Wednesday, 14 October 2015


OMG - I have not been here since 300 back in March (I will not even put any exclamation marks, as I would need so many it would cover the page).

Life has just taken over, and crafting/personal blogging has not been top of my To Do List.

I have been missing you all (and missing meeting lots of new WOYWWers I bet?) and spent a happy hour last night reading through lots of my old blog posts.  So much has happened in the past 3 years, but a lot has stayed the same (my health for one - I have not had a miraculous recovery yet!).

If you would like to join in with this global blog hop, go to Julia's site Stamping Ground for more details and a linky thing.

Writing a business website and blog is all about keywords, SEO scores, short sentences and selling my products.  It is fantastic to be here and just write what comes out of my fingers.

I have not been doing much crafting and my sewing machine has not been turned on since I finished my dachshund cushion.  I really must change that.  We are grandparents twice over now - and I have so many photos that I want to use for scrapbooking etc.  Selling Tarot readings and worrying about growing an email list will have to take a backstep occasionally !!

Right - what part of my craft room/office/Tarot reading space can I show you?  Note it is not just a craft room now.  I even find myself saying that I am going to my office now.  I sorted out some of my crafty stash into proper storage boxes and here it is.

Just some of my CD-Roms and Digikits (there are more in one of the old wardrobes).  
I bet lots of you would like to rummage through that!

My paper/card storage - even got my A3 properly sorted (as hubby bought me the fab A3 printer last year).  The sheep is from one of my new favourite shops, Tiger.  There is one in Carmarthen, which is a town we don't go to often now - and I always have to have a stroll round.

Well, I had better publish this now and then sort out the washing.  Hubby is away in Ireland on a business trip, I want to get into town later to buy more guinea pig food (I gave in last month and acquired 4 lovely girlies) and I do actually have to do some 'proper' (ie paid) work.  I have 2 Tarot readings to do and a book review.

Will get round some blogs later.

Lovely to be back.

Ali x


  1. Hi Ali and welcome back, I know how you feel not having time to play let alone blog about it! Good luck with the organising and your new girlies :o) Annie C #35

  2. Lovely to see you and thanks for visiting me already. Sounds like life has been fun what with grandchildren. Hope you are well and not suffering too much. Take care Zo xx 32

  3. Hi Ali! I only just rejoined a few weeks ago after a long absence since March too. It's depressing when life takes you away from doing what you love, isn't it? Congrats and congrats on becoming grandparents - twice! How exciting! Love your storag eboxes - they're really useful, aren't they? They don't call them "Reallu Useful Boxes" for nothing, LOL! Welcome back to WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #36

  4. Welcome back. Ali! Like you, I've moved into a proper office/ craft room. I just call it my Studio. Business has also taken up more of my creative time than I would like. I'm beginning to think we're twins. LOL Have a fabulous week! Creative Blessings! Kelly #43

  5. Life just sometimes gets in the way doesn't it. I've been very hit and miss lately too. You are looking very organised. Enjoy your new girlies!!
    Hugs Lisax #19

  6. Hello Ali, pleased to meet you. I only joined this year and really enjoy taking part most weeks. Congratulations on your new grandchildren. Have a lovely week. Barb #34

  7. Well it's lovely to see you, and I hope the business is good. You might even get a craft/work balance going, who knows! Good decision on the Guineas, they are adorable!

  8. Ali, thank you for your visit and your lovely comment - I am flattered that you went straight to my blog, top of the list!!! No need to apologise for a long absence - life does get in the way at times, and you've had a lot to deal with, which can't have been easy when dealing with your chronic health problems - I know, as I have M.E. I am so delighted that Friday will be my last chemo - I've never looked forward to a treatment so much! The usual recovery period will have to be got through, but at least it won't be a prelude to yet another treatment, but the beginning of a real recovery. I am convinced that my new, cancer-free life is about to begin, and I am feeling so upbeat and positive about it, with lots of plans, and a good life to look forward to! I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me on this long journey since January, and above all to my wonderful hubby who has looked after me so well!

    So glad you like my desk. I've got quite a few more card ideas, and will make up a nice big stash, and then I can start on more serious art with a clear conscience! Lots of ideas and plans.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28

  9. Welcome back, you have been busy since 300, life goes on and we still craft on waiting for you to come back. what a cleanup you've had, I never knew there was an A3 printer out in the world, not that I would need it
    Bridget #1

  10. welcome back. enjoy the guinea pigs, hope they are well behaved! Helen 5


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x