Wednesday, 9 January 2013


The 'techy' part of my craft room.
Silhouette Cameo (fab!) and graphics
tablet/pen (also fab).

For those who do not know what WOYWW is (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), it is the day when us crafters share piccies of our workspaces/latest projects/wise words through Julia's Stamping Ground.  Add your link to the list and enjoy the tour.

I thought I would start my post with a piccie of my newly organised desk area.  My new Windows 8 desktop pc is to the right of this area - and around to the left on the other big desk is my more traditional crafting area, ie can get messy with inks/glue/glitter etc.  Will show more piccies next week.

I have been busy this week with crafting - but not always the physically productive type.  I think that the internet community, magazines, tv etc are very important - and I really enjoy using my time to keep up to date with trends/techniques.  My certificate course includes a lot of this, so when I am watching tv, reading a magazine or visiting a craft shop, I AM DOING RESEARCH/STUDY!!!  I visited the 2 craft shops in our local town, Haverfordwest, this week and bought a few goodies.  I also went to Hobbycraft in Swansea yesterday (had to go to the dentist for a check up after my surgery) - and found myself purchasing a scrapbooking magazine, some of their wonderful £1 stamps (such a lovely selection of designs) and a big bottle of PVA glue.  Sadly, I witnessed a horrible car crash near to the store - 2 people died and 2 seriously injured.  My thoughts are with the families/friends of those involved - and also to the wonderful emergency services.  The professionalism and care demonstrated by the police/firemen/paramedics is truly amazing. 

All I can say is - SLOW DOWN AND PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON.  All 3 cars involved had no lights on in poor visibility - and the one that caused the accident was going too fast for the road conditions.  When I eventually got on my journey home, I was shocked to see how many cars had no lights on and could hardly be seen.

Rant over.  Hope that everyone is well and enjoying their crafting.  I look forward to touring round this week.  Happy WOYWW to everyone that I don't manage to visit.

ETA - The builder starts on the farmhouse today!!  Scaffolding is going up, and the old kitchen chimney is coming down (it is in a very poor state - and we realised that taking it out would make the kitchen and bedroom above much larger and easier to redesign).  It seemed for ages that this day would never come.  We are renting the house opposite, so easy to keep an eye on the progress and I will be taking lots of piccies.

Ali x

ps  This is proof that the sun does sometimes shine in Pembrokeshire.  We walked down to this beach last week - cold and windy, but at least the sky was blue.



  1. Have to admit I don't know what either of your techy items do:)

    Glad you got some craft goodies.

    Sadly most accidents could be avoided if people drove according to the conditions and especially kept their speed down.

    Hope you will be putting photos up of the renovations.

    Lovely beach photo.

  2. Awful experience all round ALi, it sure does alter your driving behaviour, huh. Am so impressed by the tech area of your craft looks like NASA! Funny how we give things different priorities..I just can't get interested in the tech stuff. I don't have to though..I know people.. like you!

  3. Good luck with all your work on the house it will be worth it. I'm very impressed with your workspace.

  4. Sun? What's that? We're more familiar with rain here in Suffolk! Our cub has a Silhouette and makes some fabulous creations with it.

    The bears @#83 this week

  5. Wow sounds exciting! Awful to read about the accident not nice for anyone to witness. The emergency services do an amazing job that's for sure! Techy things look good, I've not got the hand of my graphics tablet and still prefer pencil and ink but while I am really techy in some ways I am old fashioned in others! So I design, draw and scan! Take care Zo xx 43

  6. Your desk is so tidy, it is actually scaring me.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #17

  7. Hi Ali. I am glad you are getting to grips with your Silhouette. It is an amazing piece of kit.
    Sorry you had to witness such a dreadful accident. People are so foolish on the roads and they don't seem to realise that it isn't just themselves who will be hurt.
    It could be quite fun to watch the work progressing on your home - or quite frustrating. I hope its the former one for you. Kate x #57

  8. Wow! and Wow again to your super neat high tech desk. I'm well impressed!
    It must have been traumatic witnessing the accident but how much more dreadful for those poor victims of what was an avoidable incident.
    Good luck with your house. Lots of pics please to let us spy on how it's coming along. Hope you can still manage to craft.
    Love Jo x

  9. It is aweful to witness horrid accidents especially when people die, some people just never learn to slow down and yes lights do help. I hope you get over the trauma soon.

    Restoring an old farmhouse how wonderful and what exciting time ahead of you. I will stay tuned to see the photos of the progress.

    Happy Crafting and Happy WOYWW
    Eliza #8

  10. Love your techie craft items. I tend to be messy, so I have to keep my laptop away from the craft area. It has on occasion wandered onto the desk and ended up with paint dots on it. Oops!!

    I am new to WYOWW and a friend of Sandee. I hope you get a chance to check out my blog and desk.
    Lori #81

  11. Hi Ali i'm very impressed with your cutter and tablet. I have a Pazzles Inspiration and use it quite a lot. Although I've made some files I've not hooked a tablet up to it. What design programme do you use? I recently bought Make the Cut and am finding this very good. Awful to hear about that accident some people don't have a clue about altering their driving to suit poor conditions. I feel sad for the victims and their families x

  12. oh my! it's such a shock witnessing something like that... i hope you're ok...
    thank you for visiting, and sending your address :o)
    and i love it when ahopping can count as 'research' *grin*
    take care x

  13. Ah, a woman after my own heart - a Cameo and a graphics tablet! Wouldn't be without either. Haven't upgraded to Windows 8 yet, though...something to look forward to. Seeing the aftermath of an RTA is upsetting even if you aren't involved - hope you're OK! Hugs, Keren

  14. Hi Ali thanks for stopping by today - your craft desk looks very high tec !! What a dreadful accident to have seen - poor people !
    The blue skies in Pembrokeshire remind me why I like down your way so much !
    Hope the building work progresses well ! Ali x #4

  15. That must have been very hard to witness, it does leave a lasting and painful impression on you. Not sure but that CLEAN and ORGANIZED desk looked kinda scary too! You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful place so close to walk to, wow, very impressive view! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  16. Hi
    Your workspace is very impressive and I have enjoyed looking round your blog.

  17. Your desk looks so lovely...and clean. Mine looked that way too last week. I'm not clear what a Silhouette Cameo does...but it looks fun. Thanks for your king workd on my site. Have a great week.
    Sara #40

  18. That is one gorgeous pic of the beach...I really miss the sea sometimes, having been brought up on the Carmarthenshire coast! I saw a comment of yours on Julia's blog..if you do come up with caravan and husband, there is a very popular campsite at Postern Hill, Marlborough (I think it's Forestry Commission) which is only 4 miles away from Burbage, the venue for the crop and where I live. The campsite is very popular though, so you may have to book early..that's why I'm telling you this now!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xxx

  19. Your workspace is great and your techy items...have a few of those myself :) Sorry to hear you witnessed such tragedy, it probably spoiled that shopping high you got at the craft store prior to it. The only thing I can say is that when we see such things, we have to stop and remember that life can change in a quick second and we should cherish everyday that we are given.

    Apryl #9

  20. What a horrible accident you had to witness. So sorry for that.

    Sounds like you had a fun time at the craft stores up to that point. Love your nice clean desk. Aren't Silhouette's AWESOME?!?!?

    Thanks for visiting this week!

    Amy E. #20

  21. I'm so sorry about the accident, especially caused by stupidity. Before I forget, wow, how blessed are you that you can WALK to such a glorious place, even when it's cold!!

    Good luck with the build. I'm so excited for you. Don't just dream about the craft space, do it! My cupboards are just inexpensive premade ones from Home Depot, file cabinets are just cheap ones from an office supply store which has sales often. Then again, I'm not sure how remote you are and realize these things are not simply had by everyone.

    All the best with it!! Thanks for coming by the Playhouse. xo Darnell

  22. The whole no lights when it's dimpsy is a bugbear of mine too - I find myself shouting at the drivers when they go past, even though they can't hear me! And as for those when it's dimpsy AND drizzling..... idiots, all of them.

    Pembrokeshire - ahh, know it reasonably well! My re-enactment society has been to Carew Castle every year for many years and we've often gone into Tenby or Pembroke for food shopping and the like! Very pretty part of the world!

    Happy New Year - hope it's a good one for you. Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to check out this papercraft course you're doing....

  23. ah so agree with you and the lights on bit .. so true here too although few years ago most used to do it all the time on long distance trips.. i always put them on when light is dim... sad lives are lost in such a way.
    And did enjoy your sea shot too even int cold still amazingly beautiful isn't it.. we are blessed to be able to walk by the sea.
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #6

  24. We live on a twisty windy road with fields either side, no lights and it is a nightmare in fog. People also tend to drive in the middle of the road and the road has some wicked bends in it. We have had at least 4 accidents happen just at the base of our drive! It's a nightmare for sure and I am so with you on the stupidity of some drivers. When it's foggy there is NO visibility at all and so many people have no lights on. On a brighter note, I'll bet your new craft space will be fabulous :)

    Happy WOYWW (late)
    MA (4)

  25. Sounds like you've had a tough week! Hugs!!! Love the gorgeous area you live in.

    Jeannie #60

  26. happy belated WOYWW im not good at high tech I'M still mastering being able to post my blog posts !!..looks like you do though and enjoy it; which is the important thing.. Horrific re the crash I dont drive i have a licence but never have its scares me.It is so sad when you here of such tragedies especially if they may have been avoided .I hope you have wonderful week and get to enjoy your new purchases also. Andrea #67b

  27. I do like to dabble in the tec. stuff, and I do mean dabble. Like to try new things, but not always sure HOW to do them, so your work space is interesting. That accident must have been horrific to witness.
    Thanks for coming by my blogg
    Have a great week
    Krisha @110

  28. That's the great thing about crafting - you can go digital and old school. :-) It is the best of both worlds. Glad to hear your your renovation has begun.
    April #136

  29. love the techy stuff and the picture of the beach is awesome! Sorry I am so late getting around but life definitely reared its head and got in my way! Hope your week has gone well and you have been able to do some crafting. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Vickie #31

  30. Very sleek techy stuff - no real idea what it all does, but it looks very cool!! Lovely sunshiny snap, and wow, what a view! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  31. i have no idea what the techy stuff does my techy crafting only goes as far as laptop and pinterest!

    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

  32. Oh my...your Silhouette seems inviting. I have a Gazelle so not sure I need the S but if I keep seeing it, I may have to give in.

    Good luck on the renovation! Fun as long as you don't have to do the work!

  33. I do envy you living in such a beautiful area. We have spent several holidays over the last few years, scrabbling in a farmer's field at Marloes, looking out towards St Anne's. Breezy though at times, and interesting towing the caravan through those very narrow lanes, especially when we met three combines all together. They were brilliant and all reversed for us. Hope you have recovered from seeing this accident. People just seem to have lost all common sense on the roads lately. Have a good week. xx Maggie #37

  34. I am lucky in that i have some machines but have never tried this one.
    Your area looks so nice and tidy. Mine is always a mess.

    It is so right what people say about driving.
    You could be the best driver in the world, sadly it only takes one fool.
    How very very sad for the family that will have had to hear the bad news.
    Nelle xx #152

  35. Guess you were pretty shook up with witnessing an accident. Too horrid to think about even.
    Good luck with your renovations - will pop over to see what you are up to. Nice craft room though (I imagine, with all that spar for areas)
    Hugs, Neet 7 - thanks for visiting me

  36. Love the tech you have - I am quite a tech geek lol thanks for sharing - so sad about the accident your witness – I have not shared my desk this week as am busy looking after my friends cattery but am enjoying looking at everyone else craftiness – Have a great week

  37. Uh oh...techy stuff always intimidates me. A workings space that is that cleaned up does too...*lol

    Hugs from snowed up Vienna,

    die amelie x

  38. Wow you have the latest and the greatest to work with!


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x