Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A late afternoon update

Well, I am trying to stay relaxed and calm - BUT the usual pre-Xmas panic is starting to set in.  I have a long list of craft projects to complete and post off, but I can see the end of that now, and lots will be in the post tomorrow.  Xmas cards - I will sit down tonight and write out all the ones I have made already and then assess the state of my list.  I will then buy some from a charity shop tomorrow, and then I don't need to worry about finding time to make the rest.  Four parcels arrived with the postman and a courier today; only 2 more parcels expected.  Next year, I think I will either just give vouchers or buy everything from one store.

We ordered my new computer yesterday, and it should be with us within 10 working days.  It has Windows 8 and a big screen, so will be fab for my digital crafting and blogging.

I bravely decided to take part in Jozarty's Angel Swap.  I received 2 wonderful angels - one from Jo and one from Donna www.adonnathing.com.  My attempts to create something angelic ended up with these -

I was already late making them and my grander ideas involving different materials and my sewing machine had to be put to one side for another day.  I simply cut out 'angel' shapes from card and then stuck on pieces of Xmas paper, and then trimmed the edges.  Ric-rac was used for the hanging loops.  I sprayed silver glitter on both sides.  The wings were cut from acetate, which already had a design printed on it.  I named them Sraosha (Angel that sets the world in motion) and Purah (Angel of forgetfulness).

Ali x


  1. Hope the panic soon goes and you can actually enjoy the festivities.

    Loving the angels. What a lovely idea.

    Hope your new PC soon arrives and you like Windows8.

  2. We love your angels. We seem to have apathy over the writing of our Christmas cards, most unlike us. We've made them all but at this rate they'll be patiently waiting to be signed for next year!!!


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x