Wednesday, 30 December 2015


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No, there has been no crafting going on in my world in the past 2 weeks, which I am sure is the same for many of us.  I could not show a lot of my desks or craft room, as it is currently filled with various boxes/bags of stuff for the local food bank/charity shop etc.  I just need to get these dropped off and then I can see the carpet again!

So I have taken a close up of one small area of my main desk.

My pen pot, scissor pot, notepad, glasses cleaning cloth (yes, I know this is exciting!), tablet deckchair (I don't own an Ipad, so it is used for other purposes) with assorted nice things (mini framed fox embroidery, custom mini painting of my donkey, Doris - and a few more things out of sight).

I do need to do some crafting tomorrow to make a New Years card - and then there are a few birthdays coming up.  I also have digital scrapbooking projects in my head, and I have this as a personal goal for January.  Just need more hours in the day and energy. 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  Fairly quiet here.  This was our lunch in front of the fire and tree.

Happy New Year - and I hope 2016 will bring us all lots of crafting time.

Ali x


  1. A lovely fire...sending warm thoughts for a Happy New Year! Carole 33

  2. That looks lovely! Happy New Year!

  3. The little part of your desk you shared is very tidy. And dinner looks awesome. April #44

  4. Ooh Ali, quiet is good! That looks lovely, and I'm sure you've had a lovely time. In testing about the tablet deckchairs...mine was originally a book stand...and as you know from my desk, it doubles as a holder for all sorts of things as my desk gets more and more untidy!,

  5. Quiet is good Ali, your Christmas looks lovely! My iPad deckchair started life as a book rest and as you know, now props up quite a lot of desk elated stuff, especially when I'm running out of room! it makes me happy to know that you have such a useful tool!!

  6. Looks lovely! Loving the desk snapshot!! Happy New Year to you and yours. Take care Zo xx 30

  7. Looks like a cozy dinner awaits...Enjoy and Happy New Year! Carole 33

  8. That looks like one cozy place to have a romantic dinner by a fire :) happy new year hugs Nikki 1


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