Wednesday, 26 December 2012


As at 6.03 am on Wednesday 26th December 2012, I do not have a photo to show for
  (Julia started this addictive weekly tour around craft workspaces on her blog, Stamping Ground.  Click on the link and join in.)
WOYWW this week - but don't worry, I will try and fix that.  I am on my new PC (yes, it arrived on the Saturday before Xmas - preventing me getting the tree and deccies up that day, and causing my hubby to spend hours getting it set up) and still struggling to get it to link to our household data storage device thingy (official technical speak!), which is what I copied all my stuff from my little netbook onto.  I also haven't managed to transfer photos from my phone using Bluetooth yet, so in other words, I am all out of options!  I am sure it will be sorted soon and then I can show you piccies of my chaotic workdesks - with fab big screen, fab big keyboard, and my 2 main Xmas pressies (a Bamboo graphics tablet and pen, and a Silhouette Cameo - *would jump around with excitement if my body would allow that*).  The last two aren't set up yet.  I thought it would be rude to abandon our guest (my 19 year old stepdaughter is with us for Xmas) and spend hours of crafty technical fun in my craft room.  I am up early again this morning (it was 4.30 am yesterday), as pain levels have increased recently, so may get round to doing it before the rest of the house stir from their beds.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate.  Hope that Santa brought you some fab crafty gifts.  Please share with me in your comments.

We still have far too much food in the house - and are off to spend the afternoon/evening with Rich's family, so that will be another large meal (with me being forced to have a piece of each dessert - well, it is Xmas!).

I will publish this now, to save you all from my rambling - and will be back soon to add a photo (wish me luck).

Happy WOYWW to all those who are addicted enough to add their blog to the list on Boxing Day!!

Ali x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Unusually for me, this will be a very brief post.  I am meant to be going to the doctors for 9 am, followed by hair cut @ 9.30 am, so I need to get on with having breakfast/walking dogs/feeding ponies.

My photo shows my desk this morning.  Some digistamps printed out to make the final 3 Xmas cards and a gorgeous postcard received as part of the monthly UK Stampers swap.

It has been a busy week - lots of present ordering, present wrapping, house cleaning and watching Real Housewives of Washington DC (a new series in the UK and totally addictive!).

Hope everyone has a good week, which obviously includes the Big Day!!  Merry Christmas and I hope to be here on Boxing Day, using my new computer (which hasn't arrived yet, but fingers crossed it does - as I am struggling on my little netbook now.  Having trouble with my eyes again).

Happy WOYWW to everyone who I don't manage to visit.

(WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and is the brainchild of Julia at her blog, Stamping Ground.  Take a visit there and you will find a long list of crafters sharing their workspaces.  Join in - we don't bite!)

Ali x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


If you do not know what WOYWW stands for (What is on your workdesk Wednesday) and why we are posting piccies of where we craft, or you are fully aware of its meaning and would either like to join in or just have a good sneaky nose about, then go to Julia's Stamping Ground for more details.

I haven't shared my workspace with you all for a couple of weeks, which is good in some ways - my craft room has been taken over at times by parcel deliveries.  I have managed to tidy up a fair bit and now there is actually room on my desks to craft.

The past week has been busy - in every way.  I have managed to ride my pony once (just 30 minutes up the lane, mostly in walk - didn't hurt me too much, but I did struggle to get my foot high enough to get on her.  Note to self - must get a mounting block!) and also walked her out inhand a few times.  She gets fat and lazy if she stands around eating hay/straw all day!!  Most of my Xmas cards have been written out and will be posted later today.  Lots of Xmas pressie deliveries have arrived. 

Crafting - apart from making angels (see my post from yesterday here), I made a few extra Xmas cards to go with various swaps, which included a winter theme bookmark (my first thought was of a landscape in suitably frosty colours, but then I found these cows!)

and a spooky theme ATC (nice change to make something non-festive).  This was for Haunted Design House.  A fab blog where I can channel my inner love of all things gothic/spooky! 

I even made a birthday card, so there is definitely light at the end of the festive crafting tunnel.

My desk this week had a Xmas pressie to myself on it.  I have been putting a pair of heated booties on my pressie list for 3 years now and never got any.  So, when I was doing some shopping online for other people's pressies, these just fell into the box as well.

Now to the final photo - of my actual desk, when some crafting was taking place.  Not taken this morning (it is dark and nothing is going on).  It shows the spooky ATC being completed, the 2 angels watching at the side and the remaining ATC designs - bought on ArtFire

Happy WOYWW to everyone and have a fabulous week.

Ali x

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A late afternoon update

Well, I am trying to stay relaxed and calm - BUT the usual pre-Xmas panic is starting to set in.  I have a long list of craft projects to complete and post off, but I can see the end of that now, and lots will be in the post tomorrow.  Xmas cards - I will sit down tonight and write out all the ones I have made already and then assess the state of my list.  I will then buy some from a charity shop tomorrow, and then I don't need to worry about finding time to make the rest.  Four parcels arrived with the postman and a courier today; only 2 more parcels expected.  Next year, I think I will either just give vouchers or buy everything from one store.

We ordered my new computer yesterday, and it should be with us within 10 working days.  It has Windows 8 and a big screen, so will be fab for my digital crafting and blogging.

I bravely decided to take part in Jozarty's Angel Swap.  I received 2 wonderful angels - one from Jo and one from Donna  My attempts to create something angelic ended up with these -

I was already late making them and my grander ideas involving different materials and my sewing machine had to be put to one side for another day.  I simply cut out 'angel' shapes from card and then stuck on pieces of Xmas paper, and then trimmed the edges.  Ric-rac was used for the hanging loops.  I sprayed silver glitter on both sides.  The wings were cut from acetate, which already had a design printed on it.  I named them Sraosha (Angel that sets the world in motion) and Purah (Angel of forgetfulness).

Ali x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Fab Shopping - crafty stash and all handmade goodies

I was just doing a search for images for an ATC and discovered a really good alternative to Etsy.


I ended up buying the image sheet I had originally found, plus another digital sheet and a gorgeous set of wooden stamps!

Sorry if this link makes you spend money!!  (It could also make you money, if you have anything to sell.)

Ali x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Random Catch-Up

It seems like ages since I last typed very quickly on here.  Dental treatment, sorting out builders and then our week in Spain has meant that time in my craft room has been limited.

Am I the only one who is wishing that Xmas was already over??!  I have only posted 3 cards and, despite starting to make cards in June, do not have enough for my whole list.  Oh well, some very simple cards (can I get away with a stamped sentiment in a frame??) or 'horror of horrors' buying charity cards will have to do.  I seem to have a long list of swaps
(take a trip over to UK Stampers for monthly ATC, Twinchie (2 x 2") and Postcard swaps)
 and birthday cards (how awful to have a birthday this month) to complete in the next week or so.  My dream of sitting making Xmas cards with festive music playing in the background and all my shopping done/wrapped/posted to distant family - well, that is just a dream.  Shopping-wise, I have ordered most things over the internet (what we would do without it?) and now await with bated breath the arrival of postman/courier in muddy van.  Just a couple of pressies to get locally (which I will do ASAP before the shopping 'silly season' really starts.  I was in town yesterday and it wasn't too busy) and more for hubby, which is very difficult as he prefers to choose his own gadgets.  Will have to resort to biking clothing again.

Our week in Spain, Mojacar Playa between Murcia and Almeria, was sort of lovely.  The sun shone all week (although it is cold at night/first thing in the morning), apartment was great (with a terrace overlooking the sea and mountains) and we enjoyed some fab meals.  However, I was ill a lot of the time (the flight out there and the 3 hour drive to the airport at 5 am was a test of endurance for me) and hubby gets bored just sitting around sunbathing/reading, so our next holiday (Tenerife in January) will see him taking his mountain bike (which he usually does) and then he can entertain himself on the trails whilst I relax/shop!!  I also managed to take the wrong notebook with me, so didn't have Kate's phone numbers with me.  We were only a few miles from her and couldn't meet up.  I was so annoyed with myself.

View towards the mountains from
the apartment terrace

The view from our lunch table
on Thursday

A mountain view - look at
how dry the ground is!

A random old door -
just because!

The main other news is that I am now on the Feline Playful team - with responsibility for one of the weekly posts.  I will now discover how much work goes into keeping this wonderful blog up-to-date!  We should be ordering my new computer today (hubby likes to spend A LOT OF TIME comparing everything before we order the one I wanted in the first place!), as my old netbook is just too slow and small to cope with digital crafting etc.  Getting a shiny new Windows 8 desktop with a touch screen.  How posh!!  This will make everything so much easier and quicker.  It also means that I have to sit in my craft room rather than ending up on the sofa in front of the tv and fire.  Hopefully more crafting will be actually done, rather than just talking about it.

Hope that everyone is well, and I am glad it is not Wednesday (go over to Julia @ her Stamping Ground if you have no idea of why that particular day of the week is so important), as my craft room is particularly 'busy' - unopened parcel from Create & Craft, bags of Xmas shopping, stuff for the post office ...... 

Will be back soon with piccies of real crafting.

Ali x