Monday, 26 October 2015

A sad time - RIP Medina

Very sadly, on Friday 23rd October, we had our 13 year old Lurcher, Medina, put to sleep.  It was very sudden - she was running in the fields on Thursday.

The vets came out to our home, which was so much more dignified and peaceful for her.  I would recommend that you ask your vets if this is possible, if you are faced with the decision that no pet owner wants to make.

She was an angel.  Came from Ireland as a very traumatised rescue case in early 2003 and she came to live with me in the May.  So nervous at first that I could not get a collar on her.  It took a lot of time and patience, but gradually I gained her trust.  Every step in life was a huge step for her - getting used to walking on a lead, introducing her to traffic, going in the car (she had terrible car sickness for many months), seeing people out on walks (she would panic and literally try to jump into my arms - she was a fairly big dog), etc, etc, etc.  

She never lost that nervousness completely, and always hated Irish accents and men wearing baseball caps.  However, with children and other animals she was always very gentle, and was a great friend to several fostered dogs and our other dogs over the years.

Her favourite thing was running loose in the fields or on the beach.

There is a massive gap in our lives now.  She leaves behind her brother of over 7 years - Buzz the Jack Russell, who thankfully seems ok.

She has gone over Rainbow Bridge and will be with Roswell, Sammy and Bob the Pekingeses.

Ali xxxxx

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