Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Stamping Ground - the one blog we all go to on a Wednesday.  Will give you more details about 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and a Mister Linky.

Today I have the news that I may have had the shortest running business ever!  I am no longer selling greeting cards etc.  I came to my senses and realised that I struggle to cope day-to-day anyway (as I struggle to get my fingers and brain to connect in order to type this post!), both physically and also time-wise.  I have so much in my little head that I want to do, and as I am lucky and do not NEED to earn money outside the home then I should take the opportunity to look after myself properly, and give myself time to pursue my interests.

I had already bought in craft stash stock (as I was also going to be selling that at the fairs/markets too), but that has given me the push to start selling on the internet again.  I will eventually get round to listing everything and pricing it up, and then I will let you know when you can start buying!  I have fab scrapbook papers, stamps, ribbon, topper sheets, card blanks, cardstock etc, etc. 

Therefore, I have managed to get some crafting done in the past 24 hours.  Well, one Xmas card and I also designed a label for an envelope.  Not a huge level of productivity, but it is a start.

My picture this weeks shows that card (made with my Silhouette Cameo), plus the designs that I have printed off on my laser printer ready to go through the trusty foiling machine.  A few people asked about that when I mentioned it recently.  It is a Letraset Hot-Foil Impressions.  You need to use either photocopied or laser printed images (which for me meant buying a cheap laser printer, but it is also brilliant for printing labels and other high quality mono prints, so my other printer can be saved for the colour printing).  It is very easy to use and the results are fantastic.

The rest of the mess is my Xyron Designrunner - proving very useful for
decorating envelopes.  Some spare designs off the Cameo.  Pink stapler.
Pile of notebooks/paper.  My new 'day' perfume (the bottle is pretty enough to sit in front of me!).
Basket of tape/glue/baby wipes etc.  Pots with scissors/pens etc.  Pink calculator.
Ribbon cut off a new item of clothing...................
Hope that everyone is ok as we get ever closer to Xmas.  I started to put the decorations up, but needed help with our new bigger tree, so only a few window stickers in the porch and the advent calendar are downstairs so far.  I wrote most of my cards out yesterday (stock left over from my business, so for the first time in years I used non-handmade!) and just have a few more pressies to purchase (going out shopping today or will be on the internet later).  Food is ordered for collection/delivery closer to the day, so perhaps I may actually get to relax a bit??
Happy WOYWW to everyone I do not manage to visit.
Ali x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Lets get the important bit over first - linking to Julia's blog (she invented this weekly addiction), Stamping Ground.  If you click on the link you can see more details and join in.

I am only showing a small part of my desk today, as I have actually not done any crafting - except for finishing off a birthday card for my niece.  I have started a new business, selling greeting cards/gift wrap/stationery gifts etc, and they are NOT handmade.  Sorry, I almost feel like I have betrayed my crafty friends - but I really needed to make some money and get out of the house, and this opportunity just seemed to leap out in front of me.  Already making new friends just from the other ladies doing the same thing in this area - and enjoying the challenge - but it is taking over my time whilst I get the paperwork/website/stock sorted - and most of my desks are covered in stuff I will not be showing you.  There will be a link to my website on my blog for those who are curious!

On my main 'deckchair' you can see my trusty notebook, which I write lots of lists in and projects to finish/birthdays etc.  In front of it are a fab ATC I received as a private trade through (his name is Irving), a cute fox badge I bought at a Xmas Market on Saturday.  Not sure what I will do with the badge, but it was too wonderful not to buy!  On the little easel to the left is a glass owl tile, which I bought at another craft market in the summer.  To the right is Enid the momjii.  The funny ball-thingie is my fab computer mouse/tracker ball.  So much easier to use than a normal mouse.

I am thinking that now I will not be making cards, as it takes me so long to make just one, and also I have the choice of hundreds of designs in my brochures.  Any crafting time will be for scrapbooking and using my sewing machine - 2 activities I have been wanting to get on with for ages.

I promise to show you a more interesting deskshot next week!

Hope everyone is well and not panicking about less than a month to Xmas.  We know that it is on the 25th December, but each year we still are surprised!

Ali x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WOYWW 233 - The Morning after the Morning Before

Hello to everyone around the world.  For those who are new to the wonderful world of Wednesday blog posts, go and check out Julia's fresh and newly designed blog, Stamping Ground (she has big yellow polka dots and everything!).

Why "The Morning after the Morning Before"?  Well, I went out and rode a pony yesterday.  For those who do not know me, you will be wondering what on earth is the problem with that.  Well, I have Fibromyalgia and Hyper-Mobility Syndrome, and in 2010 I suddenly developed Hip Bursitis in my right hip.  It was such a severe case that an ambulance had to be called at 5 am on a Sunday morning, so I could go to hospital and get the morphine I needed.  My 2 ponies had to go to temporary homes for 3 months. as I could not cope with the physical work needed to care for them over the winter.  I have been advised for years not to ride, but had continued, getting less frequent and for shorter distances, until this June when I could not even cope with 10 minutes of slow walking.  My mare is very very wide, so we all wondered whether that was causing the issue.  I have started to train my mare to drive now and have a cute little 2-wheeler Chariot - but I kept being tempted to get my saddle on her on sunny days and try 'just once more'.  Then, yesterday I had the chance to go and try a narrower pony.  I had been having a few reasonable days for me and it was only a short drive away, so I got my riding hat out, literally dusted the cobwebs off my boots and headed off.  Well, I got on this sweet elderly pony and for a while it felt comfy.  He was definitely stretching my hips a lot less - but as we headed down a steep hill in a gale and threatening black cloud, I could feel my hips starting to complain after only a few minutes.  So, I turned back to the yard and tried a little trot, but he was stiff with age as well and not particularly keen to go that fast.  I dismounted, had a little chat with the owner and drove home.  I rested on the sofa for a while after preparing lunch, and when I went to get up I was in agony.  I had to spend the rest of the day on extra painkillers, using 2 sticks to get around (thankfully my 2 wonderful ponies came up from their grazing as soon as they saw me, and I had prepared their shed for the night in advance, so I could just put their feed buckets on the floor and shut them in) and perched on one of our bar stools in the kitchen.  By the time I went to bed the pain had eased slightly, but now my lower back feels like it has been compressed.  This morning, I feel like I have done a 3 hour ride, not a few minutes!  Lesson learnt - I CANNOT HORSE RIDE ANYMORE.  After 35 years of riding, it feels like a huge part of me has died.  My riding hat and boots are still by the back door where I left them yesterday, and I will need to carry them back to my tack shed when I am able.  I know that I am lucky and still have my ponies (and if I am sensible can cope with their care most days), and hopefully I will be driving my mare soon (she is recovering from a hoof abscess), BUT I loved to ride and still had ambitions (to ride across Wales for one).

Enough rambling about me - what you have come on here to see is my workspace.


My desk surfaces are not particularly interesting this morning.  I have done a lot of crafting this week (lots of ATCs for swaps with, but all tidied up and just the results of some birthday/Xmas shopping spread around now, plus a bulging 'Action Tray' to go through later.  Therefore, I am showing you the old bathroom trolley under my desk.  This holds my 2 identical paper trimmers (I had one and then won another in a draw at our local craft shop - seemed useful to keep both), cute wooden box with various spare glues/tapes etc, little Sizzix embossing machine, foiling machine, laser printer for said foiling and my graphics tablet on top of that.  Oh, and the plastic box of my embossing folders on the floor underneath. 
Hope that everyone is well on this dark and windy morning.  No snow here, but I know that many other areas of the UK are a lot colder/whiter. 
I was meant to be going out to a craft workshop this morning (shrink plastic), but unlikely that I will be able to drive the car, so I think that a day of sorting out paperwork and getting on with more Xmas cards will be a better option.
Ali x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Well, it is Wednesday again, the middle of another week - and getting ever close to Christmas.  I went into our local Lidl yesterday, and managed to do my usual, ie lots of Xmas goodies fell into my trolley (a stollen, some marzipan chocolate, ribbons, window cling decorations and those gorgeous chocolate-covered gingerbread).  It was dark when I came out and it definitely felt quite festive. 

I have been so jealous looking at the photos from the NEC and hearing all of your stories.  So wish I could have been there.  I treated myself to some new digital stash instead.  I watched some of the Project Life programmes on Create & Craft, and was tempted to buy one of the sets.  However, then I discovered it is all available digitally - so have got myself some sets of cards to print off and make up layouts when I eventually have some spare crafty time.  If you don't know what Project Life is - take a look at Becky Higgin's website (she was the clever one who invented it!).  This is the digital site.

For those who do not know what the strange letters on my blog title are - WHAT IS ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY was invented by Julia and you can find more details over at her blog, Stamping Ground

I am getting so upset at the terrible scenes from the Phillipines.  It really puts life into perspective when you see so much destruction and suffering.  It also made me think about how technology has changed this world so much.  We can now all see these images from so far away.  It is not that long since there was no television, telephones or internet. 

I am sharing a few photos with you this week.  I have been busy crafting - still making up cards from, as well as some ATCs (some of which are being hand drawn/painted, wish me luck!) and charity cards.  I counted that I have 21 Xmas cards made now, and will be getting lots of digital designs printed up to complete the number I need to send out.  I have also been attempting to keep my craft room tidy, but one area is still woefully in need of attention.  My paper and card storage, as you can see on the photo below.  The chest of drawers is full, but organised, and I have started sorting scraps into the plastic boxes.  However, the pile on top is threatening to take over, and I will get that sorted next week.

A longer view of one end of my craft room.  The tables are reasonably tidy
and there is room to craft.  BTW - my bin is not so full this week!

Milky the Cat - who has decided that a bed next to the
radiator (just behind my chair) is a good place to snooze in the winter.
She loves to have some company.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


A quick post from me on this slightly grey November morning (yes, it is November - getting ever closer to December and meaning that crafters all over the world are panicking as, yet again, they have not kept to their plan of having the Xmas cards and gifts made well in advance!).

I actually got up late for me (7 am - yes, gasp, 7 am!!), which means that I am now in a bit of a rush to get the usual morning chores done in time for builder and building inspector to arrive at 10.30 am to 'inspect' the farmhouse and sign it off.  I should not even be at my computer typing this blog post, but, oh well, I like to live dangerously sometimes.

For those who do not know what WOYWW stands for and would like to perhaps join in when they do find out what it means - go over to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, and click on the buttons at the top.

This week I am showing you 2 photos - one more general one of my main desk area, and another of my overflowing bin, which desperately needs emptying.  It isn't Rock & Roll, but it is my life, which is even more important.

Crafting this week has been particularly busy for me.  What with ATCs to make for swaps, starting to make cards for Craftsuprint again, birthday cards for family/friends (how rude of them to be born anywhere near Xmas!), digital scrapbooking challenges and occasionally managing to make an actual Xmas card, my little brain and hands are never sure of where to go next.  Oh well, it keeps me out of mischief and distracts me from my constant and ever-changing pain.

Happy WOYWW to everyone I do not manage to visit (which becomes less each week, as my snazzy new phone really helps me to keep up with blogging in the evening).

Ali x

My Silhouette Cameo has been busy again, and I have the usual
'extra' shapes cut out as I like to fill the whole sheet of card.
My ribbon box is out, as I needed some 'ribbon'.

Lovely purple bin - very full, but I do find that
I can just keep pushing more on top, which saves on
actually emptying it.


Wednesday, 30 October 2013


WOYWW or What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday is the day when us crafters share photos of our workspaces and details of our lives.  Come and join in.  We are friendly!  Julia @ Stamping Ground has all the necessary details and Mr Linky.

My photo this week shows me taking over the kitchen island with my little box of toppers to be cut out.  I am making hedgehog-themed cards/gifts for a local rescue service to sell, and in between making cards/ATCs for family/friends (there are a lot of birthdays at this time of year, and I signed up for several ATC swaps) I am hunting through my CD-Roms and digikits for any sign of the cute prickly animals.    My aim was to keep printing sheets out, and then cut them out whenever I had a spare minute in the kitchen or in front of the tv.  However, my new Samsung 'phablet' has been very useful for Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, and I end up on that for hours in the evening!

Happy WOYWW to everyone that I do not manage to visit.  I hope that everyone in the UK (or then Northern Europe afterwards) survived the storm on Monday.  It didn't come anywhere near us.

Ali x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Patchwork Owl

I love owls and was forced to buy the 5th Birthday Edition of the Hunkydory magazine just to get the free gift of gorgeous owl toppers and coordinating card (I am sure that I am not the only crafter who understands that need!).   It is a good magazine anyway, but not my normal sort of purchase.

I created this card for my sister-in-law's birthday.  I already had the base card in my basket of Silhouette Cameo designs (I regularly cut out more than I need, so I have some samples/spares).  This was cut out on Centura Pearl and is gorgeous (if you would like some of these, then get in touch).  I layered the owl topper onto some of the card that came with it, and then designed an insert with Serif Craft Artist 2 Professional.


I enter this into -

Created With Love Challenge - #64, Anything Goes

Fitztown Challenge Blog - #12, Things with Wings

Make It Monday - #164, Always Anything Goes

Ali x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I am typing this on my new 'Phablet' (cross between a phone and a tablet!), and also it is Tuesday evening.   I am in the kitchen watching the Great British Bake off final, so good use of multi - tasking and save some time for my usual early start in the morning.

My photos this week for the international phenomenon that is What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday show some actual 'proper' crafting!  I made a mini book for my younger sister's 40th birthday.  Digital crafting was used for a lot of it, but there is some stamping and use of embellishments.

Some of the stamped/embossed/inked card, plus
embellies cut out on my Silhouette Cameo waiting to
see if they are going to be used.

When I am planning a project I go through my Embellies and
Ribbon boxes and select everything in the right colour/style.

The finished mini book - my very first and very proud of it.

For those who have no idea what I am referring to - go to Julia's fabulous blog,  for more details and the Linky List.

Hope that everyone is well and enjoying their crafting.

Happy WOYWW to everyone that I do not manage to visit.

Ali x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I apologise for my lack of blogging over the past few months - it seems that I only manage to get something typed on a Wednesday, and that is because I am a WOYWW Addict!!  Go to Julia's Stamping Ground to get more details and join in (basically we share details of our lives and workspaces each Wednesday).

I am late again this morning - truly horrendous weather here this morning meant that I had to get all of my waterproof gear on (and the dogs had their coats on!) and battle outside to sort out the yard animals.  Ponies are safely in their stables, cats and guinea pig fed, and dogs persuaded to spend a penny in the garden.  Of course, now that I am back in my craft room, the sun has come out and gales calmed down!!  My Exmoor Pony, Frayne, has a nasty hole in one of her feet (which involved vet having to sedate and nerve block her in order to dig it out).  She is now on antibiotics/painkiller, plus with a big purple/silver dressing on her foot until Thursday.  This means that our planned trip to the NEC in Birmingham for the big Motorhome/Caravan Show had to be cancelled (we were meant to be staying in a hotel for the night and enjoying a 'proper' Balti in Birmingham - which I remember fondly after living for 13 years in the area, and Welsh hubby was going to experience for the first time).  We went out for the afternoon yesterday instead and spent some time visiting motorhome dealers - and climbing in and out of countless vans looking for the right one for us.  We have a caravan at the moment, but I am nervous of towing now after a bad experience on a very windy motorway trip and we are downsizing our car, so a motorhome would be a more flexible way of enjoying trips away with the dogs.

Being late means that I am taking the safe option and using my old mobile phone to take photos of my craft room.  I have a fancy new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is wonderful, but haven't managed to take many photos with it yet.  Next week I promise that it will be in full use.

I will eventually finish my Dad's birthday card after several days of work,
plus various magazines/CD, cards, etc, etc
Only someone with a Silhouette Cameo would understand
why I have cheap mugs and clear glass baubles on my desk!
Happy WOYWW to everyone.  Ali x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Whilst our host, Julia @ Stamping Ground is enjoying a sunshine holiday, we are still all busy sharing pictures of our workspaces and details about our lives.  Come and join in - we would love to meet you.

My photo today is of the first digital scrapbooking page I finished with Photoshop.  I will not stop using my first love, Serif Craft Artist 2 Professional MORE DETAILS, but I enjoy a new challenge and at the moment that challenge is Photoshop (and Lightroom, which works alongside it).  PS is certainly not as intuitive to use as Craft Artist, but it is getting easier as I progress through the various tutorials.

Other crafting - I have finally made a serious start on the Xmas cards - made 4 this weekend.  Got lots of birthday cards to do in the next 2 weeks as well.  My Silhouette Cameo has been busy, and now have some 'external vinyl' to have a go at customising mugs.  No chance of me getting bored!

In the rest of my life - my Jack Russell Terrier, Buzz, has had a nasty stomach problem (cue, me cleaning the kitchen constantly and washing many many loads of dog bedding!).  He seems to be recovering now - and being spoilt with boiled rice and chicken until his stomach has settled.  We have ordered our new car - more details will be revealed when we get it in December.  I will also be collecting my new phone - or 'phablet' - this week.  A big Samsung Note 3.  Perfect for blogging and designing on the move.

Hope that everyone is well and happy in their crafty worlds.


Ali x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


It is mid-week again and still dark outside, plus raining/strong winds.  I am cosy in my craft room with my heat pad on my lap, definitely worse places to be!  I will be sharing a couple of photos of my workspace today, as it is What is On Your Workspace Wednesday - a fantastic way of being nosy (I used to work in an estate agents, and love any of the property/real life tv programmes - always had a fascination for how other people live).  Julia at her blog, Stamping Ground, has more details about this addictive weekly event.

Both me and hubby have been ill in the past week.  I have started the process of realising one of my lifelong dreams - to have a donkey for driving - went to see some last Tuesday up on a Welsh mountain, and it wasn't fun having the start of a nasty 'bug' whilst having to drive 75 miles each way and then walk up steep slopes to view the 'herds'.  Those donkeys were too expensive for me, but got a lovely fully-trained one to see next week hopefully (if I am able to cope with the journey upto Cheshire). 

I have done a fair bit of crafting (there was only one day when I was too ill to even lift a piece of paper!) - I have lots of birthdays in the coming month, plus of course the threat of Xmas is very much upon us.  I was intending to start yesterday and make at least one card per day, but then I spent all morning making a box to put my stepdaughters New Home card in (it was a fancy step design and wouldn't fit in an envie) and we went out in the afternoon to 'nearly' finalise the purchase of our new car (a Mercedes Benz A Class).  Going back on Friday to make the final choices of colour/interior, and then it should be with us in early December.

Happy WOYWW to everyone I do not manage to visit.

Three very gorgeous fabrics.  I was meant to be going on a Beginner
Sewing Machine course last weekend, but my health got in
the way yet again.  I bought these fabrics to make a bag and apron with, but
now they sit next to my sewing machine waiting for me to play with them.

The selection of designs cut out on my Silhouette Cameo are
increasing by the day (I also have a folder with some in - they
are given away regularly to people who make cards for charity, if
I haven't used them first).  I tend to fill the sheet of card/paper,
rather than then have scraps left over.  I haven't used the print
function very often, but have 2 on the pile - including the cute
snowmen (will make a fab quick card).

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Stamping Ground is where Julia will provide further details about the weekly get-together where we share pictures of our workspaces and details about our lives - very addictive and very popular, so join in!

This week I am showing 2 photos -

My little display area next to my pc screen.
A very cute glass owl on an easel (,
my latest 'favourite' card (Sunset Fox -
on top of my trusty notebook on the deckchair,
and my one and only momjii, Enid.

I treated myself to 2 magazines (well, the Photoshop
one is more like a book!) yesterday.
The snowmen design was printed on my Silhouette Cameo,
the pink 3D flower was cut out on the Cameo (and mounted on
a spare piece of embossed card) and you can just see a grungy
Happy Birthday digital design underneath.
Last week I offered a pair of tickets to the NEC show to a lucky commenter - and the
winner is Jana TangledPen (I notice that she is in Sweden, so if she is not able to come over
to the NEC, then I will reselect).
I have had a busy week in my craft room - made a few cards, but not entered any challenges - completed some more of my Photoshop course.  I will be having another Craft Room Clear-Out soon (need some more funds in my Paypal account to buy a few CD-Roms on my wish list!), and will put a list up on here.
Happy WOYWW to everyone that I do not manage to visit.
Ali x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Firstly, my thoughts are with everyone affected by 9/11.  I so wish that this world could be a peaceful place for everyone.


Well, I missed last week (family staying and it would have been rude to have disappeared off to my craft room for several hours!) and today I am very late.  I hope that Julia @ Stamping Ground (home of What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday - and where you can find more details) will forgive me?!

I have been very busy in my craft room since Friday when we got the house back to ourselves, made 2 challenge cards and also started a fab online Photoshop course - Photoshop Artistry: Fine-Art Grunge Composition.  Go and have a look, as I am sure that many of you would enjoy this course.

My photo this week shows a lovely Polkadoodles digistamp freebie (received in order to enter their challenge), which I coloured with my Spectrum Noir pens and created this.

I know it is only September, but it really isn't long until the next NEC show - 7-10th November.
I will have pairs of tickets to give away again - and also hoping to attend myself (if I cannot cope with the 5 hour rail journey each way, with 3 changes!).  If you would like to go, then please leave a comment and I will select someone next week.  Further details of the show can be found HERE.

I will try and get around to leave comments for the next few days, but our internet is still fairly slow.  We are due to have a new community wireless system installed soon, and then the speed should be greater and we will have unlimited data.  The joys of living in such a remote area!

Happy WOYWW to everyone.

Ali x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Shop Til You Drop

After spending what seemed like hours on the last fussy/fancy card, it was a breath of fresh air to get a CD-Rom out and design this card on Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional.  Much quicker, no glue, less materials and I am not left feeling exhausted!

The latest challenge over at CD Sunday is Shop Til You Drop.  I had several CDs to choose from, but found lots of fab images when I was using the Craft Essentials Vol 1 Everyday Card Kits from My Craft Studio for another card.

The main topper and the spotty background came from that CD, with the other elements from the Daydream digikit (available at Daisy Trail).

In order to give myself more time for my new project, a Photoshop course, I am limiting my challenge entries, so will not be doing my usual search on Paper Playful to link upto other challenges.  This takes a while on our slow internet.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

News Alert - I used an inkpad!

Despite mainly concentrating on digital crafting now, every now and then I find myself making a hybrid card.  I treated myself to two of the Sherri Baldy 'Bestie' CD-Roms,, Buy Online, so thought it would be good to enter their latest challenge - 'Main Colour Pink'.  Besties Challenge blog

After choosing a digistamp and colouring it in with my Spectrum Noirs and glitter pens, I rummaged in my scrap folder and selected a few pink pieces.  These were layered up and a Lori Whitlock Spiral Flower was added (cut out on my Silhouette Cameo).  I then dusted down a Brilliance inkpad - Twilight - and inked the edges of a Fancy Ornate Frame (one of the Silhouette designs I have available for sale - TeddyBob Crafts - the blog   TeddyBob Crafts - Facebook).  I mounted all of this onto a lace edged card (also a Silhouette Cameo design).

I now need a lie down!

(No idea how other crafters have the patience and time to create detailed cards like this all the time - oh well, at least I had a go at a style that you probably won't see on my blog again!)

I also enter this into -

Digitally Sweet - #52, Anything Goes

Cute Card Thursday - #285, Pretty in Pink

Sister Act Card Challenge - Anything Goes

Friday, 6 September 2013

Fairy Wings

I cannot even remember when I last entered a challenge - quite exciting to be actually creating something and sharing it with the world!

Polkadoodles Challenge Blog - if you are quick (entries close on Sunday 8th September), then you can get your free Angelberry digistamp worth £2.95 (yes, you did read that right - a FREE DIGISTAMP!!) and enter Challenge #35, with the theme of Fairy Wings.

I coloured the digi with my Spectrum Noirs - mostly 'shades of grey', but with some pink and yellow added.  I then created a background in Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional using papers from the Polkadoodles CD-Rom,  Here Comes Christmas!, and some sneaky star embellies from a Daisy Trail digikit.  This was printed onto 250 gsm white card from Papermill Direct, and then scraps of silver mirrorboard plus raspberry pink card (again from Papermill) were used as layers. 

I also enter this into -

Cute Card Thursday - #285, Pretty in Pink

In the Pink - #27, KISS

Southern Girls Challenge - Make Believe

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Stamping Ground - click on this link to see more details about WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) and join in with the party.

My desk this week is seeing some crafty action!  I got my new 'Besties' CD-Roms yesterday and already printed off some toppers, digistamps and designed a digital card.  I started to colour in the snowmen last night whilst watching tv (took a selection of pens downstairs in a little box) and they will get finished off later.  The other Xmas card caused some issues yesterday when my Silhouette Cameo would not connect to my pc, and that then took 2 precious hours to sort out!  All I wanted to do was cut out one circle!!

Hope that everyone is well and enjoying crafty life.

I did a random selection yesterday of all the lovely comments I received last week, and 'Maudieroff' came out.  Please get in touch with your snail mail address and I will post a bundle of die-cuts out to you.

Ali x

My newly organised old wardrobe.
The CD-Roms I use all the time are in the hanging 'shoe storage unit'
and the rest (mostly digikits etc that are installed on my pc) are in the plastic
boxes.  I have a box of ribbons, another with embellies/gems etc and another
with 'shop-bought' cards (shshh - don't tell anyone!).  The small pink
plastic drawer unit has spare printer cartridges and my Design Runner discs.
On the right hand side, there are my Bind-It-All stuff, foiling and Silhouette Camoe
supplies, plus heat gun, stamp making machine and other random stash.

A strange angle of my main desk.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Firstly, here is the link to the lady who started us all with this wonderful weekly addiction - sharing piccies of our workspaces with many crafters around the world.  I now work out which day of the week it is by knowing whether it is WOYWW or not!   Julia's Stamping Ground

Secondly, I am going to do another short post this week - just a few photos, as not a lot of crafting has gone on again.  I have mainly been concentrating on getting samples done for the new business side of my crafting, TeddyBob Crafts (I am also on Facebook and Pinterest).  I did win 2 crafty competitions - both with magazines, but not sure which as they did not put compliments slips in with the prizes.  I had an IndigoBlu stamp, plus a CD-Rom/cardstock/card blanks/envelopes from Cupcake Crafting.  So nice to get surprise Happy Post!

I haven't offered any Blog Candy for a while, so for one lucky commenter this week (draw will be next Tuesday at 12 pm), I will put together a package of 'stuff' that I have cut out on my Silhouette Cameo, plus some sheets of my backing papers.  Happy to post abroad BTW.

Happy WOYWW to everyone.  I really enjoy being nosy and checking out all your workspaces!

Ali x

My furry friends, and cushions, that keep me company

A view from a strange angle - shows the chest of drawers
that contain all of my cardstock/card blanks/envies/
small collection of decoupage/iris folding supplies etc.
Ran out of space, so more is now being piled on top!

The L-Shape of 2 folding tables where I spend
many happy hours.  Looking reasonably tidy, but
my In Tray is literally bursting at the seams.

A close-up of the desk area next to my PC.
The green basket contains card samples, behind it you
can just see a cute digital mini book page featuring our cat, Milky.
You can also see the farmyard outside the window.  I can
now sit here and see what my ponies are up to.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Another week has passed and my new craft room is slowly looking better - and I now have a clear path from my desk round to where I keep my papers/envelopes etc! 

A little bit of crafting has happened this week - lots of family birthdays at this time of year - but not as much as I would like.  Been busy with the house and we have our local County Show for 3 days. 

The most exciting thing to happen is that my Saddle Chariot arrived - and now I have to get my pony introduced to it.  The photo below shows that she is not very scared of it!

Happy WOYWW to everyone.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Another Wednesday dawns - and I am in more pain than usual this morning, so sitting at the pc to get this typed and catch up on Facebook was my only option (good excuse!).

I missed WOYWW  (go to Stamping Ground for more details) last week, as my new craft room was just so messy that I couldn't share a photo of it - and I would not have had time to go and visit any other workspaces.

However, this week I am feeling braver.  The room is slowly getting organised.  I cleaned out the 2 old wardrobes yesterday (the dust was very thick!) and now these are being filled with boxes full of stash.  This will mean the rest of the room will be emptier and then I can do the final organising.

I may be mainly digital crafting now, but I still have lots of stash!!

The messy end of the room -  lots of boxes and piles

One of the old wardrobes - the boxes on the left
contain the CD-Roms that are in use (I have lots more that
are uploaded onto the PC so I don't need to access them now), plus ribbons/embellies.  On the right -
binding machine and accessories at the top, foiling stuff in the middle
and Silhouette Cameo/stamp making at the bottom.
..........  And, I made a card yesterday!!!
Used some designs from the Making Cards magazine
(special Mens edition) and stuff from my scraps folder.
Nice to see some crafting happen.
Hope that everyone is well.  Happy WOYWW.
Ali x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Say it with Flowers

This may be the quickest every blog post I have done!!  Due to moving house, being extra-busy on the farm and struggling with my health, actual crafting has been very low down on my very long To Do List.  I am only on one Design Team, and only have to make one project for this each month, but I still struggled to get anything half decent finished (or started).

Ladybug Crafts have a monthly challenge and the theme this month is Something Floral.  I designed a very simple and quick card with Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional, and one of the new Fizzymoon digikits - so cute.  This is a fab way of demonstrating that digital crafting can always come to the rescue when time is tight and you HAVE to get a card printed that moment.

I intend to come back and enter this into some other challenges - so watch this space.

Ali x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


What with moving house and my health being 'troublesome' it seems like ages since I last did my regular weekly post showing my workspace for Julia's WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) at her fab blog, Stamping Ground.

We moved into the farmhouse (see the blog showing the renovation, which started in January - on Thursday and my craft room is very slowly taking shape.  At least I can now sit down at a desk and use the computer, and there is a printer set up.  I managed to design/print a card yesterday - and even found an envelope in one of the many boxes!

I need to get bookshelves outside the room on the landing, so then the many boxes of books (which have been in boxes for over 3 years at the other house, as I never had any shelves) can leave the room, which will make it a lot clearer as to what else I need to sort/store. 

Hopefully by next week I will have the room finished and the photo will be more interesting.

(We decided to put the 2 tables in an L-shape again, as that made better use of the long, narrow room.  I have 3 low windows in the room, so one is partially obscured, but there is still plenty of light.  Yes, that is baler twine tying the old wardrobe doors together for whilst we moved it back into the house from a shed on the yard - us farmers use baler twine for everything!)

Happy WOYWW to everyone.  Hope to visit as many workspaces as possible this week.

Ali x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

WOYWW 214 - A New Date in History

Today will be the last time I type up my WOYWW post from this craft room.  We are moving into the farmhouse this weekend - and I am surrounded by boxes/bags/piles of 'stuff/stash'.  The car is parked by the front door ready for me to load up later - and when the builders have finished their day's work (especially as the painter is busy doing the stairs at the moment), I will drive the long distance (a few yards!!) over there and carry it all up to the new craft room (I may well regret having a craft room upstairs - it has been lovely being downstairs, close to the kitchen/dogs).  At least I have the guest shower room close by, so no stairs involved to get to the toilet!  (Go to the blog - - for more details on the farmhouse - from January when we started.)

WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and you can join in/snoop around the world at lots of other workspaces at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Obviously there is no crafting going on anywhere near my desks today - it was quite sad packing up my Silhouette Cameo.  I had to be organised and get cards ready for the post for the next 2 weeks.  Perhaps I can keep this new routine up??

I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying this wonderful weather.  I splashed out and bought a large fan from the Catalogue Shop - reduced to £10.  This is now standing in our bedroom and is very welcome when the room is getting too stuffy.  We had our usual nightly trip over to use the hot tub at the farmhouse, and shower after last night (it is like walking over to our own special spa!), and it was actually too warm with the usual temperature of 39 degrees. 

Well, I had better get on - Rich is out at a meeting today, so I am taking advantage of the house to myself.  Big pile of ironing to do, drinks fridge to empty and clean out (it is an integrated one in the kitchen here), car to pack up and then I will be cleaning my craft room (need to get the Bissell out to wash the carpet).  Don't think I will get much chance to sunbathe!

Happy WOYWW to everyone.

Ali x

Of course my computer and printer will be the last 2 things to be packed up!

Paddington (given to me when I was 5, so he is 37 years old!) rests on top of a pile of stuff.

My crafty tech safely packed up.

Most of these boxes have been in that corner since we moved here
in October 2009!  Mainly books, which I have not had shelves for.
I will have bookshelves on the landing outside my new craft room.
My new craft room - carpet freshly laid.
(One of the old wardrobes which I will be using
for storage until we can afford the fancy 'special craft storage'
I have been wishing for!)

View the other way towards the door.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I am up early due to a flare up in my Fibromyalgia and Hip Bursitis.  On the positive side, at least it means I get my WOYWW post done nice and early!

WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and further details/linking list can be found at Julia's Stamping Ground.

My desks are quite tidy this morning and nothing new to see, so I am attaching pictures of the graduation card I made for my stepson, using Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional and my Silhouette Cameo (my first attempt to cut out vinyl - which was actually very simple).

We will be moving over to the farmhouse soon - carpets are going down on Tuesday, which includes my craft room, so I can then start moving boxes over.  See the blog,, for lots more details and photos.

I am a happy bunny at the moment, as the Tour de France has started and I get to sit and cross stitch whilst watching it (even if it is just the highlights in the evening).   Cycling is another activity which I used to enjoy - we hope to try out an electric bike for me one day, and perhaps that will be a way for me to get out on 2 wheels again?

Happy WOYWW to everyone.

Ali x

Monday, 1 July 2013

My favourite embellishment

I think I have the strength to retype this after our silly internet froze and I lost it the first time!

It is the start of another month and officially less than 6 months until Christmas (cue lots of crafters panicking all over the world as we realise that yet again our promise in January to keep making cards throughout the year has not been kept - I have the grand total of 4 cards in my Xmas Card Box!!).

This means that I get to share another DT card for Ladybug Crafts.  The theme for July is 'My Favourite Embellishment'.  A difficult one, but I chose buttons.  Unfortunately I have already packed my buttons jar (see for why I am packing up my craft room), so a digital design saved the day. 

I used Serif CraftArtist 2 Professional and several digikits to make this lovely simple card.

I also enter this into -

Sentimental Sundays - #161, Anything Digital

That Craft Place - Flowers

Crafty Catz Weekly Challenge - #189, Say It With Flowers

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I am late with my post today.  Pain is worse than usual, due to riding my pony for 10 minutes yesterday.  I enjoyed the ride, but was it worth it?  At least I am being forced to sit in my craft room and catch up with blogging etc!!

I am not sure if there is anyone left in the world who doesn't know what WOYWW is - but take a visit to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details and the Mister Linky list.

My photo shows my first attempt at cutting vinyl with my fab Silhouette Cameo.  It is the start of a graduation card for my stepson (he got a 2.1 in Computer Science from Bangor), and a 'Just Because I Love the Design'.  The scrapbook page above is the result of the Wacky Wednesday Challenge over at  You follow a list of additions each week and by the end of the month you have a finished page.  Brilliant for total beginners like me.

Hope that everyone is well and enjoying their crafting.

Ali x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

House of Bears Monthly Literary Challenge - Jane Eyre

Surprisingly (probably due to moving house soon and wanting to get everything sorted), I am actually reasonably early with my entry for the House of Bears latest Monthly Literary Challenge.

This month my furry friends have kindly selected my favourite book, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

I spent some time going through it looking for a suitable quote - and chose this one -

"Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine."

My digital page was already designed in my head.  I didn't want to go for the obvious sunshine coming through the darkness, so a bright and beautiful butterfly flew onto the page.