Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A big beary welcome to little Hamish

I used to collect bears in a former life - and after finding myself exploring some beary blogs/websites last week, I suddenly found myself adopting a little bear called Hamish!!

He was created by Amanda Ferguson @ Honey Pot Bears.  Go and take a look, she is incredibly talented and really brings out their individual characters.  Not just bears - I love the elephants and dogs.

After the postman brought him and his little travelling box to the door, I took a series of photos to show him emerging into his new home.

Isn't he cute??!!

Only about 5" when seated.

I am sure that other beary friends will be joining him soon.

Ali x


  1. So cute. I have a couple of little bears. One is a dark lilac and the other a normal little bear similar to your one.


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