Saturday, 2 March 2013

Proof that it was working ....

Food Combining - the diet that really helps with my IBS.

For those who did not know - I have Fibromyalgia, Hyper-Mobility Syndrome and Psoriasis.  IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) was a horrible part of my Fibro.  Often giving me a lot of pain and sickness; making travelling very difficult, and getting increasingly worse over the past few months (I was having to take my tablets for it most days, and suffering most mornings with terrible stomach cramps and nausea).

My doctor recommended a diet - but it was gluten-free (something I had tried in the past and not enjoyed) and generally very restrictive on what I could eat.  I was going to try it, as I had to do something, but then read about Food Combining.  This sounded so much more 'doable', so I ordered the books (which arrived within 3 days from the US!) and started on Thursday 14th February.  Well, immediately I felt better.  No cramps, no nausea, bloating improved.  Even lost 4lbs in weight.  Didn't have to take a single tablet until this morning.  What happened to make me have cramps this morning?  Well, Rich had a meat pie with vegetables and chips for tea last night.  I stupidly thought that I would give this a go as well - but couldn't finish the meal (obviously my body was telling me it wasn't right).  I shouldn't combine meat with wheat, and also shouldn't have potatoes with meat - so this meal was wrong on 2 counts.

Oh well, at least it was proof that the Food Combining was working.

Back to enjoying fresh food and never feeling hungry.  Nothing is totally out of bounds on this diet (although we are recommended to keep dairy to a minimum, and obviously processed foods/high sugar/high salt etc are to be avoided); you just need to think about how you combine foods on your plate.  For instance, I am making beef stew for tea.  I will just have some of the stew, with extra vegetables.  Hubby and my mum will have potatoes with their's.  It will be interesting to see if the beef causes me to have issues tomorrow.  If so, then I know that going vegetarian again is the best option (I have been mainly veggie for the past 2 weeks, as it means that I can enjoy my favourite pasta and potatoes).

Even if you feel that you don't have problems with your food, this diet is so much healthier anyway ( your energy levels will improve, prevent illness and heal faster, lose weight ...).

Would love to hear from anyone who is on this diet, or has tried it.

Ali x


  1. So glad you haver found an eating plan that works for you.

    I have suspected Fibro (hospital couldn't say definitely, but was sure it was).

  2. The food plan sounds good and it's great if it works for you. Off to take a look at the progress of the farmhouse now... mad busy so playing a quick game of catch up.
    Jo x


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