Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Firstly, I hope that everyone around the world is surviving the horrible weather.  Here, in Pembrokeshire, we have had a bus knocked off a local road by a huge wave (the jury is out as to whether that bus driver should have attempted the road!), several roads closed due to flooding and our daily lives on the farm made more difficult by strong winds/rain most days.  Spring seems a long way away - was watching 'Escape to the Country' last night, filmed in June, and it was hot and sunny - what a dream!!  Moving to Lanzarote or Spain seems more attractive by the day.  Anyone else want to join me?

Secondly, What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday is explained and the linky thing provided over at Julia's Stamping Ground

My photo this week shows what Create & Craft delivered to me yesterday - some very useful additions to the stash for my new addiction, Parchment Crafting!  A selection of embossing and piercing tools, a piercing mat and a selection of printed parchment - whoops, just realised they call it 'perforating' - note to self: must get the 'lingo' correct!

I am also 'busy' creating a selection of Valentine cards.  No, I do not have lots of secret lovers, but I have had some orders for cards - and I am making a few so that each person can select the one they like best.  So difficult to make a card for such a personal occasion, when the brief is 'cute, but not too cute'.

Well, I must leave my cosy craft room now and head downstairs to continue the morning routine, before dressing in several layers to go outside and feed/muck out ponies etc.

I have started 'juicing' and really enjoying my liquid creations, plus my health is continuing to improve, with no painkillers at all taken yesterday.  If I am like this now with the cold and damp weather, I hope that in the summer I will be able to ride my pony again.  Everything crossed.

Happy WOYWW to everyone I do not manage to visit in the next few days.

Ali x


  1. Ohhh this weather. Stay safe. Here in Yorkshire we have escaped lightly with just some wind and rain but nothing like the South and the coasts. I'm packing my case though to join you somewhere hot!! Can't wait for the summer, hope it's another good one.
    Good Luck with your Valentines makes. I know what you mean about trying to get it right for other people!
    Hugs Lisax #54

  2. Ooh Ali, this is great health news..onwards and forwards gal. Am super duper impressed that you've tken up Parchment's quite quite gorgeous and i do not have the patience myself. Enjoy!

  3. Crazy weather at the moment isn't it . Happy crafting Jill #35

  4. The weather sounds so scary for you and I hope you stay safe indoors doing your parchment craft!
    Jo x

  5. Today we had an ice storm. On Monday we had snow. Prior to that a polar vortex. This winter has been crazy but great weather for staying in and crafting. Best of luck on the juicing! Thanks for popping by!
    Angie #86

  6. And in Holland the weather surprisingly is very beautiful. Sun is shining, allready springflowers to see, No snow, no cold.............Do we keep it like this????
    Valentine is not very popular in Holland. You can buy special Valentine cards, but it is not really a habit. But I like to read about it in English and American blogs. A lot of succes with creating your Valentinecards.


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x