Wednesday, 16 December 2015


If you do not know what I am typing about - and would like to join in with this fun tour of the world's craft desks - get on over to Julia's Stamping Ground.

My photo today shows my Christmas Stash Box (one of - there is also a smaller box with festive CD-Roms).  I was going to say that I am ashamed at how little I have used it this year, but there is no need to be ashamed.  Crafting should be an enjoyable pastime (even for those of us who are professionals) - and it is all just 'paper'.  Whether we spend hours making a card, do a batch of simple designs, print them or buy them from a store/crafter, the person receiving it will just be happy that we have remembered them.

I will be putting this box away later today - and my next project will be January birthday cards.  I also bought some 'photo calendar' kits last week and want to do some small digital layouts to insert into them.  I will take some pictures of that process and show you next week.

I hope that everyone is well and happy.  I am off into town later to get my hair cut and do a bit of shopping, but will be back on my laptop this evening to read a few blog posts.

Ali x


  1. I couldn't agree more...why put pressure on ourselves to be perfect crafters? As long as we enjoy what we're making, then that should be enough! Hope you have fun making your digital calendar!!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  2. Hi Ali I didn't realise you lived just down the road from me! We love coming down there to walk along the beautiful coast line! I am in Llanelli! I have been thinking that I spend too much time making each Christmas card and don't actually get many made but I do enjoy the process. next year they may be simpler. I too have put away my Christmas crafting for this year. Enough is enough! Enjoy your shopping trip. Lynda B 22

  3. You are right about that!

    P.S.: don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a bracelet and earrings jewelry set!

    Greetings, Sofie # 31

  4. I too will be pleased to see the Christmas box back in the corner. I am onto decorating and wrapping ...... another day on the life of!!!

    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #36

  5. I too have a special Christmas craft box (or two). but I don't make too many cards. Only for family and close friends. I just have to be a bit more organized next year.
    Have a great week and don't get too stressed,

  6. I agree that crafting needs to be fun. It seems we get so caught up in the latest and greatest, we forget the tried and true.

    Thanks for visiting while I slept. To comment about Wendy. She is slumped over the cardboard circle at the back of my desk to the left of my black tool caddy. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  7. Well said! Stopped my guilt trip right there, thank you!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #8

  8. Thanks for the visit...enjoy your day away. Sometimes it's a relaxing way sometimes NOT. I hear you on the stash of Christmas supplies..I've so many I've not had time to use for the past 3 yrs..even thought of leaving them out and get a few made for next year. I am not good about working on seasons when it is not the season. Have a good week

  9. Yep, best part of not using get to keep it! And yes, if its not a fun hobby, don't do it, totally agree. Hope you're hair happy this evening!

  10. Hello Ali,
    Oh, I needed to hear that people wouldn't mind getting store bought cards - that's what I've done this year but I haven't even touched them yet!!! Yikes. It is difficult when I'm working full time and do a bit of crafting (besides knitting). I do that in the evenings as I decompress.

    Thanks for visiting me already today!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday (although I'll probably visit you again before the time comes)!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (14)

  11. I do have some Christmas paper but not a lot. It is getting used but it seems to grow at times. I love making cards and usually have quite a bunch of what I need when I need it. Thanks for visiting! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #33

  12. Lovely sentiment about people just being glad we remembered them with a card. Must bear that in mind when I stress over what to send, hand made or commercial.
    Good luck with the net project.
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me, Neet 11 xx

  13. Can't beat a Christmas stash box! Mine is all mixed in with normal stuff. Though I am sad as I have some really lovely papers I've not touched as they are still too nice to use!! Lol Take care Zo xx 40


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x