Sunday, 13 January 2013

A little update thingy - and prior warning of Stash Sale!

I was sitting here in front of the pc catching up on other people's blogs, whilst chatting to my mum - and suddenly thought that I haven't done anything with my old trusty favourite blog, ie this one, for ages!  I didn't want it to think that it was being neglected now I have the new shiny blog, Farmhouse Renovation, on the go.

I now do a weekly post on Feline Playful, Friday Winners, and one side-effect of that is that I see loads of amazing crafty creations each week.  I get sidetracked visiting blogs and admiring all the talent that is out there in our crafty world.  I also get a bit disillusioned about my talent (or lack of) and also the very low productivity rate I have currently.  I have so many plans of what I want to do with my time, but the days literally disappear once I have finished sorting out meals, laundry, housework, dogs, cats, guinea pig, ponies, shopping, compulsory resting in front of the tv (which for me, with my health, really is compulsory!) ........  I know I spend too long doing the internet side of crafting, but I really enjoy blogs/websites/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest etc, etc.  I also have my study to do, and try to do a bit most days. 

Looking at this, I see that I do achieve a lot each day - but so much of my time is spent looking after animals.  This is very worthwhile most of the time - tell me this when it is raining/blowing a gale and the ponies are messing me about!  However, very often I would rather stay in my craft room and mess about with designs.  On this front, I have decided to concentrate more on digital crafting.  I am finding it really difficult to avoid spending money I don't have (or should be spending on other things) on the amazing variety of crafty stash that is out there in shops/websites/C&C/QVC (did you all hear about Stephanie leaving QVC and possibly coming back to C&C??).  My craft room is literally full of products that I don't use, but still I keep shopping.  So, I am making a determined effort to have a big clear out and sell lots.  I will list items on here, so get in touch if you want a bargain, and then list on Ebay if anything is left.  Lots of fab stamps, inkpads, papers, embellies ....  I am keeping the pens, ribbon and buttons though!!  The money raised will go towards getting my new saddle, laser printer (so I can use the foiling machine I bought before Xmas), A3 guillotine and possibly an A3 printer.  I am also going to go through my large box of crafting magazines, and there may well be some available to good new homes.

There, I have said it now - so it will happen.  We are off to Manchester for 2 nights on Wednesday (Caravan Show on the Thursday, plus a trip to the Trafford Centre and a break for me from housework/cooking/animal care), so it may not be until the following week before I get items priced up and photographed.

Hi to my new followers.  It will be my first Blogversary next month, and I will put together a celebratory Candy offering for my followers.  Cannot believe that I used to have a life before blogging.

Ali x

Random photo of Frayne (with one of
her cow friends) for her fans!


  1. I know how hard it is to go through the stash and get rid of things you no longer use, so I'm sending best wishes that you do well with that. I do it as I shift focus from time to time and it always feels good when I'm done, but horrible while I'm sorting. I'll enjoy following along with your new blog.

  2. Hi Ali. There really aren't enough hours in a day are there! I am amazed at how fast time passes when I am on the internet, and I agree with you that all the lovely creations do introduce you to more stash items that you think you need.
    I am dabbling in digi crafting in a small way. I am lucky enough to have a fairly old version of Adobe photoshop on my computer, and I needed to learn how to use it. So I am following several online courses for digital scrapbooks. I am loving what I am learning to do, but I am not as satisfied with the finished project as I was with my proper crafted pages. So I am going to try the hybrid page - designed and printed on the computer, with 'real' embellishments added later. I think my A3 printer was a good buy. I like to work on a 12" x 12" page as I cram a lot on to it, and I couldn't afford to have everything printed commercially, though I know a lot of folk do. Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do.
    Kate x

  3. Now you know we are suckers for craft stash:)

    I know how hard it can be to do everything that should be done I a day, especially when your health isn't good.

    Hope you have a fab weekend away.

  4. Good luck with your craft clear out - I'll keep a look out for a few bargains!
    Kath x


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x