Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Well, I am here - but a little distracted (looking for cheap pony rugs on Ebay!).   Was absent last week, as we went away for a few days on Thursday and had the usual extra stuff to deal with before we escaped!  We didn't go far - stayed at a couple of hotels west of Cardiff, including Cowbridge (our first visit and loved it there).  One day was spent exploring the Cardiff shops (well, some of them, we mainly stayed inside the shopping centre) and a rare trip to the cinema (Wolf on Wall Street).  I was so proud that I managed to walk around a lot and cope with eating out, mainly without painkillers.

For anyone who does not know what WOYWW is (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), take a look at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Some crafting has occurred in my craft room, but not a lot.   After my husband's first grandchild was born early on Sunday (Lily, 8 lb), I had to rush to make a card when we returned from Cardiff on Sunday evening.  Yes, should have been organised and had one ready, but one of the new Bebunni CD-Roms saved the day and I made a super-cute card in record time.

This is my main desk this morning - all of the usual essentials (I keep saying I am going to clear my desk, but then I realise I love having all of this stuff in front of me!) and some printed/cut out extras for creating a few cards.

This week will see me getting Valentine cards finished, attempting some parchment craft for the first time and getting on with my journals.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Ali x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Final Thrive update - and not a happy ending

My Thrive reviews are still proving really popular - over 50 reads per day - so I wanted to let you know that I mainly blog over at Seek Guidance now and also have my Tarot business website - Tarot Farm

Well, I was so excited reading all of the wonderful testimonials about Thrive and really hoped that I could have a similar positive experience.  However, as usual for me and my strange body, it has not worked out - in fact the capsules gave me some nasty side effects, which were getting worse.  Therefore, this morning, I have not taken any - and my large orange box is now available to anyone else who would like to try the system.  Already feeling more human.

I am glad that I did give it a go.  I am always a 'glass half full' sort of person and having Fibromyalgia/Hyper Mobility Syndrome/Hip Bursitis/Psoriasis (and the myriad of nasty symptoms that come with these) is turning me into someone who is constantly searching for the help that is not available from the doctors.

I had already changed the way I ate most of the time last year (Food Combining), which reduced my IBS a lot, but after indulging over Xmas on 'normal' food (ie processed, sugars, grains .....) I was suffering again, and there was no way that I was going back to the times when I avoided travel (worried that I may become truly agoraphobic).  Not sure when I first saw it, but Paleo suddenly came into my life.  I saw the sense of it, loved most of the recipes and became excited about food for the first time in ages.  Not completely there yet, but slowly the grains/sugars will disappear from my life most of the time (I will admit that there may be some weaknesses involving toast and butter occasionally, or a chocolate when offered one!).

For those who do not know what Paleo is - 

Paleo Leap
Nom Nom Paleo

Along with drinking more water, turning off tv/internet an hour before bedtime, using my 'rebounder' every day and continuing to be active (with 2 dogs, 2 ponies and various cats, plus a large house, I have no choice!), I am hoping that eating whole/nutrient dense/unprocessed food will improve my general health and eventually I will sleep more/better. 

Well, no rest for the wicked, off to try a recipe I have just seen - mash a banana up with 2 eggs and cook as a pancake - and also sort out the rubbish (we get our black bags collected fortnightly now, and TODAY IS THE DAY!!).

Hope that everyone is well and happy.

Ali x

ps   My flu bug is easing slightly and looking forward to not having a headache.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Another cold, dark and windy Wednesday morning.  Go to Stamping Ground for more information on What is On Your Work desk Wednesday.

I continue very slowly to clear out my craft room, and have been selling on Ebay.  My photo today shows the pile of stash that I will be listing next (also on Facebook - will put a link on here).

I have had a nasty flu bug since Saturday, so no crafting has happened.  Got the 2 journals to add to, Valentine cards/gifts to make for a craft fair I am attending on 2nd February, a commission card and various swaps.  Really need to feel stronger.  With regard to that, I have been trying the Thrive supplement for 4 days.  I have been able to cope with less painkillers, but there have been some horrible side effects that were worse this morning, so giving up on it.  I will concentrate on improving my diet - focussing on Paleo.

Happy WOYWW to everyone I do not manage to visit this week.

Ali x

Monday, 13 January 2014

2nd Thrive Day

I mainly blog over at Seek Guidance now - and my Tarot business website is Tarot Farm

Well, I continued to feel like I had flu and a stomach bug yesterday.  High temperature, headache, sneezing, nausea etc.  Whether any of this was due to detox symptoms, or whether it was just a Fibro flare/bug, who knows?  The main exciting thing is that I have not taken a codeine painkiller since Saturday night!  I did take ibuprofen last night because of the high temperature.   I usually take 3 or 4 painkillers at least, so this is amazing for me.

I just took one capsule again this morning and felt light-headed again, but was ready for that.   I had the bright idea of mixing cocoa into the shake, and then managed to drink nearly 2 thirds of it.  The new patch went on easily on my other shoulder (yesterday's was still stuck securely after 24 hours).

Today I am feeling rough on and off, drinking lots of water, resting more than usual and eating regular small and plain meals (if anyone can cope with the shake as a meal replacement, then they are stronger than me!).

Will update again tomorrow.

'Chocolate' shake

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Another Wednesday rushed towards us, and now we are all here sharing pictures of our workspaces.  Go over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details of what WOYWW is all about and link up to join in.

This week for me is all about journaling - 2 in fact, and my very first 2 attempts.

Firstly, I have joined in with Journal 52 - where we have a weekly prompt.  The first week was 'Up, Up & Away'. 

Secondly, I discovered The Documented Life Project whilst on the very friendly Facebook group for Journal 52, and HAD to join in!  This involves taking a Moleskine planner (or any other book/format you want to use) and creating a 'tip in' (technical term!) each week.  I was late to the party, so only just received my planner - and will be catching up with the first 2 pages (Your Front Door and a Selfie) tomorrow.  It will be fun, as you can either use the planner as a planner or doodle/decorate as you wish - I plan to write some quotes in mine and doodling/tangling.

The mini 3 ring binder on the left is for Journal52, and I have completed both front and back covers and the first page (see below).  The purple planner is for the Documented Life Project and I hope to start on it later today.

Hope that everyone is surviving the terrible weather - both in the UK and in America.   Lets hope that spring brings some calmer days to us all.
Ali x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I am very late to the New Years Party, and was missing from the Christmas party completely!  I would have loved to join those dedicated crafters who did manage to escape to their pc/tablet/phone, but it was just me and hubby so it would have been very rude to disappear to my craft room!  This morning I found that my computer would not allow me to write a blog post, then our Internet connection was down and then I got sidetracked sorting out photos on my pc.  Oh well, better late than never.

WOYWW means What is On Your Work desk Wednesday and you can find out more at the birthplace of this weekly phenomenon, http:// stamping - ground. blogspot. co. uk

I have mainly been tidying up my craft room and will be starting to sell a lot of stash in the coming weeks.  A few digital cards have been designed and printed though.   My photos show a much clearer space for me to be busy in, and also a Parchment Craft Starter Kit I treated myself to.  I had a little go at this beautiful craft a few years ago and always wanted to try more.

Happy New Year to everyone.