Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WOYWW 286 - Crafting again!

Happy What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday everyone.  Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to join in with the party.

I am late here today.  The day did not start well, waking up at 3.20 am with cramp in my legs - and the pain would not let me sleep after that.  I did catch up with lots of tv though, and the cat enjoyed my company on the sofa.  I am understandably a bit slow today, getting through my usual animal care/housework whilst waiting for more parcels to be delivered.  For the past few years I have done most of my present shopping on the internet - so much easier when we live 10 miles away from the nearest shopping and I struggle with driving now.  It does mean that we get a lot of courier vans making their way down our narrow lanes - apologies to the local horseriders and cyclists!

The good news is that my craft room is back up and running.  I made 2 simple Xmas cards this morning - just printed off a sheet of fab Pollyanna Pickering toppers (the Jack Russell and donkey look just like my Buzz & Doris!) and using various bits of card from my Xmas Stash Box.  My big intentions to make fancy cards for a lot of family and friends will, as usual, be put to one side for another year.  Not enough energy or inspiration, sorry!

This is my work area right in front of my pc screen.  Some crafty essentials - Collall glue, tape pen, scissors, ruler.  Many other miscellaneous items - pot of pens, calculator, Reiki verse, good luck charm from Lanzarote, business card box etc, etc.

I will be doing some blog-hopping for the rest of the day, inbetween taking the dogs out in the field again, feeding/medicating/mucking out ponies/donkey, attempting to cook some sort of meal this evening and I may even end up in my craft room for a while again.

Ali x


  1. Ali, I am sorry you were in so much pain you couldn't sleep! On the other hand, those are beautiful Christmas cards on your craft desk. Somehow, you found energy to be crafty! :) #57

  2. Not sure you are going to have had much "in between time" but hope you had a good day after the bad start. At least you're crafting! Helen 6 xx

  3. Isn't it amazing how quickly time flies by when you want to make stuff! Though in all fairness to you, you sound very busy with real life, I mean how many can say they've donkeys to take care of! Thanks for the visit
    Angie #55

  4. Gorgeous images for your cards. Thanks for the visit to mine and your lovely comments.
    Try to take it easy if possible Lol! and happy crafting, Angela x 60

  5. Sorry about the night cramps - if you drink coffee, have you tried cutting it out? My legs used to 'jump' in bed and I read an article about it, recommending cutting out coffee (it said it wasn't the caffeine that was the problem, but something else). I have to say, it was very successful and, whenever it re-occurs (I couldn't stay off it forever LOL) I just stop, and it works. Life sounds busy with you. Hopefully, you can just enjoy the crafting you get to do, and not stress about what stays undone - my philosophy is that (sshh!!) I can always buy some cards. Have a good week, Hugs, Chris # 8

  6. Hope this night was better than the other night. No cramps hopefully.
    But you got some lovely 'animal' cards done. That is a lovely image I must say! (dog and donkey)
    Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder,
    Sorry I'm a bit late but I always take my time and I love to look and read, click on links etc and that sometimes takes me all week!
    Have a good one,

  7. Thanks for visiting - glad you craft room is back in acton for you to enjoy ! Ali #22

  8. Am late...sorry! I KNOW that the people you would have made the big fancy cards for would far rather have you well enough to enjoy Christmas, so I don't think apologies are necessary! I have visions of a fleet of vans lining up to drop of big parcels; I must admit that online shopping does make for some very exciting delivery days!

  9. Catching up on the blog hop - lovely tidy craft table wish mine would stay tidy - no chance lol. Thank you for popping over to visit :) Anita #46

  10. Sorry to hear about the cramp. That is an "ouch" moment - I had severe cramp a while back and was crying with it, it has never been so bad before and hopefully never again.
    Great idea doing the shop on line - much better than silly me trying to battle through crowds with a walker.
    Hope you got in the craft room.
    Hugs, Neet
    ps thanks for the visit re my tram ride.


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x