Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I love a neat and even number, so 340 is good for me.

My photo today is not of my usual workdesk.  I had taken my new Xmas stamps, inkpads and pencils downstairs to the kitchen, so I could do a batch of festive donkeys whilst cooking a meal/watching tv.  It was surprisingly hard work.  I managed to get eight done.

This year has been a hard year for me - and very few cards have been handcrafted by myself.  Shock horror - I have bought a lot of cards from various charities and also bought cards made by other crafters.  I am sending less cards than usual too.  Finances are more stretched due to the continuing fall in milk prices (we are a dairy farm) and I seem to lose general festive cheer as the years go by.

Feeling particularly grumpy today due to another flare in symptoms of my Fibro (or it may be an actual infection causing my swollen glands, migraine etc), and looking forward to January when I can spend more time on my Tarot study and business.

I hope you are all more cheerful than me!

Ali x

ps  If you are not aware of what WOYWW is all about, go and visit Julia at her Stamping Ground


  1. I hear ya! We have a child in college and in keeping her out of college debt, things get tight this time of year! I hope you feel better and have some good creative energy this month. Hugs! Sandy Leigh #35

  2. I understand. It s hard to summon up festive cheer when all is not entirely good for you, I really do sympathise. Am super impressed that you've been 'at it' in the kitchen. Might be a good way to stop me snacking while I'm cooking!

  3. Sorry to read about your difficulties. I've been crafting between other things - snatch odd times here and there. My Fibro has been bad this week and I've been grumpy!!! We make a good pair. Hope rest of week better for you. Anne x #49

  4. I understand. My fibro flare kicked in on Thanksgiving and lasted about 10 days. Ugh. Money is tight for us, too. That's great that you bought your cards from charities and other crafters. I hope you can relax and get some rest.

    Suzanne #40

  5. Hi Ali I was glad to hear from you. You should be here in the states with that dairy farm. I am giving over $5 a gallon for milk and $3.50 for eggs. Being on social security disability they decided not to give us a cost of living raise because gas prices dropped. Went to the store and spent $300 on groceries and then on for petrol and spent $35. Yes it was less but I was having issues with paying so much for groceries. A plain pot roast cost me almost $20. Okay enough grousing. My fibro has been the main culprit for all my problems this month. I am so tired of hurting. I joined a research group 5 weeks ago and have been taking their pills for 3 weeks now and I can't tell much difference so I am on the placebo I am sure! If it turns out I am on the drug I will be surprised! Working on getting a Christmas letter out to friends and family. Not doing much in the way of cards though! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog. Vickie #48

  6. Ali, so sorry to hear how you are suffering with your fibro. I hope the flare goes away soon. Also sorry you are suffering from falling milk prices... That's very hard. A lot of stress in your life just now, I can see. Thinking of you!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I am sure I will get my creative mojo back soon and will be back in there making art again. First job will be to tidy up the chaos, and that's not something I'm overly looking forward to!

    I'm now having major problems with blogger - again. I use Windows LiveWriter to compose my blog posts and yet again it is not playing ball with blogger. I have tried reapplying the fix I discovered 3 months ago which worked a treat then, but it is not working this time! Not sure when I will next be posting - it depends if I can find another work around. The whole thing is a humungous bore.


  7. I hope you feel better today Ali! Yes, times are difficult and I myself am thinking of sending digital X-mas 'cards' this year. I prefer sending 'the real deal'(especially handmade cards) but postal costs (stamps) is just too expensive! I hope you have a good and relaxed weekend. Love from Holland, Marit #19

  8. I know how you are about the Christmas cards - I too have not made many this year, don't want for some reason, so have used Commercial ones. Also aware of the cost of postage, ridiculous really.
    Sorry your fibro has flared up, hope you are soon better and that there is a rise in milk prices on the horizon.
    Hugs, Neet xx


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x