Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW 193 (with candy)


Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me ...........

Yes, I am 42 today.  Now that does sound grown up, but of course I am not!!

I will now explain the title of this post to those who are as confused as I am.

WOYWW (click on this for access to a list of crafters' workspaces and a lot of new friends)

Candy (I am giving away a nice parcel of goodies to a random commenter on the post in the link)

AND - I also have some Candy for a random commenter on THIS post !!!!  This is what you could win.  A fab book - loads of inspiration.

This is all to celebrate my First Bloggeversary (spelt differently every time), which is on Saturday the 16th, as well as my Birthday today.

Back to WOYWW, my desks are looking a tad boring this rainy/cold morning (I dream of typing about sunshine and blue skies), so I took a photo on my trusty mobile phone (note to self - must start using the very good camera that sits in the house unused) of the fantastic cross stitched cushions that I have received over the years as part of Forum Swaps.  Sorry, I cannot remember who sent them to me - it has been years since I have participated in a cross stitching forum.  Perhaps I will find a few spare seconds to start again, as they were always so friendly and fun.  I am stitching again - even bought 2 mini kits from a wonderful store on Ebay this week (one to stitch for hubby's birthday, and another of a Golden Retriever to stitch for my relatives in America, who adore their dog - he is their 3rd child !!).
(The cuddly cow peeking out is Moo - a much loved member of our family, who used to live on our bed until I started talking to him all the time.  He is now living in the basket with lots of friends!)

I must also apologise to all those who commented on my WOYWW post last week and did not receive a comment from me in return.  My health took a turn for the worse (blasted IBS this time - I now have a new diet to try out) and I took to the sofa whenever I could, and I cannot reach my pc from there!  I did visit lots of your blogs when I could - and you are all wonderful.  There - I hope you feel loved now.
Happy WOYWW to everyone.
Ali x
ps  Come back next week for more Blog Candy - this time, it will be pairs of tickets to the Hobbycraft Show at the NEC in March.


  1. Congratulations on your blog adversary Ali. Will pop over to your farmhouse blog later to have a noses around.
    You can leave me out of the blog candy as I have that book and it is a good one for inspiration.
    Ann B

  2. That book does look fab. Hope you are better this week on the new diet.

  3. Oh Ali,

    That is one awesome book, I have actually met Bernie Berlin she is one crafty lady full of ideas and inspiration. She so loves animals too.

    Happy Birthday wishes to you hope your day is filled with all you wish for and more.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 13

  4. Happy birthday!! I have that book so please discount me in your happy giveaway. Hope your diet helps.
    Have a great day - I am sure you will! Helen, 2

  5. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear ALI, well you know the rest. Love the blogaverisary....congrats on that too. Hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead.

    sara j #52

  6. Oh me! Birthday and Blogiversary? Double the fun!
    Thank you for the awesome candy. I'd love to win that book!

    Happy WOYWW and Valentine's. xx
    Roudi #61

  7. Happy Birthday to you I hope you have a really special day and happy anniversary for your blog, wow what a busy time for you. What lovely cushions and how wonderful to do swaps with people in the club
    Hoping you are feeling better
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #46

  8. a big happy birthday, ali!! i'm hoping your card arrives today, but the mail collection is a bit patchy in the village... anyway, you know it's in the post and sent with best birthday wishes and hugs :)
    and thanks for dropping by already! i'm commented for the blog candy, but don't worry about entering me for the book, as i have it already :)

  9. " Happy Birthday" for today and Blog Anniversary
    Hope you have a Wonderful day :0)
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  10. Happy Birthday Ali, have a great day and congrats on your bloggaversary too! I really hope you feel better this week in time for your special day.
    Super gift for your candy so thanks for the chance to win it!
    I'm enjoying keeping an eye on the progress of your farmhouse.
    love Jo x

  11. Happy Birthday Ali and I hope you are feeling a lot better today! I have IBS in addition to all the other stuff and I have found my gluten free diet is helping that too! Have a great day. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

  12. Happy Birthday to you.hope you have a great day.
    Kaz. xx

  13. Goodness, all that candy before lunch, luckily it won't spoil our appetite. Hope you're feeling better today. Love from the bears @#76 this week.

  14. Happy Birthday and Blogaversary to you Ali! Hope you are having a fun day and are feeling better. I have lots of goodies from swaps I have taken part in. I hope someone sees there cushion and gets in touch! WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 56

  15. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Ali
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Can't help singing the words can you?
    Have a great day and believe me 40 is no age, just the start of even more exciting things to do.
    Bishopsmate #85

  16. Happy Birthday!!!! I'm new here - came over from woyww where I joined for the first time - and I'm surprised to see cross-stitches. Haven't done that in ages but I found embroidery very comforting - a bit 'Zen' if you know what I mean. Hope you have a lovely day! Love from Holland, Marit #89

  17. Happy birthday - enjoy your special day! Thanks for the chance of winning a great book.
    Kath x

  18. Happy happy birthday!!! Hope you have a super day. Enjoy your week, take care Zo xx 93

  19. Had to come back as we realised we hadn't wished you a beary happy bearthday.

  20. Happy B-day!!Have a great day ;)
    Have a creative week!

    Hugs Marleen #11

  21. Hi Ali,

    Congrats on your upcoming blogaversary and many happy returns for today. I see we have a lot in common with cats, guinea pigs and Formula One.
    I hope you are feeling much better now.

    Gill x

  22. Happy Birthday to you, have a fab day. Francesca #71

  23. Happy birthday and blogaversary!! I'm glad that you are stitching again too. It is something for you to do while you get well!! Moo is pretty awesome too!

  24. Sorry to hear that you had some health problems last week, that's no good! We are both February babies I see, so Happy Birthday to you!! That book will make an awesome gift for someone! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hi, it's always appreciated! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  25. Hope you are having a fab Birthday, being spoilt rotten.

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALI!! Still such a young and tender age. Hope your changed siet works, IBS can be such a tormenting thing. Have a GREAT Birthday and rest of the week.
    Krisha #133

  27. Happy Birthday Ali. I hope you are feeling much better now.
    I am not familiar with the book but I love making ATCs.
    Kate x

  28. Many happy returns of the day!

    Looks like Moo is very comfy in the basket. :)

    Happy Wednesday! -Zildara #92

  29. Happy birthday, hope you're having a really good day and are not resting on the sofa. Those are really pretty cushions on your desk.

    Brenda 100

  30. Happy bloggeversary AND a very Happy Birthday to you, Ali!!!

    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Workdesk Wednesday!

    die amelie x

  31. Happy Birthday! I popped over from The Outlawz to check on you since it's your bday and you hadn't been over in a while. Very glad to see you're doing a-okay!! :D

  32. Hi Ali,

    Happy Birthday! I hope your IBS settles down so you can celebrate!!! The ATC book looks interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #125

  33. Glad you are feeling better this week. The book looks really interesting, like its full of all kinds of inspiration. :)
    I bet Moo misses your conversations. ;)
    Thanks for sharing with us! Deeyll #142

  34. Happy birthday the book looks great

  35. Happy Birthday to you :)
    Happy Valentines and a Happy belated WOYWW tfs Mrs.C #54

  36. Many happy returns ALi, I hope your new regime didn't exclude at least a treat of cake or something birthday-ish!

  37. Congrats on your birthday and your blogaversary! Hope youare feeling a lot better already.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #20

  38. Happy Blogaversary! I am not sure how you find the time to craft and blog with all the work still going on in that wonderful old farmhouse. Hope things continue to go well. Have a good week. xx Maggie #8

  39. Congratulations to you you, happy birthday to you, congratulations and happy birthday....hoping you know the tune ;). I have been snooping around your various blogs and it seems you are a very busy woman....the farm house project must be very exciting! We built a new house last summer and that was tons of fun (and way more stressful than I would have thought) so to discover things about my upcoming new abode would just add to the fun. Glad you are feeling better this week, and hope the sun will shine soon.
    saraj #52

  40. Happy Birthday and Blogiversary!!! Hope you got to feeling better, too! Not fun to be sick on such a fun celebratory event!! Thanks for visiting me!
    Carol N #??? (I forgot)

  41. I'm late, as usual, picking up the rear of the WOYWW tour, Ali. I wish you a happy belated birthday and a happy bloggoversary (I spell it differently each time, too!) and many, many more!! Darnell #46

  42. Thank you for visiting my blog, and happy b-day and blogversary ;)

    I loved Moo, he´s so cute! - I used to have a stuffed cat on my bed - called Meow - for some years! So I know how you feel!

  43. Hope your diet is working. Now I have to go check out the renovations.
    April #119


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x