Wednesday, 24 July 2013


What with moving house and my health being 'troublesome' it seems like ages since I last did my regular weekly post showing my workspace for Julia's WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) at her fab blog, Stamping Ground.

We moved into the farmhouse (see the blog showing the renovation, which started in January - on Thursday and my craft room is very slowly taking shape.  At least I can now sit down at a desk and use the computer, and there is a printer set up.  I managed to design/print a card yesterday - and even found an envelope in one of the many boxes!

I need to get bookshelves outside the room on the landing, so then the many boxes of books (which have been in boxes for over 3 years at the other house, as I never had any shelves) can leave the room, which will make it a lot clearer as to what else I need to sort/store. 

Hopefully by next week I will have the room finished and the photo will be more interesting.

(We decided to put the 2 tables in an L-shape again, as that made better use of the long, narrow room.  I have 3 low windows in the room, so one is partially obscured, but there is still plenty of light.  Yes, that is baler twine tying the old wardrobe doors together for whilst we moved it back into the house from a shed on the yard - us farmers use baler twine for everything!)

Happy WOYWW to everyone.  Hope to visit as many workspaces as possible this week.

Ali x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

WOYWW 214 - A New Date in History

Today will be the last time I type up my WOYWW post from this craft room.  We are moving into the farmhouse this weekend - and I am surrounded by boxes/bags/piles of 'stuff/stash'.  The car is parked by the front door ready for me to load up later - and when the builders have finished their day's work (especially as the painter is busy doing the stairs at the moment), I will drive the long distance (a few yards!!) over there and carry it all up to the new craft room (I may well regret having a craft room upstairs - it has been lovely being downstairs, close to the kitchen/dogs).  At least I have the guest shower room close by, so no stairs involved to get to the toilet!  (Go to the blog - - for more details on the farmhouse - from January when we started.)

WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and you can join in/snoop around the world at lots of other workspaces at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Obviously there is no crafting going on anywhere near my desks today - it was quite sad packing up my Silhouette Cameo.  I had to be organised and get cards ready for the post for the next 2 weeks.  Perhaps I can keep this new routine up??

I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying this wonderful weather.  I splashed out and bought a large fan from the Catalogue Shop - reduced to £10.  This is now standing in our bedroom and is very welcome when the room is getting too stuffy.  We had our usual nightly trip over to use the hot tub at the farmhouse, and shower after last night (it is like walking over to our own special spa!), and it was actually too warm with the usual temperature of 39 degrees. 

Well, I had better get on - Rich is out at a meeting today, so I am taking advantage of the house to myself.  Big pile of ironing to do, drinks fridge to empty and clean out (it is an integrated one in the kitchen here), car to pack up and then I will be cleaning my craft room (need to get the Bissell out to wash the carpet).  Don't think I will get much chance to sunbathe!

Happy WOYWW to everyone.

Ali x

Of course my computer and printer will be the last 2 things to be packed up!

Paddington (given to me when I was 5, so he is 37 years old!) rests on top of a pile of stuff.

My crafty tech safely packed up.

Most of these boxes have been in that corner since we moved here
in October 2009!  Mainly books, which I have not had shelves for.
I will have bookshelves on the landing outside my new craft room.
My new craft room - carpet freshly laid.
(One of the old wardrobes which I will be using
for storage until we can afford the fancy 'special craft storage'
I have been wishing for!)

View the other way towards the door.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I am up early due to a flare up in my Fibromyalgia and Hip Bursitis.  On the positive side, at least it means I get my WOYWW post done nice and early!

WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and further details/linking list can be found at Julia's Stamping Ground.

My desks are quite tidy this morning and nothing new to see, so I am attaching pictures of the graduation card I made for my stepson, using Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional and my Silhouette Cameo (my first attempt to cut out vinyl - which was actually very simple).

We will be moving over to the farmhouse soon - carpets are going down on Tuesday, which includes my craft room, so I can then start moving boxes over.  See the blog,, for lots more details and photos.

I am a happy bunny at the moment, as the Tour de France has started and I get to sit and cross stitch whilst watching it (even if it is just the highlights in the evening).   Cycling is another activity which I used to enjoy - we hope to try out an electric bike for me one day, and perhaps that will be a way for me to get out on 2 wheels again?

Happy WOYWW to everyone.

Ali x

Monday, 1 July 2013

My favourite embellishment

I think I have the strength to retype this after our silly internet froze and I lost it the first time!

It is the start of another month and officially less than 6 months until Christmas (cue lots of crafters panicking all over the world as we realise that yet again our promise in January to keep making cards throughout the year has not been kept - I have the grand total of 4 cards in my Xmas Card Box!!).

This means that I get to share another DT card for Ladybug Crafts.  The theme for July is 'My Favourite Embellishment'.  A difficult one, but I chose buttons.  Unfortunately I have already packed my buttons jar (see for why I am packing up my craft room), so a digital design saved the day. 

I used Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional and several digikits to make this lovely simple card.

I also enter this into -

Sentimental Sundays - #161, Anything Digital

That Craft Place - Flowers

Crafty Catz Weekly Challenge - #189, Say It With Flowers