Thursday, 16 January 2014

Final Thrive update - and not a happy ending

My Thrive reviews are still proving really popular - over 50 reads per day - so I wanted to let you know that I mainly blog over at Seek Guidance now and also have my Tarot business website - Tarot Farm

Well, I was so excited reading all of the wonderful testimonials about Thrive and really hoped that I could have a similar positive experience.  However, as usual for me and my strange body, it has not worked out - in fact the capsules gave me some nasty side effects, which were getting worse.  Therefore, this morning, I have not taken any - and my large orange box is now available to anyone else who would like to try the system.  Already feeling more human.

I am glad that I did give it a go.  I am always a 'glass half full' sort of person and having Fibromyalgia/Hyper Mobility Syndrome/Hip Bursitis/Psoriasis (and the myriad of nasty symptoms that come with these) is turning me into someone who is constantly searching for the help that is not available from the doctors.

I had already changed the way I ate most of the time last year (Food Combining), which reduced my IBS a lot, but after indulging over Xmas on 'normal' food (ie processed, sugars, grains .....) I was suffering again, and there was no way that I was going back to the times when I avoided travel (worried that I may become truly agoraphobic).  Not sure when I first saw it, but Paleo suddenly came into my life.  I saw the sense of it, loved most of the recipes and became excited about food for the first time in ages.  Not completely there yet, but slowly the grains/sugars will disappear from my life most of the time (I will admit that there may be some weaknesses involving toast and butter occasionally, or a chocolate when offered one!).

For those who do not know what Paleo is - 

Paleo Leap
Nom Nom Paleo

Along with drinking more water, turning off tv/internet an hour before bedtime, using my 'rebounder' every day and continuing to be active (with 2 dogs, 2 ponies and various cats, plus a large house, I have no choice!), I am hoping that eating whole/nutrient dense/unprocessed food will improve my general health and eventually I will sleep more/better. 

Well, no rest for the wicked, off to try a recipe I have just seen - mash a banana up with 2 eggs and cook as a pancake - and also sort out the rubbish (we get our black bags collected fortnightly now, and TODAY IS THE DAY!!).

Hope that everyone is well and happy.

Ali x

ps   My flu bug is easing slightly and looking forward to not having a headache.

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