Friday, 27 November 2015

Planner Time!

It's the time of year when we suddenly realise how much of this year has gone by already and look at what we want to achieve before Christmas. It's also a time when we decide we want to make next year our best year EVER!
Yes, using digital resources like your smartphone calendar or Evernote (I have just discovered it and now busy writing lists) would seem to be the best and only option for planning out your days/weeks/months/year, but I personally still absolutely adore stationery and physical products.
That's where the Ultimate Diary Planner comes in - this beautiful diary planner can be your sidekick to creating the life and business that you want in 2016.  I have ordered an A4 version for my desk (and so excited about it arriving in the next few weeks).
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Not only does it have lots of great pages for tracking your progress, planning your goals and writing notes, it is also brilliant for managing your to do list (and so much more!).
Not only is it incredibly useful, it also looks fabulous and is motivational too, as there is a positive quote on every diary page.
If you haven't got one of these in your life yet then head over to now to order your copy: Available in A4 (pink) and A5 (teal) and delivered in super-shiny envelopes! (scroll down in the link to see photos of the 2015 planners as they are delivered in the amazing envelopes).
If you order an A4 Planner before 1st December you will receive a free A2 Ultimate Wall Planner (rrp £9.97) - and you get access to the digital bonuses immediately.
Ali x
p.s. who else do you know that totally needs one of these? Why not tag them in the comments or share this post with them.
p.p.s. this is a fantastic Christmas gift if you're looking for something affordable and brilliant.
p.p.p.s  Now is the weekend to order.  They will be out for delivery very soon - and make sure that you do not miss out on the A2 Ultimate Wall Planner, if you order an A4 Planner before 1st December.
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Here I am - better late than never.  The weather is all over the place in Pembrokeshire this morning, so I was all confused about the ponies/Doris the Donkey.  Should I leave them in their shed for yet another duvet day - or should I chuck rugs on them and let them have some fun in the field?  Well, as I went out of the door, the sky cleared and even a bit of blue appeared - so rugs on two of them, and they are happily munching on the grass.  I then took Buzz the Jack Russell for a longer walk, as rain is meant to return later this afternoon.  Tired now and definitely need to sit at the computer for a bit.

WOYWW, for those who have no idea what this is - stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday'.  See more details and a link to join in at Julia's Stamping Ground.  On my desk today, I have some felt/embroidery threads and ribbon so that I can attempt to make some donkey tree decorations.  There is a pattern to download over at the Donkey Sanctuary (plus knitting and crochet patterns).  There is also a cute Xmas card that I saved from last year, and will be using it to make a card - to add to the huge pile of TWO that I have already made !!  The CD-Roms are from 2006 - so not even sure if they will work in my PC, but worth a try and to see if the 'cool fonts' are really funny or actually worth using.

I had a big sort out of my crafty magazine stash - and have a good pile of Craft Stamper (with cover stamps, Making Cards (again, with all the papers etc), Card Making with your PC (with the CD-Roms), various scrapbooking magazines and others.  They are free to a good home - just pay for the courier, as they will be heavy boxes.  Let me know if you would like all or some of them.

I hope everyone is ok after this sad and worrying week - and that Storm Barney did not cause you too much trouble last night (just some more sticks off trees and very wet roads/yard/fields here).

Happy WOYWW to all those I do not manage to visit.

Ali x