Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WOYWW 247 - I am back

I cannot remember whether I only missed one week of 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' (see Stamping Ground for more details), but it seems like ages since I joined in with our favourite tour/snoop of crafty workspaces. 

Life has been full of attempting to sell excess craft stash from my over-full craft room.  A lot has gone (but there is still more, so get in touch if you would like anything - got lots of Kanban cardstock and topper sheets, a few stamps, a whole of box of Xmas stash etc, etc, etc!), but I am now just listing the bigger items on Ebay (Inkadinkado Stamping Gear packs at the moment) rather than wasting my valuable time on Facebook. 

My craft room is a lot clearer now and I can start to concentrate on cardmaking for family/friends/charity, getting my sewing machine in use again (joined a monthly club where they send me the materials for a project with instructions - go to, scrapbooking (I start a fortnightly workshop at a local craft shop on Friday), journaling, and continuing my quest to learn new craft techniques (at the moment that includes parchment craft, paper cutting and also got a magazine with quilling to try).  Busy, busy, busy!

Blogging has taken a back step, but I will try to do regular posts of what is going on in my life.  My health has improved 'sort of', with painkillers being taken rarely rather than several times per day.  However, my hip is the issue, flaring up if I try to do too much, which is not enough in my thoughts!  Very frustrating when the weather is improving and I want to be out training my pony, walking the dogs and getting on with jobs around the house/yard.  Oh well, at least I get to spend time in my craft room 'resting'. 

I will have a good read of other blogs later - another excuse to 'rest', but hope that everyone is well and happy.

My photos this week show a really cute origami dog card I attempted for the first time (you can get the download from and also my little collection of crafty books.

The other big piece of crafty news is that I treated myself to an Ebosser (after my little Sizzix machine proved too small for a project yet again).  It is waiting patiently to be unpacked and a permanent home found for it where it will be convenient for me to use it.  I love new gadgets!

Ali x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Firstly, I hope that everyone around the world is surviving the horrible weather.  Here, in Pembrokeshire, we have had a bus knocked off a local road by a huge wave (the jury is out as to whether that bus driver should have attempted the road!), several roads closed due to flooding and our daily lives on the farm made more difficult by strong winds/rain most days.  Spring seems a long way away - was watching 'Escape to the Country' last night, filmed in June, and it was hot and sunny - what a dream!!  Moving to Lanzarote or Spain seems more attractive by the day.  Anyone else want to join me?

Secondly, What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday is explained and the linky thing provided over at Julia's Stamping Ground

My photo this week shows what Create & Craft delivered to me yesterday - some very useful additions to the stash for my new addiction, Parchment Crafting!  A selection of embossing and piercing tools, a piercing mat and a selection of printed parchment - whoops, just realised they call it 'perforating' - note to self: must get the 'lingo' correct!

I am also 'busy' creating a selection of Valentine cards.  No, I do not have lots of secret lovers, but I have had some orders for cards - and I am making a few so that each person can select the one they like best.  So difficult to make a card for such a personal occasion, when the brief is 'cute, but not too cute'.

Well, I must leave my cosy craft room now and head downstairs to continue the morning routine, before dressing in several layers to go outside and feed/muck out ponies etc.

I have started 'juicing' and really enjoying my liquid creations, plus my health is continuing to improve, with no painkillers at all taken yesterday.  If I am like this now with the cold and damp weather, I hope that in the summer I will be able to ride my pony again.  Everything crossed.

Happy WOYWW to everyone I do not manage to visit in the next few days.

Ali x