Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Another Wednesday dawns - and I am in more pain than usual this morning, so sitting at the pc to get this typed and catch up on Facebook was my only option (good excuse!).

I missed WOYWW  (go to Stamping Ground for more details) last week, as my new craft room was just so messy that I couldn't share a photo of it - and I would not have had time to go and visit any other workspaces.

However, this week I am feeling braver.  The room is slowly getting organised.  I cleaned out the 2 old wardrobes yesterday (the dust was very thick!) and now these are being filled with boxes full of stash.  This will mean the rest of the room will be emptier and then I can do the final organising.

I may be mainly digital crafting now, but I still have lots of stash!!

The messy end of the room -  lots of boxes and piles

One of the old wardrobes - the boxes on the left
contain the CD-Roms that are in use (I have lots more that
are uploaded onto the PC so I don't need to access them now), plus ribbons/embellies.  On the right -
binding machine and accessories at the top, foiling stuff in the middle
and Silhouette Cameo/stamp making at the bottom.
..........  And, I made a card yesterday!!!
Used some designs from the Making Cards magazine
(special Mens edition) and stuff from my scraps folder.
Nice to see some crafting happen.
Hope that everyone is well.  Happy WOYWW.
Ali x


  1. Ah Ali, there's never too messy for us to see...but I get it. I fear you've been over doing it since you moved..are you settled and enjoying the parts that are done? How's the hot tub.. I wouldn't have got out of there yet! Your room is going to be wonderful. Pace yourself and e patient, it takes ages to get things in an order that makes a working pattern. (Well, it does me)!

  2. It looks like it's all coming together nicely now. You'll soon be organised again.

    Hugs from the bears @#84

  3. Good luck with your new craft room. I'm sure everything will turn out beautiful! Your card looks great. Looking forward to seeing what you creat in your new space!

    Happy WOYWW. xx
    Roudi #91

  4. Looking good in that room, and what a great idea - must go chuck out the clothes from the wardrobes and fill them with crafty stuff, yey!!!! most of them are full of paint anyway.

    Hope you are feeling better soon x

    Lynda #82

  5. Your craft room is really coming along. Love the card. happy crafting #1

  6. What a wonderful card! I'm sure you'll get your stuff organized well and soon. Happy WOYWW, Suzanne

  7. Happy WOYWW Alison.

    Sorry you are in so much pain, and you do have a lot of stash still, love the cd boxes. That card looks gorgeous too.

    Cazzy x #100

  8. Glad you are settling in nicely now ! hope it all gets a place to live soon & you are feeling better soon too Ali #34

  9. First card in your new space? Well done. It's all looking good.
    Have a lovely week.
    Margaret #68

  10. Great to see you got a little creative time in between your rearranging/moving. Hope you have a great week! Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  11. Hope you settle into your new space well - it looks fab, already! Helen 6

  12. Is that a hammock on your card. It is lovely. You will have to share how you organize all your stash. April #122

  13. Awesome start to getting the room organized Ali. Can't wait to see the finished pics. Thanks for sharing. I have been having a lot more pain recently and I am blaming it on the weather...never two days the same. Sorry I am so late getting around this week but I am making it around finally! Hope you had a great weekend! Vickie #36


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x