Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Random Catch-Up

It seems like ages since I last typed very quickly on here.  Dental treatment, sorting out builders and then our week in Spain has meant that time in my craft room has been limited.

Am I the only one who is wishing that Xmas was already over??!  I have only posted 3 cards and, despite starting to make cards in June, do not have enough for my whole list.  Oh well, some very simple cards (can I get away with a stamped sentiment in a frame??) or 'horror of horrors' buying charity cards will have to do.  I seem to have a long list of swaps
(take a trip over to UK Stampers for monthly ATC, Twinchie (2 x 2") and Postcard swaps)
 and birthday cards (how awful to have a birthday this month) to complete in the next week or so.  My dream of sitting making Xmas cards with festive music playing in the background and all my shopping done/wrapped/posted to distant family - well, that is just a dream.  Shopping-wise, I have ordered most things over the internet (what we would do without it?) and now await with bated breath the arrival of postman/courier in muddy van.  Just a couple of pressies to get locally (which I will do ASAP before the shopping 'silly season' really starts.  I was in town yesterday and it wasn't too busy) and more for hubby, which is very difficult as he prefers to choose his own gadgets.  Will have to resort to biking clothing again.

Our week in Spain, Mojacar Playa between Murcia and Almeria, was sort of lovely.  The sun shone all week (although it is cold at night/first thing in the morning), apartment was great (with a terrace overlooking the sea and mountains) and we enjoyed some fab meals.  However, I was ill a lot of the time (the flight out there and the 3 hour drive to the airport at 5 am was a test of endurance for me) and hubby gets bored just sitting around sunbathing/reading, so our next holiday (Tenerife in January) will see him taking his mountain bike (which he usually does) and then he can entertain himself on the trails whilst I relax/shop!!  I also managed to take the wrong notebook with me, so didn't have Kate's phone numbers with me.  We were only a few miles from her and couldn't meet up.  I was so annoyed with myself.

View towards the mountains from
the apartment terrace

The view from our lunch table
on Thursday

A mountain view - look at
how dry the ground is!

A random old door -
just because!

The main other news is that I am now on the Feline Playful team - with responsibility for one of the weekly posts.  I will now discover how much work goes into keeping this wonderful blog up-to-date!  We should be ordering my new computer today (hubby likes to spend A LOT OF TIME comparing everything before we order the one I wanted in the first place!), as my old netbook is just too slow and small to cope with digital crafting etc.  Getting a shiny new Windows 8 desktop with a touch screen.  How posh!!  This will make everything so much easier and quicker.  It also means that I have to sit in my craft room rather than ending up on the sofa in front of the tv and fire.  Hopefully more crafting will be actually done, rather than just talking about it.

Hope that everyone is well, and I am glad it is not Wednesday (go over to Julia @ her Stamping Ground if you have no idea of why that particular day of the week is so important), as my craft room is particularly 'busy' - unopened parcel from Create & Craft, bags of Xmas shopping, stuff for the post office ...... 

Will be back soon with piccies of real crafting.

Ali x


  1. Hi Ali, shame you forgot Kate's phone number - it sounds just the sort of thing I'd do. But, apart from the trials of the travelling, seems you had a good holiday in sunny Spain. I so agree that it would be good to be gently crafting with Christmas music in the background - instead of frantically scrabbling trying to finish stuff off with one ear open for the doorbell and deliveries. Where would we be without online shopping huh?!

    If you have to resort to buying cards, there's no shame in that Ali - we do try to be superwomen at this time of year and sometimes something has to give. Otherwise, your stamped sentiment in a frame option would work well if you truly have to push yourself to make them rather than buy. I bought quite a few last year and it did take the pressure off :)

    Welcome home - I see you didn't bring any of that glorious sunshine though! Hugs, Di xx

  2. Hi Ali. I recognise those views! I was so disappointed not to hear from you while you were out here but I guessed my numbers had gone astray. You should have been able to pick them up in an internet cafe, but never mind. I am sorry you were poorly on holiday. There are so many lovely places to visit around here when you have a hire car. Which airport did you fly to? Alicante is only two hours drive and Murcia is one and a half, and of course, Almeria is less than an hour away but there are not enough flights to there for it to be very useful for us. Of course I don't know how far you have to drive at your end. I don't like travelling, but I like visiting different places, so I look for the fasted way between two points!
    I hope you have recovered from the journey back home now.
    I am looking forward to Christmas even though it is just the two of us now and I miss our boys. I love it all. As I write this, there is a man in a bucket crane, fitting a Christmas light to the post outside our gate, against a backdrop of clear blue sky!
    Hopefully we'll meet up on Wednesday via Julia. I had to miss it this week. i was just too busy.
    Now to dig out the Christmas tree and decorations. I think I am in the mood for it today. Kate x

  3. Glad you had a nice holiday, but sorry you were unwell for some of it.

    Hope you soon get caught up with Christmas things and can then just sit back and enjoy it.

    Also hope you can get caught up with your various crafting projects.

    Hope you like your new PC.


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x