Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Another week has passed and we are back to our Wednesday tour around crafty workspaces.  Go to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, to join in.

I have recovered from my day at the NEC, and finally unpacked all the stash yesterday!  Although I didn't get everything on my list, I am really pleased with what I got and the prices.  Watching C&C last night (the Tim Holtz show with Hels - brilliant demo's, so watch today; 11 am on C&C, 5 pm on Ideal World), I was particularly impressed at how cheap I got my Distress Inkpads!!

The rest of my week has seen me doing a lot in my craft room, but not a huge amount of actual crafting.   I did use shrink plastic for the first time to make some little embellies for some twinchies, but I forgot to take a photo of them.  They turned out really well.    I seem to spend a lot of time on the computer - but all the 'research' (reading blogs mainly) is all a step in forming a proper business idea.  My hubby has put forward a few suggestions that means that I can continue to be completely mobile (so our plan to move abroad one day could still go ahead).  It will mean that I need to do more digital crafting, but my love of ink/paint/paper/card will still continue in my personal crafting.  I just need more hours in the day, so I can get it all done whilst still getting my much-needed rest.

As part of my study, I asked everyone last week to let me know where they get their inspiration from.
The results are -
Pinterest = 3, Blogs = 12, Magazines = 7, TV = 3, Workshops = 2, Nature = 3, Family = 1, Craft Fairs = 2, Blog Challenges = 4, Craft Shops = 2, Podcasts = 4, Book & Song Titles = 1, Meeting Artists = 1.

This shows how important the internet is to us crafters.  We really are a bunch of technology-savvy people!

My little notebook computer has proved to be a willing partner in my daily life, but he is struggling now with all the software and the screen is just too small.  Hubby has offered to get me a new computer and we started to look this week.  I think a desktop with a large touch screen is the way to go.  What do you all use?  Especially anyone who does a lot of digital crafting.  I also want to get a tablet for internet browsing etc from the sofa/bed/caravan/holidays, and have my eye on the Kindle or the new Google one.

We booked our annual winter holiday this week (my husband does a farming method which means that we do not milk the cows from November - January, so we usually escape to the sunshine whilst the farm is a bit quieter).  We are off to Costa Almeria in Spain on Tuesday 27th November.  Haven't been there before (usually go to Alicante or Malaga), but saw it featured on one of the property programmes and it looks gorgeous.  I have my 2nd dental surgery on Monday, but trying to ignore how quickly the week is going and concentrate on more positive things!

Well, I have rambled on for long enough, so these are my photos this week.

Happy WOYWW to everyone that I don't manage to visit.

Ali x

A gorgeous Thank You card I received from Sue,
who runs the RAK group on Ebay that I have just joined. 
A postcard for the latest UK Stampers swap.
One of my notebooks, which I use for lists - wish lists, addresses,
research lists, Xmas cards etc, etc.


The very first Xmas present I have wrapped, plus the 3 CD-Roms
that are waiting for me to play with them.  The Xmas one is a
magazine freebie, the Beatrix Potter one is the latest Create & Craft
members' gift and the Cute Puppies (which is a double pack with
Cute Kittens as well) was my first purchase at the NEC.



  1. Hi Ali, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am up getting an early start, I do love the way that you decorated the front of your notebook. I have one for all of my list and ideas but, it is not as pretty. Your number changed to 71. #22

  2. Well done on wrapping Christmas presents already. We really must start as our paws ache if we wrap too many at once!

    Love the idea of a postcard swap, we really must look at more swaps as well as challenges.

    Love from the bears @#93 so far this week.

  3. Lovely cds - looking at your blog I just remembered I have a Christmas craft cd somewhere on my shelves which I should use - see WOYWW is very good ha, ha...reminds you af things!
    Lots of hugs,

  4. Well done you for wrapping already - I haven't started buying yet!!! NEC was great, wasn't it - I was pleased with some of the bargains I got but not so pleased with the people that left their manners at the door - "excuse me please" works so much better than trying to elbow your way through!!!
    Loved Hels on Ideal/C&C last night and this morning - looking forward to the 5pm show - sounds like they might get Tim on the phone!!
    Happy WOYWW

  5. Hi Ali,
    I live in Costa Almeria! Which part are you going to and when? Maybe we could manage to meet up for a coffee or something.
    I spent my last five years in UK stock-piling crafting basics, and I shipped it all out here in cardboard boxes. I am really glad I did as we do not have many shops selling craft items around here. But I am still mainly a hands-on paper crafter, and I buy materials on the internet. The postage can be high so I pick and choose which companies I use, and wait until I want enough items to justify the postage. Also visitors are always willing to bring small things out for me.
    I do have several digi options on my computer, and although I am quite interested in trying 'hybrid' scrapbooking (a digital base layer with 'real' embellishments), and I do now have a flatbed printer that allows me to print A3 size paper because I like 12" x 12" scrapbooks, I don't have the time to really get to grips with it. One day perhaps.....
    Kate x #78

  6. Aaargh, you've wrapped a prezzy - I've hardly bought any of mine yet! Way to go you for being organised - I'm just rubbish this year....
    Your fairy will just be different, that's all! I look at all these stamped and layered ones and think they're so amazing as well - I couldn't do that!
    And I've got to ask, how do you stop cows producing milk for three months? I think it's a fab idea as all living things need to be rested at times and I'm sure you get a better yield when they start milking again...but I am intrigued!! That's me...nosey!! *grin*
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  7. Don't know why you showed that raggedy card;)

    How lovely that you got to go to the NEC and got some bargains.

    I've not done any digital crafting, so can't comment on that hun. I use a Dell desktop with a slimline tower. Have a lappy as well (well two, if you count the dinosaur of a thing in the cupbaord:)) I like the look of th touchscreens, but would be worried at just how durable are they. Can imagine the screens scratch up over time, but don;t know.

    That's canny of your hubby with the cows. I assume he has a herd and milking machines. I have milked by hand before:)

    Hope your dental surhgery goes smoothly and any pain is minor and short lived.

    Enjoy the CD Roms.

    Hope you get a lovely break away.

  8. Well done getting a start on Christmas, I sat for a couple of hours the other day getting a few wrapped up! Love the idea of the desk top with touch screen think I will look into that for my next one, I am flogging my old one to keep going but will have to get a quicker one in the new year!

  9. Enjoyed my snoop through all the lovely stuff on your desk. Lucky you getting to the NEC. I too enjoyed seeing Hels demming on C&C... don't watch it usually but I caught it by accident and ended up buying some stamps too.
    It's good to be able to look forward to a nice sunny warm holiday... we used to go to that region of Spain when my friend lived there for 10 years and it is lovely and also good weather.
    Lv Jo x

  10. Hi Ali glad you made it to the NEC & got some fun goodies too! It is a long day as you say ! Fun to see the results of your survey! On tablets we have justgone for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - it's fabulous ! Got ours in Tesco so got points too! It's so versatile it's my 1st attempt at a touch screen & I'm just about getting to grips with it! Hope you are feeling better soon Ali x#58

  11. Sounds like everyone who went to NEC came home with a lot of stash. I am thinking NEC must be like CHA here. Someday I would like to go! I am going on a cruise in 10 days for 10 days so looking for some warmer weather in the Caribbean! DH just got home from a month in Europe and saw snow in Prague and nice weather in Spain. We love Spain and have yet to find a place we don't like but some we like more. Have a great week and thanks for sharing and visiting my desk. I love comments! Vickie #62

  12. Glad you got some good stuff at the NEC... me too! I'm horrified and envious that you're present wrapping already... congratulations! Happy WOYWW...
    Alison x

  13. NEC sounds AMAZING! I can't believe you've wrapped xmas presents already. Can I just say it "OVERACHIEVER!" LOL

  14. I have the original kindle fire and it is great, even better now the price has dropped to $150! I can watch netflix, youtube and surf the web, facebook email, the works! It is a great little tablet! I like to edit video in my desktop but all of my graphic design I do on my laptop, an acer aspire. Good luck! and happy WOYWW! Lindsay #28

  15. Well done on the organisation for Christmas I to wraped presents at the weekend as was meeting up with my family due to my daughter getting engaged and was able to give them to them
    Jackie 57

  16. Wow..wrapped presents already..deeply impressive! The big interesting thing for me is that the internet..and more importantly, blogs are such a great source of ideas for us crafters...makes the time spent typing instead of cutting and sticking a little more justifiable!

  17. Hope the second surgery goes well, Ali, and that you have a really wonderful holiday in Spain!! I won't be on WOYWW next week, as I'll be prepping for our Thanksgiving, so I'll 'see' you when you get back!! Take care, Darnell #41

  18. Just coming over from Sue's RAK group and love your awesome blog! I look forward to getting to know you better.

  19. Thank you for the comment on my blog last week, sorry haven't got reply in sooner. I get inspiration from everywhere. Am very much a 'shapes' and patterns person. I see one and it sets me off...


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x