Sunday, 7 June 2015

Never Give Up

At one time I was a keen runner - aiming to do 10k's and trail running.  Then Fibromyalgia, Hyper Mobility Syndrome and Hip Bursitis stopped all that.  However, I still have one pair of running shoes - and for some reason I had a dream last night that I was dusting them down and going for a jog.  Then I saw the latest blog post from Running with Fibro, commented on his Facebook page and I found myself deciding to try a bit of jogging on my afternoon dog walk.

Here are the almost vintage-looking running shoes (10 years old now)!

(I didn't bother with proper socks and running tights - so please excuse the thermal socks and jeans!)

Twenty minutes later - with about 10% of that spent very slowly jogging - I arrived back home, feeling sore as usual (I had been struggling after a busy morning), but ok.  I will be trying again soon.

This is the truly awful road I chose for my route today (there are 4 roads to choose from - as well as our fields/tracks).  The worse thing about them all is the steep hills - so I actually have not got much suitable for beginner running.

I expect the sunshine helped me a lot, but I am glad I listened to my dream, and also glad that I was too stubborn to throw those running shoes away.

My health conditions have forced me to re-evaluate my life and how I live it, and now I take pleasure from even the smallest achievement.  A few steps of very slow jogging is fantastic when so many people with Fibromyalgia are sadly almost housebound.  It is important to be grateful for everything that is positive for us.

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Ali x

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