Wednesday, 30 December 2015


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No, there has been no crafting going on in my world in the past 2 weeks, which I am sure is the same for many of us.  I could not show a lot of my desks or craft room, as it is currently filled with various boxes/bags of stuff for the local food bank/charity shop etc.  I just need to get these dropped off and then I can see the carpet again!

So I have taken a close up of one small area of my main desk.

My pen pot, scissor pot, notepad, glasses cleaning cloth (yes, I know this is exciting!), tablet deckchair (I don't own an Ipad, so it is used for other purposes) with assorted nice things (mini framed fox embroidery, custom mini painting of my donkey, Doris - and a few more things out of sight).

I do need to do some crafting tomorrow to make a New Years card - and then there are a few birthdays coming up.  I also have digital scrapbooking projects in my head, and I have this as a personal goal for January.  Just need more hours in the day and energy. 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  Fairly quiet here.  This was our lunch in front of the fire and tree.

Happy New Year - and I hope 2016 will bring us all lots of crafting time.

Ali x

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


If you do not know what I am typing about - and would like to join in with this fun tour of the world's craft desks - get on over to Julia's Stamping Ground.

My photo today shows my Christmas Stash Box (one of - there is also a smaller box with festive CD-Roms).  I was going to say that I am ashamed at how little I have used it this year, but there is no need to be ashamed.  Crafting should be an enjoyable pastime (even for those of us who are professionals) - and it is all just 'paper'.  Whether we spend hours making a card, do a batch of simple designs, print them or buy them from a store/crafter, the person receiving it will just be happy that we have remembered them.

I will be putting this box away later today - and my next project will be January birthday cards.  I also bought some 'photo calendar' kits last week and want to do some small digital layouts to insert into them.  I will take some pictures of that process and show you next week.

I hope that everyone is well and happy.  I am off into town later to get my hair cut and do a bit of shopping, but will be back on my laptop this evening to read a few blog posts.

Ali x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Ultimate Diary Planner arrives

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE VERY FEW COPIES OF THE A4 PLANNER AVAILABLE - LESS THAN 10 !!  If you need an A4 version in your life, then click on the link below and order immediately.

I first wrote about the Ultimate Diary Planner on 27th November.  I ordered an A4 version as soon as I saw it.  The mix of personal and business planning, plus motivation, was just what my desk needed for 2016.

You can read more and order via this link - Ultimate Diary Planner

The Planner arrived in its amazing pink sparkly envelope at the end of last week, and I was very patient and put it to one side until I had the time to properly go through it.  That day is today.

Who could resist that envelope?!

As I had ordered before 1st December, I received the A2 Ultimate Wall Planner for free.  

The back of the Wall Planner has some great motivational quotes.
"She believed she could.  So she did."

The A4 version has a gorgeous bright pink cover - with pink comb binding (the A5 is teal).

The Planner has so much extra content.  This is the page giving an introduction.

There are a few pages that are purely for business - the next two are fantastic for goal setting.

The Year Planner will soon have stickers marking birthdays/anniversaries/holidays etc.

I am loving the Super Statistics Tracker, as I am a Social Media-nut and using it for my business, as well as my personal interests, is a big part of my week.

The next section is something I have not seen in any other planner.  Achieving some balance in our lives is a must.  Whilst I am goal setting, I will also be creating milestone rewards to give me the extra boost I need.

There is more - recommended reading (I will be shopping in the Kindle Store later!), an introduction to Gratitude Journals (I will be setting up a combined Memory Book/Gratitude Journal - which can be a place for photos, doodling, more stickers and my love for stationery in general), scheduling tracker ......

In the main part of the Ultimate Planner, each month starts with two pages for reviewing the previous month, jotting down the main goals/events/To Do List etc, followed by blank Notes pages.  

The weekly planner pages are a great mix of business and personal planning.  Meal planning is included - and plenty of space to write your To Do Lists.  After the weekly pages for each month, there are more blank Notes pages.

What I love about the Ultimate Planner is that despite the amount of content inside it, it is not too thick and bulky.

Go and order your's now (and remember there is an A5 version in teal if you have an allergy to pink or need something to fit in your handbag!).

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I love a neat and even number, so 340 is good for me.

My photo today is not of my usual workdesk.  I had taken my new Xmas stamps, inkpads and pencils downstairs to the kitchen, so I could do a batch of festive donkeys whilst cooking a meal/watching tv.  It was surprisingly hard work.  I managed to get eight done.

This year has been a hard year for me - and very few cards have been handcrafted by myself.  Shock horror - I have bought a lot of cards from various charities and also bought cards made by other crafters.  I am sending less cards than usual too.  Finances are more stretched due to the continuing fall in milk prices (we are a dairy farm) and I seem to lose general festive cheer as the years go by.

Feeling particularly grumpy today due to another flare in symptoms of my Fibro (or it may be an actual infection causing my swollen glands, migraine etc), and looking forward to January when I can spend more time on my Tarot study and business.

I hope you are all more cheerful than me!

Ali x

ps  If you are not aware of what WOYWW is all about, go and visit Julia at her Stamping Ground