Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WOYWW 233 - The Morning after the Morning Before

Hello to everyone around the world.  For those who are new to the wonderful world of Wednesday blog posts, go and check out Julia's fresh and newly designed blog, Stamping Ground (she has big yellow polka dots and everything!).

Why "The Morning after the Morning Before"?  Well, I went out and rode a pony yesterday.  For those who do not know me, you will be wondering what on earth is the problem with that.  Well, I have Fibromyalgia and Hyper-Mobility Syndrome, and in 2010 I suddenly developed Hip Bursitis in my right hip.  It was such a severe case that an ambulance had to be called at 5 am on a Sunday morning, so I could go to hospital and get the morphine I needed.  My 2 ponies had to go to temporary homes for 3 months. as I could not cope with the physical work needed to care for them over the winter.  I have been advised for years not to ride, but had continued, getting less frequent and for shorter distances, until this June when I could not even cope with 10 minutes of slow walking.  My mare is very very wide, so we all wondered whether that was causing the issue.  I have started to train my mare to drive now and have a cute little 2-wheeler Chariot - but I kept being tempted to get my saddle on her on sunny days and try 'just once more'.  Then, yesterday I had the chance to go and try a narrower pony.  I had been having a few reasonable days for me and it was only a short drive away, so I got my riding hat out, literally dusted the cobwebs off my boots and headed off.  Well, I got on this sweet elderly pony and for a while it felt comfy.  He was definitely stretching my hips a lot less - but as we headed down a steep hill in a gale and threatening black cloud, I could feel my hips starting to complain after only a few minutes.  So, I turned back to the yard and tried a little trot, but he was stiff with age as well and not particularly keen to go that fast.  I dismounted, had a little chat with the owner and drove home.  I rested on the sofa for a while after preparing lunch, and when I went to get up I was in agony.  I had to spend the rest of the day on extra painkillers, using 2 sticks to get around (thankfully my 2 wonderful ponies came up from their grazing as soon as they saw me, and I had prepared their shed for the night in advance, so I could just put their feed buckets on the floor and shut them in) and perched on one of our bar stools in the kitchen.  By the time I went to bed the pain had eased slightly, but now my lower back feels like it has been compressed.  This morning, I feel like I have done a 3 hour ride, not a few minutes!  Lesson learnt - I CANNOT HORSE RIDE ANYMORE.  After 35 years of riding, it feels like a huge part of me has died.  My riding hat and boots are still by the back door where I left them yesterday, and I will need to carry them back to my tack shed when I am able.  I know that I am lucky and still have my ponies (and if I am sensible can cope with their care most days), and hopefully I will be driving my mare soon (she is recovering from a hoof abscess), BUT I loved to ride and still had ambitions (to ride across Wales for one).

Enough rambling about me - what you have come on here to see is my workspace.


My desk surfaces are not particularly interesting this morning.  I have done a lot of crafting this week (lots of ATCs for swaps with, but all tidied up and just the results of some birthday/Xmas shopping spread around now, plus a bulging 'Action Tray' to go through later.  Therefore, I am showing you the old bathroom trolley under my desk.  This holds my 2 identical paper trimmers (I had one and then won another in a draw at our local craft shop - seemed useful to keep both), cute wooden box with various spare glues/tapes etc, little Sizzix embossing machine, foiling machine, laser printer for said foiling and my graphics tablet on top of that.  Oh, and the plastic box of my embossing folders on the floor underneath. 
Hope that everyone is well on this dark and windy morning.  No snow here, but I know that many other areas of the UK are a lot colder/whiter. 
I was meant to be going out to a craft workshop this morning (shrink plastic), but unlikely that I will be able to drive the car, so I think that a day of sorting out paperwork and getting on with more Xmas cards will be a better option.
Ali x


  1. oh my goodness! No I haven't riden for some time~used to work t a stables and had my own ponies...and I know I'd probably wobble a bit and fall off!! Hope you're feelingh better today, I must say, I don't think I've ever showed my printer (?) No...oh yes I have... when it was new, at the momnet my computer 'can't see it' so I can't do this weeks freebie, which is a pain! Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn) was about #38

  2. Oh Ali, you have had so many issues to overcome but I know that this must be a huge one. I love horses too and know that this must be a blow....let's hope your mare's hoof recovers soon and you can get out there driving.
    Hugs. LLJ 41 xx

  3. So sad that you have to give up riding, sitting behind a horse is just not the same but needs must at times - at least you will be with the horses.
    I think that this cold and wet is the perfect excuse to stay in the warm and craft.
    Take care
    Bishopsmate #26

  4. So sorry to hear about your not being able to ride anymore, Ali. It must feel so strange to have to give up something that has been a big part of your life. Sorry you couldn't get to the workshop today. I do hope that you will have a good day crafting and sorting out things at home and that life will yield you many blessings and consolations. Happy WoYWW! Julie Ann xx #29

  5. I know you will miss riding. Sorry you couldn't make it out to craft. Hugz Peg #46

  6. Oh you poor one should have to hurt that bad. I'll appreciate my flexibility more not having that kind of pain. Bless your wide open loving heart...but do not ride on a horse. Be well Carole #67

  7. Ouch, poor you. It's horrible to have to give up the things you love. X


  8. li, t least, if only for a few minutes, you've had the final swan about side saddle? I know nothing about riding..can you tell? love the reuse of the trolley..and a foiling machine...yikes, do you use it much?

  9. Well, at least you had a ride yesterday! It must hurt to see those boots by the door, or, it may just put a beautiful smile on your face, for all those wonderful memories you have of riding. I was thrown off the first time I rode a horse at age 10.......never got back on...scared to death. . .I am so glad you tried again yesterday, so sorry, it caused such pain.

    Hugs, Robin #76

  10. I have not been riding for light years either and miss it badly, but my body wont stand up for it either. You don't need the extra pain you have, you live with enough now, so please from another FM person please don't make your body suffer anymore. I am sorry it has been hard to give up the riding there has to be someway that you can still do something unique to keep yourself involved.

    Thanks for visiting and Happy Crafting if you can get around to doing some. Take care

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 1

  11. So sorry that you have had to give up riding, I've never been on a horse myself. At least you can ride in the buggy. I hope your pain eases for you.
    Have a good week.
    Von #24

  12. Aww sad about the riding. I was a riding instructor up until 1993 when I had my son. My beloved home bred welsh x arab mare went out on permanent loan 2 years later :( Am not 'horsey' at all now so I can relate to having to leave the riding behind you. Good to hear you dabble in digi crafting and thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Whereabouts in the UK are you? I'm near Chichester on the South coast. Craft hugs.
    Karen no.52 x

  13. Always a dismal thing to give up something you love ! At least you can still have the ponies for company ! Hope you find something rewarding to take the place of the riding & to cheer you up ! Thanks for calling by Ali x #28

  14. I hope your pain is lessening. I'm sure the physical pain will likely ease before the emotional -- I wonder if it would help at all to make a scrapbook about your love of riding? (Maybe you've already done lots on this.) Sending hugs across the pond for WOYWW. Thanks for visiting! ~ Laura #89

  15. I hope that you can focus on the positive side that you can still have your ponies and even 'ride' behind them. :-) And you can remember fondly when you could get on their backs and ride. I hope your back feels better soon. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. And be careful with PL - it is addictive. LOL April #17

  16. Since I am late getting back to you for a visit, I hope you're doing much better now. I have fibro, arthritis, and a degenerative spine so I could almost feel the pain while I was reading this. It is so hard giving up things you love, isn't it? At least you can still love them, hug them, and ride behind them once in a while. :) WOYWW#77

  17. Really sad to read about your riding. I just hope you can continue to feed your two little ones as I would hate to read they had had to go to another home. God bless you for trying to keep them whilst in pain. My heart goes out to you for what you are having to endure.
    Lots of gentle hugs, Neet xx


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x