Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Well, it is Wednesday again, the middle of another week - and getting ever close to Christmas.  I went into our local Lidl yesterday, and managed to do my usual, ie lots of Xmas goodies fell into my trolley (a stollen, some marzipan chocolate, ribbons, window cling decorations and those gorgeous chocolate-covered gingerbread).  It was dark when I came out and it definitely felt quite festive. 

I have been so jealous looking at the photos from the NEC and hearing all of your stories.  So wish I could have been there.  I treated myself to some new digital stash instead.  I watched some of the Project Life programmes on Create & Craft, and was tempted to buy one of the sets.  However, then I discovered it is all available digitally - so have got myself some sets of cards to print off and make up layouts when I eventually have some spare crafty time.  If you don't know what Project Life is - take a look at Becky Higgin's website (she was the clever one who invented it!).  This is the digital site.

For those who do not know what the strange letters on my blog title are - WHAT IS ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY was invented by Julia and you can find more details over at her blog, Stamping Ground

I am getting so upset at the terrible scenes from the Phillipines.  It really puts life into perspective when you see so much destruction and suffering.  It also made me think about how technology has changed this world so much.  We can now all see these images from so far away.  It is not that long since there was no television, telephones or internet. 

I am sharing a few photos with you this week.  I have been busy crafting - still making up cards from, as well as some ATCs (some of which are being hand drawn/painted, wish me luck!) and charity cards.  I counted that I have 21 Xmas cards made now, and will be getting lots of digital designs printed up to complete the number I need to send out.  I have also been attempting to keep my craft room tidy, but one area is still woefully in need of attention.  My paper and card storage, as you can see on the photo below.  The chest of drawers is full, but organised, and I have started sorting scraps into the plastic boxes.  However, the pile on top is threatening to take over, and I will get that sorted next week.

A longer view of one end of my craft room.  The tables are reasonably tidy
and there is room to craft.  BTW - my bin is not so full this week!

Milky the Cat - who has decided that a bed next to the
radiator (just behind my chair) is a good place to snooze in the winter.
She loves to have some company.


  1. Mikey looks like he bagged the best spot!

    The bears #74

  2. Your craftroom looks so cosy.. is it the way the light comes on? Or maybe that photo of Milky, snoozing on her/his blanket? Or maybe the way you describe coming out of the store and find it dark outside.. .yes, it is almost December. Weird, how time seems to fly even harder when one gets older.... wishing you a nice day. Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland. Marit #84 (Oh, PS, your requested 'golden oldie' is on my blog today)

  3. I Use the same tables in my craft room...They are pretty handy. I have pulled them out when we had lots of company over the holidays and needed more table space....not going to do that this year! Would take me to long to clear the tables! I just don't like the arms under the tables, because I can't put shelves or drawers next to me.

    Hugs, Robin #80

  4. I'm off the Lidl tomorrow - can't remember what for (bound to be something crafty) but I will have to try those gingerbreads!!!
    have a good week
    Bishopsmate #99

  5. Very jealous of your craft room - it is an amazing space! Milky makes me want to stay at home in the warm and not walk 40 blocks to work in the freezing cold! Cx #29

  6. Will b e checking out the digital project life didn't realise you could get those and its something on my to do list ( ever growing !) . your craft room is looking ace ..its also so very bright and sunny too ..glad to hear the bin not overflowing this week and that cat looks so cute and toasty by the radiator made me smile have good week Andrea#35

  7. Have to say I have been tempted by "Project Life" too. Might just get an album to pop my photos in pending proper scrapping. Must pop along to Hobbycraft as they stock them methinks - need a treat for enduring the tooth extraction as I am mildly dental phobic too but worse with a general as I had of those in September and it took me a week to get over that! - thanks for visiting me BJ#64

  8. Lovely craft room you have there - full of light and space. Just right for the lovely Welsh sunshine we have enjoyed the last few days albeit cold!
    Hettie 53

  9. Milky obviously knows the purr-fect place to snooze in the winter! Daisy, my cat loves to be near me when I craft too. She is always just near enough to remind me when it's time for her meal! I loved the description of you coming out of Lidl into the darkness with all your festive goodies! ! Thank you for your visit to my blog earlier. Julie Ann xx #33

  10. Hi Thanks for the visit. I am running waaay behind this week. You are so right about how small the world is and how we can see disaster first hand, I feel a bit helpless in these events. All I can send is money and prayer. I am so glad we have people there to help with the relief. Your room looks bright and cheery and put a smile on my face. Milky looks very happy to supervise. Peg #102 XXX

  11. Cats always tend to find the best spot in the house in the colder months and its fabulous that she hangs out with you too! Your space is looking fabulous and I hope you have a wonderful week! Danie #31

  12. happy woyww, thanks for visiting. love your space. i always thought it would be so neat to a studio tucked up upstairs with the slanted ceilings and open beams.


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