Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Another week has gone by and my promise to myself to blog more often has not been realised - again!  Oh well, at least I am here a bit earlier this week.

If you want to know more about What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday, go over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in with the fun.

I have managed to do some crafting this week - birthday and Halloween cards.  No more Christmas designs unfortunately.  Of course I will be regretting it next month when I am rushing to get them done! 

My craft room has been turned upside down, put back together and now it turns out that the builders need to replaster the entire back wall, so again everything will be in turmoil.  I am looking forward to finally getting everything in its place and be able to sew, in particular, as my sewing machine table is pushed up against my other desks at the moment.

My photos show one of my new purchases - been wanting/needing an A3 guillotine for ages and when I saw it on Create & Craft at a discounted price, it just had to be ordered - and also my messy main desk.  You can see a finished birthday card waiting to go in the envelope, 2 Halloween packages ready for the postlady, a fab new photography software suite, all of my washi tapes have decided to jump around the desk and various other 'things'.

I hope that everyone is having a good week.  It is a F1 weekend coming up (Texas), so I will be able to sit with my laptop and get some more blog posts written.  I hope that you come back and have a read.

Ali x


  1. That'll be a pain having to move everything again Ali. Lovely busy desk but I agree, Christmas will be here sooner than we think! Love the new cutter, I like Crafter's Companion, they have some good stuff. I never expected in a million years that I'd be showing someone else how to knit, I was a bit nervous to begin with but she was a model pupil!

    Brenda 41

  2. Glad you have been getting crafty this week ! Hope the plastering isn't too disruptive ! Ali #21

  3. Oooh I'd love a guillotine like that! I am getting heartily sick of my A4 one which has a guard the height of the raised blade, and every time I walk past it I seem to knock it with my arm... The more modern ones are much more sensible, and how lovely to have a nice big one, too.

    How awful having to have that wall replastered. Not just the disruption of all your stuff, but all the dust too. You have my sympathy!

    Thanks for your visit and your most understanding comment... I really need my "at home" times too, where I can crash out and rest properly. I had a run-in with Mum today who thinks I should be able to rest with her - simply not possible! She is always demanding that I spend more time with her and today it really stressed me out and I've been feeling really poorly all day... You understand the frustration of having so many creative ideas and no energy to put them into practice. What energy Ii do have seems to be used for other "necessary" things like boring washing up and ironing lol!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #30

  4. Hmm, I wonder if Fiskars do an A3 size paper trimmer. Your guillotine looks a bit scary! I can just about imagine putting my fingers under it, eeks! But that's just me! Happy trimming and mind those fingers! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #32

  5. Looks like you've had a very productive week!! I've started on my Christmas cards but I have soooo many to make and already feel like I'm behind! Good luck!

    Jeannie #27

  6. Hi Ali - so frustrating when you have to constantly move stuff around in your craft room. I've lost/damaged so much over the years because of this, but it's had a plus side in making me have clear outs and also discovering things I'd forgotten about! I hope you can get back to normal service as soon as possible!! Have a good week, Chris # 24

  7. I hate it when there is constructing going on in the house, will all kinds of people making dirt and noise! But it is so nice when they are gone and everything is done and pretty :-) Good to hear that you could be creative never the less.
    Gabriele 31

  8. Must have been a challenge to move everything a second time. At least you were able to create. Great new tool for sure.

  9. I don't know about this particular model, but would be utterly lost without a guillotine style of paper cutter, I cannot get on with the rotary styles at all, wish you many happy years of cutting with that monster! Argh, more plastering. Just when you might be feeling embedded after all the real upheaval. Ah well, as you say - on the bright side, it will give you a nominated sewing space. You seem to have plans....

  10. my my you have been busy! Good luck with all the upheaval, hope you get everything back to rights before too long. Have a great weekend :o) Annie C #50


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x