some general pictures of our beautiful county and also F.S in our old farmhouse.

Flat Susan has her own blog    She started her world tour back in June 2013!  She travels in her own suitcase (she is so small, this is the most comfortable method of travel for her).

We live in an old farmhouse (blog about the renovation) right in the middle of Pembrokeshire (SW Wales, UK).  Hopefully this map will show our location.

Lower Tancredston

FS has been very comfortable resting in my craft room (on my cosy dachshund cushion).

Here are a few views of the farmhouse and farm (yes, the sun does shine in Wales!).

(This last photo is taken from my craft room window - so you can see that FS has been able to watch all the comings and goings.)

Lower Tancredston is a 400 acre dairy farm.  The oldest part of the farmhouse dates back to the 17th century - and it was then 'extended' in the Georgian period.  I am currently researching the history of the farm and Tancredston as a whole - and will be blogging about it when I have more information to share.

Pembrokeshire - where do I start?  It is the furthest southwest corner of Wales.  We are blessed with a mild climate (frost and snow are relatively rare), but the Atlantic storms do hit us hard in the winter.  The north and south of the county vary a great deal.  We have the Preseli Hills up in the north and the more rugged Atlantic coast on the west, whilst down in the south there are more estuaries and the famous resort of Tenby.

Here are a few views -

If you have never been down here before, then I would definitely recommend a trip soon.  Even a short weekend away would be fabulous - and I can give you ideas on places to stay/visit/eat out/shop.

We have 2 woollen mills close to us, where you can see the weaving machines in action.  We also have a lot of craft shops/artists/events/workshops in the county.

FS is off to Hazel in Kent next.  I will miss her company.

Ali x

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Another mid-week is here - and it is time to share photos of our crafty workspaces.  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details and a linky thing.

No actual crafting occuring on my desk at the moment (my excuse is that we have been away for the weekend, business/study stuff takes up a lot of my time and we have also just put a property on the market - so I am having to deal with estate agent/solicitor/cleaning etc).  I have done some stash shopping in readiness to decorate my Ultimate Diary Planner and even make some cards.

Here it is -

Such a mixture - and mostly bought at bargain prices in our local craft shop's regular clear-out sale. Of course, washi tape is there, plus those cute rubber stamps, lots of stickers and assorted lovely stuff.  

I hope that everyone is coping with the strange weather that seems to be happening around the world.  It is colder here today, but of course not as cold as winter should be.  At least we have had some respite from the rain - and my ponies/Doris the Donkey are allowed out on their field again.

Keep on crafting!

Ali x