Tuesday, 29 January 2013

House of Bears Literary Challenge

My favourite crafting bears host a 'Literary Challenge' each month House of Bears, and I am always hoping to join in, but this new year sees me finally creating a design that links in with their theme, which was The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. 

I had not read this book, so ordered a copy via Amazon and I am slowly making my way through its pages (not available on Kindle!).  It is truly wonderful and so different to anything else I have ever read.  I haven't finished it yet (I don't get much reading time each day), but felt that I could attempt to reproduce my thoughts on paper.

I am mainly doing my crafting digitally now, so opened up my Serif Craft Artist 2 software, added lots of lovely embellishments, backgrounds and text - and here you have it, my first page in a book that I will be producing as my collection grows.

It is double-sided and printed out onto super smooth card.


  1. We love the way you've not only illustrated parts of the book, but added your personal thoughts too, what a great idea, almost like having your own book journal. Digital crafting is a good idea too, no mucky paws that way.

    Thank you for taking time to join in with our challenge, crafting is so much more fun with friends.

  2. What a great idea. I love what you've done. I use Craft Artist too, it's fab. Thanks for popping by. In answer to your question, you have to complete a set test using Spectrum Noir pens (obvious I suppose!) here's the link - http://www.spectrumnoir.com/accreditations/
    Take care Zo xx

  3. I have seen the film and it was fab.

    Love your project.

  4. what a great idea :) I saw the film but not read the book yet so won't look too close :)

  5. This is such a fab idea, I absolutely love what you've done hun :)
    HUgz, Lorraine xx

  6. What a lovely entry and how clever that this page has all been done digitally! I have a last minute entry if you would like to take a look x

  7. I love teh idea of digital crafting. I have created digital prints that I then use for 3D projects - but I've never thought of doinf the whole thing 'virtually'. Excellent!

  8. Love the digital collage you've created - perfect to have all that book text!
    Alison x


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