Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Another week has gone by, and we get even closer to Xmas.  We do not have any children or much family, but I still panic a bit about getting the shopping done/presents wrapped and posted/cards made and posted ......  Do not know how you busy mothers cope?!

WOYWW stands for 'What is On Your Workspace Wednesday' and is the baby of Julia on her blog, Stamping Ground.  We all share our links to our workspace/lives every Wednesday, and then take a tour around the world, leaving comments in a trail behind us.

My picture today shows not a lot going on, as I tidied up (as usual) after my crafting/studying session yesterday.  Studying?  You may ask.  Well, I am now a student again - and it is related to one of my favourite pastimes, Paper Craft!  Only just started and it is already proving to be interesting, educational and challenging - all in a good way.  Go to The Craft Qualifications Centre for more details.

As part of my study (we need to do research and explore sources of inspiration - so a good excuse for watching tv, reading magazines and spending time on blogs/forums!), I am hoping to get to the NEC.  It will be a long day for me - at least 4 hours of driving each way - but I am keeping everything crossed that my annoying body allows me to get there.  I have looked at the list of exhibitors, and there are so many fab companies.  My little head is spinning at the thought of it.  I have been involved with the business-side of crafting before (had my own market stalls, and on-line business), and my hubby is encouraging me to think of doing this again.  Not sure which direction I will be going in, but registered to attend the trade show in February again and also the trade magazine (very interesting to read about new products and future trends).  It will be difficult to combine anything new with my existing life and health issues, but I am determined to give it a go.

I did get to the NEC and it was fab!  Take a look at my post today (Friday 9th) for further details.

Can I ask you something?  Could you all comment with what inspires you most in your crafting (a blog, forum, shop, tv show, magazine etc, etc).  Also, if anyone has a commission that they would like made (a card, gift or whatever).  I would be happy to do this for free, as I need to complete projects for my course.  Get in touch at any time.  Thank you.

Ali x

ps  Happy WOYWW to everyone who I do not get round to visiting.

The pink card on my non-stick craft mat is nearly finished.  It will be an entry to some challenges,
as well as an 'Advanced Activity' for my study - I have to fill in a 'Recipe Card',
which means I cannot make a card really quickly.  All this thinking must  be good for me?!
You can see the Recipe Card on the left.  I am being really organised, as usual, and bought files to store
my study paperwork in.  The rest of the desk is covered by the usual 'stuff' that is totally
necessary for my daily crafting, plus some other items that just sit there looking at me.


  1. You have a lot going on..but sounds like a exciting challenge good luck with the decision making,im sure you will do what's 'right' for you. I haven't been crafting long.. since the beginning of the year and inspired by all things firstly magazine and now blogs also once I found them i cant keep away !!.. sometimes I would do so much more if I could drag myself away from my pc !! have a fab week and I hope you have a great time at the show x... #67

  2. You can't beat a good blog for inspiration and an interesting read Ali. Enjoy all you are doing and good luck too.

  3. That card looks lovely Ali, will keep an eye out for it finished :)

    Good luck with the study, my inspiration comes from magazines and blogs really but enjoy looking everywhere.

    I'm off to the NEC too what day are you going? Will be there in Feb too for the trade show :)

    Happy WOYWW

    Lou x


  4. Good on you! Sounds like you are being positive and really going for the crafty line of things. Inspiration? Pinterest and blogs. It's where I see so many ideas every day. Hope it all goes well for you, wow 4hrs each way, good luck with that and everything else. Take care. Zo xx 82

  5. I do like a prim n proper desk just waiting to be all messed up with craftyness, good luck with your craft course, wish they did classes near me but all our seem to be miles away, can't wait till i can drive!
    Hope you have a great time if you get to the NEC, i'd have gone but train fares are redonklous!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #1

  6. Good to hear about the studying - will check it out... Have a good time if you go to the NEC - too far and expensive for me, but I wish..!! Helen, 4

  7. It is the things that 'just sit there looking at me' that often inspire me to make something. My main source of inspiration used to be the Craft Stamper magazine, but I do not feel they give a fair deal to international subscribers, so I no long get it unless a visitor brings a copy out for me.
    I now find that browsing blogs is a wonderful source of inspiration. I don't bother with too many challenges now, as I have built up a group of faithful followers, and sometimes linking to challenges can become a chore. Also so many challenge entries these days are yet another 'cute' image, or else one I find almost 'grotesque', set in a pretty frame on a decorated base card. Fine when you are new to the game, but not as inspiring as they used to be. So now I follow blogs of artists who like to try something new, who are not afraid to make a mess, and a mistake or two along the way, and they truly inspire me to get out of a rut and just play!
    I hope the course is all you want it to be, and that your health holds out so that you are able to complete it.
    Kate x #72

  8. Inspiration can come form anywhere, really!! Blogs, Pinetrest, nature even family events. Going back into business might be scary, but you will do fine.
    Krisha #45

  9. What a very organised desk you have there.
    All your plans for the future sound very exciting and I wish you well with them. Inspiration for me tends to come from blogs and TV. There is so much inspiration around and not enough crafting time I find!!
    Enjoy the NEC.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #71

  10. Great looking desk! Looks like you have been busy with your class and creating things for it! I have been following a class with Tamara LaPorte and have signed up for the second year already...haven't done a quarter of what is needed for 2012 but....Thanks for stopping by my desk! Have a great week! Vickie #77

  11. Fab desk and the studying sounds fun. I tend to find inspiration viewing demo'd on tv or at craft fairs. Blogs and blog challenges provide this too.

    Crafty hugs

    Annie (your newest follower) x

  12. Exciting times ahead for you, good luck with it all. I take a lot of inspiration from Nature and I love challenges too, especially ones that make us think outside of the box. I don't watch much tv or buy magazines, so blogs fill a huge gap for me.

    Brenda 3

  13. WOW a neat and tidy desk....I have desk envy!!
    The study sounds interesting I wish you well with it.
    I often find my inspiration through Blogs and Magazines.

    Silvia #85 WOYWW

  14. Having to read magazines as part of your study sounds great. We need a course like that. Inspiration for us often comes from video tutorials, or just seeing what others are up to. Also book titles and song titles can start off a creative spark.

  15. Hi ! Hope you make it up to the NEC ! I am taking 4 of us up on Saturday (girls from our Scrapclub in Pontadullais) - it is a long drive we we leave early & take a packed lunch & juice/ water(the cafe places get mobbed !!) - we split up as it is too busy to go round together - then meet for lunch go round a bit more then head off around half 2 so I don't have to drive too much in the dark.
    My biggest inspiration was the Artsycrafty weekends I used to go to - learnt so much ! Take a look at Linda Brown's blog (Yours ArtfullY) - she does great stuff ! take care Ali x #52

  16. Happy woyww and thanks for stopping by. great crafting space and very organized.
    would be great to see you over at one of the challenge blogs.
    mark x

  17. I would find most of my inspiration on blogs and blog challenges nowadays - I used to buy lots of magazines. I hope you are able to get to the NEC - we leave home at 4am to catch a flight at 7:10 - so a long day for us as well! Well done on starting the new course - I am doing a QCF in Creative craft Level 3 ('A' level equivalent) - I have all the 'creating' bits done - just all the yucky written bits to finsh now - the exam board moderator visits to assess it in January.
    Bernice #123

  18. For inspiration i like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks...sometimes I watch the Netflix, I like noise around when I craft, it puts me in the zone. Good luck with your studios! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #16

  19. Blogs and Magazines Inspire me also surfing the craft sites for supplies that I might of not thought about using in my quest, but have already on hand. Strange twist but effective for me.

    Good luck and Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 113

  20. Just a quick note to let you know the Angel Swaps info is on my blog... Thanks for joining in and don't forget to name them for fun!
    Love Jo x

  21. So neat and organized! I think looking at blogs inspires me most.

  22. Never heard of that qualification, must investigate. Good luck with it and thanks for mentioning it to us all.
    I think most of my inspiration comes from the internet - google searches and such like.
    Thanks for visiting me - have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Neet x 43

  23. Pinterest is my main source of inspiration.
    I also go to a lot of crops.Walking about, taking a bit of a break and looking at what others are working on is such an inspirational thing as well.

  24. It's hard to choose just one!!!! I am inspired by all the generous artists I "meet" around the world! They make videos, tutorials, they answer questions. I think I've really grown because of the kind and encouraging artists!
    Oh and how about making me a Christmas gift card? I have to make one for myself but it would be amazing if you could make one for me! Btw, you won a handcarved rubber stamp from me- choose a design: face, leaf or flourish? Send me an email at patsy.paterno (at)


Thank you lots and lots for your fab comments. I read and treasure them all. Ali x